The Latest Cli-Sci Developments

Actually, there is none.  There hasn’t been any in about 30 years.  They started with a meme and it’s ending with the exact same posit.  Think of all the human capital and work wasted on such utter nonsense.

To review, leftists, posing enviro-climate neurotics, stated that CO2 emitted by humans is warming the world up.  They also claimed that the affects of the warming would be disastrous.  They further claimed that nothing short of  taxes on economic activities and a complete upheaval of the world’s socioeconomic structure could save us from ourselves.

They invented fantastic graphics and measurements to show the world of our impending doom.  Many of these have been shown to have been artificially manipulated or are simply in error of thought or measurement, such as the melting land ice, sea level measurements, and paleo proxies for our past temps.  In short, they’ve demonstrated nothing but basic errors in judgment and moral lapses.  From Mann’s abuses of his hockey stick graph to the malevolent nature revealed in the climategate emails, to Gleick’s fraud and lunacy and the many, many more examples not mentioned, it all demonstrates errors in judgment and moral lapses by the lunatics.

Prof. Lewandowsky is the latest dolt to follow in this seemingly endless parade of sophist clowns.  Once again, we see projection and a lack of integrity perpetrated by what is clearly a leftist attack on capitalism.

I’ll borrow from Anthony’s latest on the issue.  (More glitches.  My blog writer now doesn’t seem to want to embed this video, but it’s worth a watch if you want to understand Lewandowsky’s derangement. )

For more insights into his stupidity, one just needs to look at McIntyre’s latest….

Conspiracy-Theorist Lewandowsky Tries to Manufacture Doubt

If you think about it, this demonstrates Lewandowsky’s entire lack of understanding about who he was criticizing and who he has been writing about.  Certainly, McIntyre is, like all of us, capable of errors.  Still, if I’m going to pick an opponent, I would at least take the time to understand who my opponent is and what my opponent does.  Did Lewandowsky really think he was going to be able to cast dispersions towards McIntyre and then challenge his competency without a thorough response?  Especially regarding principal components?  Really?  There’s an interesting piss-fight on Mac’s post for those interested in techno-jargon of statistics.

But, this is what climate science has been reduced to.  They explain their failures by claiming capitalists have a conspiracy against paranoid delusional climate-science psychologists or something.  But, that’s not the problem with the watermelon fueled alarmism.  The problem is in the near thirty years of crapping themselves about our impending doom and their dire warnings, none of the dire events they scream about has come true.  It has been well documented here and many other places too numerous to list about how nothing bad or unusual is happening climate wise.  More, in spite of some countries reporting an actual decline in CO2 emissions (most of the cause is global economic chaos) the globe’s CO2 emissions have continued to increase unabated.


As an aside I thought it fun to point out a bit of irony.  During much of the 90s, the rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 was actually decreasing.  From 1.57189 per year in the decade prior to 1.43454 per year from ’92 to ’98.  This is when the lunatics hit the high crescendo in their alarm about CAGW.  This is when laws and treaties were passed and things were going to make the world better, or something.  From ’98 to the present, the rate has increased to 1.97128 per year.  Even if there was an ounce of truth to our impending doom due to human CO2 emissions, we see the entire impotence of their lunacy and stupidity.  How much of that increase was due to windmill manufacturing and the like? (Note: That’s  a bit of sarcasm, but the truth is just underneath it. )


More than that, even the temps has quit responding to atmospheric CO2.  Which causes the laughable notion that we have some heat hiding and lurking waiting for the right moment to strike!  Maybe Mikey and Phil can manufacture some more idiocy to keep their cause alive.  Hansen will remain a clown until escorted out of his position.  Maybe, Lew and Gleick can team up and write a paper about ethics in cli-sci polling or something.

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5 Responses to The Latest Cli-Sci Developments

  1. DirkH says:

    We are on a fascinating journey into the misteries of mental collapse. And I enjoy every bit of it.
    “Think of all the human capital and work wasted on such utter nonsense.”
    I’m thinking GLEEFULLY about it. These idiots. They had it coming. Didn’t they see. No they didn’t. Now they’re angry at us. Could someone get a plastic bag and put them out of their misery. Only kidding. Hey, when I say it’s a joke it’s ok, right, like Lettermann about Palin’s kid, you get me, leftists, ok? I don’t really want anyone to suffocate a warmist, it’s too much fun watching them suffer.

    As for the thought of waste, could we have achieved something greater than we did had we not wasted all this human capital and work? No. Climate Science has attracted unproductive idiots, nobody could have gotten useful products out of them.

    We’ve come far nevertheless – mostly through an extreme increase in computing power. Those few hundred idiots who wasted their lifes with climate models don’t matter.

    • suyts says:

      Lol, right, this site does not endorse suffocating warmists! But, to the waste, I was mostly referring to all of us who contributed to the debate. We were the ones who could have come up with something meaningful had it not been for the energy and effort used to end this climate madness.

      But, you’re right, it is a hoot to watch these people implode under the weight of their own idiocy.

  2. DirkH says:

    “Even if there was an ounce of truth to our impending doom due to human CO2 emissions, we see the entire impotence of their lunacy and stupidity. How much of that increase was due to windmill manufacturing and the like? (Note: That’s a bit of sarcasm, but the truth is just underneath it. )”

    I have the very same idea in a very non-sarcastic way. As PV and wind are low energy density collection devices, and you can throw electric vehicles right in there as well, I view them as a guarantee for a high fossil fuel need in the future, as that fossil fuel is needed to produce the replacement PV and wind and EV contraptions. Reason? The subsidies. If no subsidies were needed this would be equivalent to an indication that the contraptions can produce all they need for reproduction on their own. But as subsidies are needed, this indicates the need for an outside source to provide for the reproduction of the contraptions.

    Energy == Money.

    Notice that PV and wind and EV contraptions need replacement after a certain time of operation. And as they are low energy devices, we need LOTS of them, all the time. Just to maintain the stock.

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