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Kelly has sent me a link to a bit of a fun poll.  It asks you a small battery of questions and then based on your answers, it matches you to the candidates left.  It’s interesting.   I polled exactly like I thought I would.  But, maybe not for the reasons people may think.

Turns out I’m a huge Mitt Romney fan!  ……..   Well, not really, actually Mitt is a huge fan of me, and people like me.  There are 8 candidates listed.  There are two of them who are more…… malleable, shall we say?  At least in rhetoric. 

Mitt and Barry are actively playing to their base.   So, when a bunch of conservatives have an issue they insist upon, guess what?  Mitt’s all for it, surprising stuff!  Surprised smile When a bunch of leftists are insisting on an issue, more surprising, Barry’s all for it!  Surprised smile  So, this may not tell you exactly where you line up more than where the candidates are lining up. 

OTOH, it turns out, just underneath my agreement with Mitt is a close agreement with Ron Paul 82%, and right under him is Gary Johnson 77%.  I’m a conservative with strong libertarian leanings.  Who knew?  Winking smile

Another big surprise, the bottom 3 for me from the bottom up are Stewart Alexander (Socialist party), Jill Stein, (Green party), and then Barrack Obama.  

Anyway I thought it was fun, and thought some of you guys and gals might enjoy it as well. 

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27 Responses to An Interesting Poll

  1. kelly liddle says:

    My result was a little surprising. But on second thoughts maybe not. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul in the 80s and then Obama in the 70s and Romney in the 60s. I personally would rate economics above all other issues which would swap Obama and Romney around. Without a sound economic base all other issues can become irrelevant as there is no money for it or eventually will be no money for it. On social issues and foreign policy Obama is closer to the Libertarian candidates than is Romney. Have to also remember I am an outsider so inherantly have slightly different cultural values based on what is around me.

    • suyts says:

      True….. and I believe like you. One has to take care of the fiscal house first before the social issues can matter. The poll was weird in that one could weight some of the answers but not all of the answers.

      • Me says:

        It boils down to the lesser of the evils, we all know it will only get worse no matter who is elected, but who can you put up with in the end.

      • suyts says:

        Sometimes the shifts take a while. But, I see potential for a shift towards the proper direction.

        • Me says:

          It always does, if the smart person elected listens to the people. Sometimes it’s tough love that gets people back on track, but if it’s the same bow to whoever has the money and power, things are not going to be good in the future. And they wonder why more guns are being sold at new records down there! Makes you wonder?????

        • suyts says:

          Down where? In the U.S.?

  2. DirkH says:

    My results: Ron Paul 89%, Gary Johnson 85%, Mitt Romney 82%, Obama 41%.
    I think the poll gave way too much weight on social issues – I seem to agree with the libertarian point of view on most of those but I DON’T THINK THESE ISSUES IMPORTANT. Social issues??? That’s your problem? Why would anyone ask MY opinion about SOCIAL issues??? How about combining space exploration and the social issues, putting the social issues in a space capsule and shoot them to Mars???

    • DirkH says:

      I think their computer is broken; it says about my results

      “I side the most with Barack Obama, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson on science issues.”

      So obviously they think Barack Obama thinks Global Warming is a non-problem. Or maybe the pollsters think that Global Warming is a Social Issue.

      I think the poll is total garbage.

    • suyts says:

      Lol, yeh….. I made mine own up on a couple of them, but then decided it was too much bother to try and condense such thoughts. .

  3. Jim Masterson says:

    Romney 88%, Johnson 80%, Paul 74%, Obama 44%. Republican 88%, Libertarian 77%, Democrat 44%, and Green 8%.

    Am I surprised? Yes! Why am I 44% Democrat and 8% Green? They should be lower.


  4. gofer says:

    Romney 90%
    Paul 82%
    Obama 27%
    Green 5%

  5. HankH says:

    Romney 92%, Johnson 87%, Paul 84%, Obama 21%

    Republican 92%, Libertarian 86%, Democratic 21%, Green 15%.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a staunch fiscal conservative and social libertarian so I’m not surprised on the political rankings. The green rating of 15% ishould be much higher. I’ve been a member (and even president for two terms) of a wilderness clean up and restoration organization and an ardent outdoor enthusiast. I guess if you don’t agree that global warming is a huge crisis, it automatically means you don’t care about the environment. It should be the other way around.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Romney – 93%, Paul – 88, Johnson – 83, Goode – 74. My bottom 3 are the same as yours as well.

    Not really any surprised. I agree most with Paul on Economic issues, but not on Foreign policy, so that is why Romney tops the list. I understand that this is on their “stated” positions, and not on past performance.

  7. DERise says:

    Man, I felt depressed when I got a 17% rating for Obama, now I don’t feel bad.

  8. jimash1 says:

    Romney 84%
    Ron Paul 66%
    Obama 60%

    It kind of misread me on some things. Oh well, sometimes I don’t know what I think, myself.
    I even got some Gary Johnson and Jimmy Mcmillan in there .
    I am all over the place.

  9. DERise says:

    Climate Reasearchers COULD be entering other fields of research

  10. Jim Masterson says:

    I noticed that one question under the “scientific knowledge” grouping is if you believe in evolution. Belief in evolution by itself is not a determination of scientific knowledge. You can believe in evolution and know nothing about science. The same can be said of global warming.


  11. kim2ooo says:

    I took it last night….care to guess?

  12. kelly liddle says:

    “So, this may not tell you exactly where you line up more than where the candidates are lining up. ”

    I am a bit surprised about how closely the commentators here line up with Romney and seems the Romney mob have done their research.

  13. manicbeancounter says:

    Johnson 95% Paul 91% Romney 61% and Obama 8%
    As I rate environment most highly and the economy next, it might have loaded the results. But 94% Libertarian and 8% Democrat seems a bit excessive. Maybe as a Brit (who believes in fiscal conservatism) I am out of tune with the American political priorities.

    • suyts says:

      As Kelly notes, there’s a difference of perspectives from one area to the next. There’s also a false perception which can’t be help. In the U.S. the Republicans are always painted as putting the environment last, but it’s mostly a difference of opinion on how best to manage the environment. The media has been very effective in their P.R. work for the Dems.

    • philjourdan says:

      No, I think your responses are closer to the true definitions of conservatism. Many of the questions were shaped around American culture and policy, so living in the middle of it, we tend to be subtly influenced to that perspective. Coming from outside, and looking in, you would dismiss those influences more readily as they are not part of your every day life, and so answered the questions more honestly.

      And the Poll really was not about democrats, republicans or libertarians, but about the candidates themselves. 10 years ago, you would have probably had an 80/20 split, but the democrats have gone so far overboard, that most sentient people are going to get a very low score in that regard.

  14. davetexas says:

    Is Gary Johnson the real deal, or is he just like the rest of the candidates?

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