Environmentalists In The Pocket Of Big Oil!!!


This is from the too funny dept.  We hear all the time about how there’s some big oil conspiracy funding the skeptical movement.  It seems that as I was going out to pick up my big oil check, it got intercepted by a nutty environmentalist.  In this case it was Matt Damon. 

The movie may be interesting because it asserts a different conspiracy theory.

The movie presents American oil companies as greedy corporations that trash and pollute small-town America in attempts to extract oil and gas from shale formations. Yet, because fracking has been proven environmentally sound in the real world, the movie suggests oil companies might be planting “doom-saying” environmentalists in order to undercut the legitimacy of environmental voices all-together.

Lol, that’s a new one!  No Matt, you people are so insane no one needs to plant lunatic enviros to make you people appear vapid. 

The movie “is financed in part” by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an OPEC member country.

Well, of course the UAE doesn’t want us using the hydraulic fracturing technique.  It ruins their party. 

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2 Responses to Environmentalists In The Pocket Of Big Oil!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Matt was also the one that said his money hired no one. I wonder how he would take my critiquing of his acting abilities?

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