Victorians Must Prepare More For Eventual Flooding!!!


People sit around and invent crap to worry themselves with.  HuffPo once again provides us with a bit of lunacy.

Victoria Sea Levels: Climate Change Could Bring High Water, More Storms, Says City Report

Roy Brookes, the director of Victoria’s Sustainability Department, says preparing for the impacts of climate change could mitigate damage and save the city money over the long term.

The report predicts temperatures in Victoria could rise by more than two degrees by 2050, the amount of summer rain could drop by 32 per cent, while winter precipitation may jump 14 per cent, along with a similar increase in the number of intense storms.

It says the sea level could rise by 45 centimetres during winter high tides, and that combined with more storms would cause flooding and other storm-related damage.

I’d should probably dig deeper to see how they invented these numbers, but, I think we can laugh at them just the same without all of that work.  In the 33 years since measuring satellite temps they’ve reported ~ 1/2 degree rise.  If you believe this holds any meaning.  But in the next 38 years, it’s suppose to increase by 2 degrees.  Rolling on the floor laughing  Yeah, okay….. that’s easily reconciled by the lack of warming in the last 15 years.  Idiots.   



But, let’s see how Victoria’s sea level has been holding up to all of this, I’ve added nearby Vancouver’s for comparison.


Now, astute readers would probably criticize this because the article stated, “….during winter high tides.”

For completeness…….


Source for Sea Level Data, PSMSL

Yes, because the dramatic effects of climate change has really hit Victoria hard.  Remember when the crazies were content to just sit around and pontificate in a drug induced haze?

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6 Responses to Victorians Must Prepare More For Eventual Flooding!!!

  1. miked1947 says:

    By the sea level form the tide gauges, it is obvious the person that gave this presentation to Victoria needs to get to the high ground as fast as possible. Roy Brookes should immediately move to Vostock base in the Southern hemisphere where he will most certainly be safe from the drastic raising sea levels and temperatures that Victoria is being forecast to suffer from.
    He should definitely GTFOOT!

  2. philjourdan says:

    Yea, those flooded highways in Manhattan are testament to their accuracy!

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