Are Cutter And Wasserman-Schulz The President’s Advisors?


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Cutter and DWS are known serial liars.  They’ve continued to double down on falsehoods even when presented evidence that they’re incorrect. 

Yesterday, while Ryan was giving the best American speech in this century, Obama was doubling down on stupid. 

At a campaign event on Wednesday, President Barack Obama latched onto remarks made by Neil Newhouse, a pollster for Mitt Romney, who said this week the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign would not “be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Speaking to a crowd in Virginia, Obama brought up the Romney camp’s sustained attacks on his welfare waiver policy. The ads have been widely panned for being factually inaccurate.

“I mean, somebody was challenging one of their ads — they made it upabout work and welfare. And every outlet said, this is just not true. And they were asked about it and they said — one of their campaign people said, we won’t have the fact-checkers dictate our campaign,” Obama said. “We will not let the truth get in the way.”

For people unfamiliar, one of the main tenets of the welfare reform act, which is hailed as a great and successful piece of legislation, was to place a work requirement on the able bodied recipients of our welfare checks.  This requirement is credited with moving millions of people off the government teat and on to a productive and engaged life.  (The other part of the success story was that it was moved from the fed to the states in forms of block grants, sound familiar?) 

At any rate, we’re in full presidential political swing in the U.S.  Now, I may be cynical, but I think most Americans watching a 30 second ad expects some things glossed over.  If you want details to a particular claim you’ll have to look elsewhere.  This is where many politicians make good political hay.  While out-right lying is taboo and still very much frowned upon by the American people, there is a expectation of some poetic licenseAgain, there’s only so much one can put in a 30 second ad.

Now, one can use this to great advantage if you don’t overdo it.  A politician can get in some great jabs, but like a boxer who consistently moves in one direction, if they go to the well to often they’re going to get nailed if the ads aren’t factual. 

Now the president is directly challenging Romney’s ad about his administration ending the work requirement.  This is why I wonder if Cutter and DWS are advising the president.  This strategy makes some assumptions with stretch credulity.  It is true many media outlets have declared these ads false, yet, the Romney camp continues to air them.  Why?  Well, if they were like Cutter and DWS, then we could see that they don’t know or care about the truth.  But, we see Romney trying to draw a stark contrast between him and his opponent.  So Obama hits back with the statements above. 

I mean, somebody was challenging one of their ads — they made it upabout work and welfare. And every outlet said, this is just not true.

Mr. President, if you have to rely on the New York Times and CNN to carry your water, you’ve lost the argument.  This is how I know to go look for the real story.  Obama isn’t saying something which he should be saying if his position was factually correct.  Maybe the president doesn’t know.  Maybe he’s relying on his advisors.  As I stated in the prior post, you know you’re on the right track by the volume of howls of protests.  This case is no exception.  What should Obama be saying?  He should be inviting people to read the memo.  To to go the original source.  I don’t need CNN or the NYTimes to tell me what I’m reading, and neither do you.  Let’s see what the memo stated. 

The president Obama’s HHS Kathleen Sibelius (As a Kansan, I apologize for her.) issued a memo to the various states stating that she would consider wavering the work requirements.  This is unambiguous.  The only thing made up is the alleged refutations and supposed fact checking.  TANF is what we call our welfare program now.  Emphasis is mine. 

While the TANF work participation requirements are contained in section 407, section 402(a)(1)(A)(iii) requires that the state plan “[e]nsure that parents and caretakers receiving assistance under the program engage in work activities in accordance with section 407.”  Thus, HHS has authority to waive compliance with this 402 requirement and authorize a state to test approaches and methods other than those set forth in section 407, including definitions of work activities and engagement, specified limitations, verification procedures, and the calculation of participation rates.  As described below, however, HHS will only consider approving waivers relating to the work participation requirements that make changes intended to lead to more effective means of meeting the work goals of TANF.

Now, we can argue the merits of this change, but what isn’t arguable is the fact that the Sec. of HHS is offering to waiver this requirement to the states.  She’s waiving the enforcement of the mandated work requirement.  There are simply no two ways to look at this. 

Did Obama read the memo?  I don’t know.  Did his advisors tell him he was on solid ground?  I don’t know.  But, I do know the president is in error.  And the more he calls attention to this, the better it is for Romney. 


Oh, while were on the subject.  Many political pundits are attacking Ryan about the plant closing he referenced in his speech.  They have been stating that the plant closed while Bush was president.  

More lying liars lying, again.  The louder they howl, the more you know you found the weak spot. 

GM plant’s last day finalized

JANESVILLE — General Motors will end medium-duty truck production in Janesville on April 23, four months to the day after the plant stopped building full-size sport utility vehicles.

About 100 employees associated with the line learned of the layoffs Wednesday.

April will mark the end of vehicle production at the Janesville plant that traces its roots to 1919 and the Samson Model M tractor. Chevrolet production started in Janesville in 1923.

That story was written Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009. 

Want to know why we can’t have an honest debate on the issues?  Because team Obama and the LSM refuse to. 

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24 Responses to Are Cutter And Wasserman-Schulz The President’s Advisors?

  1. gator69 says:

    High fuel prices and unreasonable CAFE standards killed that plant, two things that conservatives are against, and democrats work toward.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, and it closed after Obama got elected, not before.

      • philjourdan says:

        The clowns at think progress could have actually told the truth and had a partial point. The decision to close the plant was made before Obama took office. But instead they had to lie about it.

        In addition, while the decision was made before, GM was bailed out AFTER, and Obama put a lot of conditions on GM (not least of which is the edsel of the 21st century, the Volt). That could very easily have been one of the conditions. Obama Chose not to make it so. Therefore, Point Ryan. And a big laugh at the clowns at think progress!

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Someone PEED in “fact checkers” panties 🙂

    ——-> pointing at them and laffin’

  3. kim2ooo says:

    PREEMPTIVE “fact check” Ha ha ha ha

    “Day after day, before our very eyes, we are witnessing the media Kamikazee their integrity against the truth for a guy who’s going to lose.”

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