Climate Shifts Mark Civilizations


This is another post from Hank.  This post ties a paleo study with recent periods in civilization and very brief synopsis of a few cultures.   There are many things which go unstated in this post.  Hank assures me he’s prepared for the questions. 

Guest Post by Hank Hancock

I have a fascination with anthropology and history. One of my good friends is an archeologist. We’ve explored and photographed ancient settlements together and talked about evidence for climate shifts having an effect upon civilizations. He is adamant in his knowledge that there is overwhelming evidence for it in the archeological record. I share his views.

In 2009, Dr. Fredrik C. Ljungqvist et al. published a paper on historical temperature reconstruction (Ljungqvist, F.C. 2009). What interested me in Ljugzvist’s reconstruction is it is a recent mulit-proxy study that didn’t get all hung up on treemometers – the great erasers of climate bumps past. It combines 30 separate, diverse, and independently reconstructed proxy temperature records, making it a fairly robust reconstruction.

It happens that Ljugzvist, being a good scientist, made his data readily available for anyone who wanted to reproduce his work. So, I downloaded it and created a graph for my essay:


Here’s a full sized image of the graph: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

The dark navy blue line is the averaged temperature from all 30 proxy reconstructions. The light gray lines are the error ranges. The bottom axis (the X axis) of the graph are the years. The light blue line is the linear trend of temperatures across the 2000 year span, which I threw in just out of curiosity. In his abstract, Ljungqvist names five periods which I annotated on the graph in red and blue; warmer and cooler respectively.

My interest in this study was not so much from the perspective of the temperature extents but because it showed climate shifts quite remarkably with broad Northern Hemisphere spatial coverage as well as decadal resolution. They align well with climate shifts that have been a topic of considerable discussion in the literature of cultural anthropology for some time.

There are some difficulties that need to be understood when making such correlations. There are significant regional and dating differences in historical and archeological record, partly because of limits of our ability to measure, uncertainty of historical reference points, and ambiguity of historical writings. As a result, the markers are all over the map and timeline as expected but the groupings are discernible enough to conclude there is good correlation between significant historical events identified by cultural anthropologists as being climate related and periods pointed to by Ljugzvist and other paleo-climatologists (DeMenocal 2001). Many of the historical events you’re already familiar with. Perhaps I can add a few you aren’t.

Here’s a quick tour of the five climate periods annotated on the graph punctuated with a a few historical markers that occur in close proximity of the periods. I invite you to add any events to the list in your comments.

The Roman Warm Period (RWP) – This is this period of time that Jesus lived in. It was a period of considerable agricultural expansion and cultural development. Vineyards in the south of England were plenty. Date trees grew in Greece. Olive presses were found in the Roman cities of Sagalassos in Anatolia, where it subsequently grew too cold to grow olives (Scheidel et al., 2007). The Mayan empire expanded rapidly and builds the great city of Teotihuacan in central Mexico. With a population of some 200,000 (Scher 1992) it became the cultural, religious and trading centre of Mesoamerica for a number of centuries.(FAMS). As a side note, I lived two and a half hours from Teotihuacan back in the 90’s and visited the site many times. It is an impressive display of architectural accomplishment and early mesoamerican culture.


It was hot back during the expansion of the Roman Empire (photo credit: BBC)  NOTE: The plastic water bottle and color photography wasn’t invented until later. LOL!

The Dark Ages Cold Period (DACP) – This was a time where history documents a great retreat of agriculture and depression of human activity. Food was more scarce and there was considerable migration of people away from former farm lands which led to reforestation in large areas of central Europe and Scandinavia (Berglund 2003). Near the end of the DACP, “the Maya experienced a demographic disaster as profound as any other in human history,” causing a collapse of the entire civilization (Haug et al. 2001). Archeological records identify a century scale persistent drought as the cause (Haug et al. 2001, Peterson et al. 2005, Haug et al. 2003).


The great Mayan civilization collapsed and great cities were abandoned for lack of rain during the DACP (photo credit:

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP)– The Vikings established farms and grew wheat on Greenland and modern Newfoundland (which they named Vineland or Wineland, depending on how you pronounce it). The industrial revolution began. There was considerable agricultural expansion as well as expansion of warmer climate fauna. The summer of 1130 was so dry that you could wade across the river Rhine. In 1135, the Danube flow was so low that people could cross it on foot (Behringer 2008). Productive wineries sprang up in Germany and citrus orchards sprang up in parts of Asia where later it grew too cool to sustain them (Lamb 1989).


The Vikings colonize Greenland during the MWP (photographer unknown)

The Little Ice Age (LIA) – This was a period of great upheaval and misery in human history. Fur trappers recorded that Hudson Bay remained frozen long into the spring. Eskimos were seen paddling canoes off of the coast of England, Alpine glaciers engulfed mountain villages, cold and wet weather killed farm animals and destroyed crops, the bubonic plague killed more than a third of Europeans, farms and villages in Northern Europe were deserted due to persistent crop failures, bread was made from the bark of trees because grain crops failed (Windows2Universe 2008). The famous potato famine starved over 1 million people in Ireland and caused a mass emigration of another 1 million people out of Ireland (Kinealy 1995). The Vikings left Greenland. They tried to colonize other areas in the region to maintain a population foothold but threw in the towel and left.


Viking colonies left only reminders of their presence like this stone church at Hvalsey (photographer unknown).

The Current Warm Period (CWP) – Rebounding from the LIA, we’re gradually warming up again. We are in a period where satellite imagery across 30 years shows a significant greening of the earth (Liu et al., 2010), Northern latitudes have seen higher productivity in agriculture, profitable wineries are expanding in upper New York. (one of my relatives own a winery on the Niagara escarpment), and human population has exploded along with technology, transportation, and agriculture (I don’t need to cite this – just check out the cool video games on line, hop in your car and pay a visit to the grocery store).


What else is there to say about culture in the CWP?

Some parting thoughts… There is an underlying theme in our quick tour of the periods that may be more meaningful than the periods and degree of correlation of historical events to them. Warm = good for advances in civilizations and cold = hardship and retreat. It plays out this way throughout history.

Ljungqvist, F.C. 2009; N. Hemisphere Extra-Tropics 2,000yr Decadal Temperature Reconstruction. IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology Data Contribution Series # 2010-089. NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder CO, USA.

DeMenocal (P.B.) 2001. Cultural Responses to Climate Changes During the Late Holocene. Science 292: 667-73

Bob Scher; Parabola, November, 1992

Foundation for the Advancement of Mezoamerican Studies (FAMS)

Berglund, B.E. 2003. Human impact and climate changes – synchronous events and a causal link? Quaternary International 105: 7-12.

Scheidel, Walter; Morris, Ian; Saller, Richard P. (2007). The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World. Cambridge University Press. p. 19. ISBN 0521780535.

Wolfgang Behringer, Kulturgeschichte des Klimas: Von der Eiszeit zur globalen Erwärmung. ISBN 9783 406 52866 8 (Printed in Germany)

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Gerald H. Haug,Detlef Günther, Larry C. Peterson, Daniel M. Sigman, Konrad A. Hughen, Beat Aeschlimann 2003; Climate and the Collapse of Maya Civilization

Haug, G.H., Hughen, K.A., Sigman, D.M., Peterson, L.C. and Rohl, U. 2001. Southward migration of the intertropical convergence zone through the Holocene. Science 293: 1304-1308.

Hubert H. Lamb: Klima und Kulturgeschichte, Reinbeck 1989

Kinealy, Christine (1995), This Great Calamity: The Irish Famine 1845–52, Gill & Macmillan, ISBN 1-57098-034-9 Web reference:, last updated June 20, 2008.

Liu, S., R. Liu, and Y. Liu. 2010. Spatial and temporal variation of global LAI during 1981–2006. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 20, 323-332.

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21 Responses to Climate Shifts Mark Civilizations

  1. kelly liddle says:

    I think there is some denial going on because other issues are being blamed on climate change. Sorry to throw something a bit out there at you but in people’s thinking things like extinctions are being linked to climate change even though it is more likely being caused by other issues such as exotic species invasions, segmenting of the environment with roads and other infrastructure and diseases being transported more rapidly. Ironically the “green people” who want to live in the wilderness contribute to this by living in and visiting sensitive areas.

    • HankH says:

      Kelly, thank you for your insight. My writing was limited to the affects of climate shift on civilizations because that was my personal interest in the reconstructions and what I’m able to speak to. I realize there are many specius claims being made about the impact of climate change on species diversity (and everything else under the sun).

      Yes, they want to make it all about AGW and overlook that there are many other causes that have nothing to do with it. That has been my frustration with this view – if you just blame everything on AGW then there becomes a mentality (and emotional investment) to not look for other reasons. In the end there is no solution when there could have been.

      As you well note, often there’s species invasion and other causes. Here in Nevada, the desert tortoise has been all but wiped out because of the introduction of the raven. How many times have we heard that global warming is wiping out the honey bee population? This was a prized answer for years until someone thought to actually look at the problem and discover they were being attacked by a killer virus transmitted by mites. The list goes on.

      One of the challenges of acknowledging the evidence for past natural climate shifts is to some “it looks like” you’re acknowledging the effects of AGW when that’s not the case. The discussion of climate in any context has become so ideologically polarized that if you say anything at all you have someone inappropriately lumping you into some ideological box that suits their agenda. It’s sad really because it dampens otherwise meaningful inquiry.

    • HankH says:

      Some day I might write about my own personal experience volunteering in wilderness cleanup / restoration projects and how the “green people” got involved with global warming ideology and derailed several very effective programs. The money got diverted to their global warming interests and the wilderness land was eventually closed to the public because of the ecological damage being done with no funds available to keep the cleanup and restoration projects alive. This was the beginnings of my view that so many of these people are misdirected and themselves causing most of the damage. Their green ideologies blind them to conventional wisdom and responsibility.

  2. Hank, congratulation; you are a bigger bulldung shoveller, than I got the imprecision. on your previous post, I thought that; because of my limited English vocabulary, was a misunderstandings – NOP, the misunderstanding is; because you are drowning in the Warmist septic tank. I never say something, unless I can substantiate, with real proofs. For a start, my post about the ”Fake Skeptic’s skeletons in their closed”, covers most of your misrepresenting. I strongly suggest, you should revisit it. This post of yours,belongs in ”Ripley’s Believe it or not” not in science. Obviously, you cannot reach reality even with remote control, if you ask, I will help you… you need big, big help. In the process, you are doing the Warmist dirty job, and giving them oxygen. This post of yours, with all the lies, is as Viagra for the Warmist; to screw the truth and the economy better. Reason I’m prepared to go into details with you; otherwise I don’t have time for bullshit retailers; nothing personal

    Confusing Warmist / climatologist ”fiction” with reality – needs long and numerous explanations: Hank, I was proving to you in your previous post that: warmings are NOT GLOBAL / cold climate is NEVER GLOBAL. Now to point to you that: wet is not GLOBAL / dry is not GLOBAL. El Nino brings wet some places / drought in Australia – La Nina brings dry some parts of the planet; but lots of rain in Australia. 2] in Pakistan was the biggest floods – few months after – a stone trow from Pakistan; in the Horn of Africa was a big, big ”drought famine” (that is not enough space of time, FOR YOUR GROWING OF OLIVES / VINEYARDS – 3- MONTHS?! shame, shame) Hank, nothing personal, you are completely lost into the Swindler’s crap – you need assistance; in the process; you are assisting the Warmist criminals, a lot. People like you are giving oxygen / shield to the Warmist cult. I don’t blame you; just pointing out to you that: is not your home made lies – you have learned that crap from Swindler’s books – let me be a bit ”technical” … Hank, books are made from paper, because ”paper” is a wonderful invention; can take anything – from greatest discovery – to the smelliest crap – reason they use ”paper” in the toilets – you can double-check, if you don’t believe me. .

    3] first instinct was originally; to send you a copy of my book – than looked report on my blog; people that accessed my blog for yesterday, Were from USA Canada Russia, Singapore, Iraq; but no Australian. Hank, my first book was written about climate and the phony global warmings; but exclusivity Australian issues, names, events and places. I should have put at least footer explanations about the names / events, people and places; but didn’t; after was published – impossible to insert. On few foreigners that were reading it – I had to spend too much time after answering questions; who is that guy? where is that place and what is the meaning of this or that… (although suyts mentioned the name of one of those characters in my book prof. David Karoly) Anyway; for you that is ”pretending” that you don’t understand what’s on my post about ”your stinky skeletons” and the rest … Hank, the next book I talk about world events and people that are known in the international blogosphere… will send you a copy of the second, when published. Before that; I will point few anomalies, because your misleadings are helping the Warmist criminals; that are harming billions of people

    • suyts says:

      Stephan, let’s remain civil, please. Other people have different opinions. Whether Hank is right or wrong, we don’t want to impugn his character. Simply state why you think he’s wrong.

      I believe Hank to be an honest and thoughtful man. Which is why I wanted him to post his thoughts. I want to encourage discussion on these issues, but name calling doesn’t encourage people to understand your perspective.

      If you’d like, you can make a rebuttal post, and I’ll cross link it with your site.

      • suyrs, what Hank is promoting; is STEROIDS for the Warmist. I don’t say that he is a bad person; I’m pointing that: what is he distributing; is the most beneficial for the Warmist / reason they don’t dispute it; because what Hank promotes is the foundation for the Warmist castle. It’s easy for Hank to ”pretend naive” and keep back-stubbing the truth – it’s not easy for the people that are coping it from the Warmist. Misleading crap should be exposed; the way I’m doing it. Hank, if you have being fattened on the ”climatologist crap” you shouldn’t regurgitating it onto others! good buy!

  3. Hank, you ”polishing the Swindlers do-do about the ”Inca people and Meso-American phony GLOBAL warmings” is a proof from where you are coming from; not about your phony global warmings!

    Here is a broader picture; it’s in my book, will be in more details in the second; please, try to understand, instead off trying to muddy the real proofs: ” where the ”native American’s agriculture” was – 2600y ago was a thick forest. 2] by opening of Bosporus straight -> the surface water in the Mexican gulf speeding up by the ”Gulf Stream” going more water to the Black Sea. It ”denied” time to the warmed surface water to produce enough ”water vapor” = by spinning the planet eastwards – less ”water vapor” WAS GOING WEST OF MEXICAN GULF. OOPS, water vapor for the Warmist & Fakes is bad for the climate; but NOT FOR ME AND FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

    3] By ”less” rainfall, the vegetation was collapsing and leaving / producing ”beautiful” organic soil for agriculture. Maya people didn’t clear the land for agriculture by stone axes, but: decreasing rainfall was perfect for ‘clearing by fire” left the best soil for primitive agriculture without synthetic fertilizer – they didn’t clear Amazon; because didn’t have any direct influence from Bosporus. Tragically, most of the ”environmental vermin are Big City Slickers… cannot understand that: natives had prosperous agriculture ”during the transitional period” when from too wet was going into too dry. Bosporus effect is / was gradual (same: as Suez canal improved the climate on many places for different reasons). Hank, do you see why real / honest science shouldn’t be mixed / or compared parts of it with your / Warmist & Fake’s crappy mythology?! Either you believe that ”the universe is spinning around the earth, or you don’t” – in the previous post you said that you are not a climatologist; but you didn’t say why you are blindly supporting / promote their crap. It’s same as saying: you don’t believe that the universe is spinning around the earth… but milky way is… and mars and Venus are spinning around the earth. Hank, ”HALF TRUTH IS MUCH MORE HARMFUL, THAN PLAIN LIE, BECAUSE ”HALF TRUTH CONS MORE PEOPLE!!! cheers

  4. suyts: Green people are obsessed with: ”agriculture destroys everything” It was originally promoted by Pulitzer praise winner, prof Gerard Diamond. 95-2003 the Warmist had a problem to convince the people that ”the WHOLE planet can get warmer” Gerard was all over the OZ media regularly bashing the farming community for every evil; by exactly / carbon copy, of the crap Hank uses. Prof. Diamond was the original Warmist, I think that he become Al Goer’s personal Adviser… after he overdid it in OZ: he declared on ABC that: ”he is moving to Australia, because Australians decided to get read off, ALL the cows & sheep / farming altogether”’

    in reality; Australian Greens decided that, but at that time was still some honest reporters – they started inquiring and contradicting him – he didn’t return. Suyts, you translate on gentleman’s language to our friend Hank this: ”phony GLOBAL warmings don’t change the climate! 1] farming can make worse climate / FARMING CAN IMPROVE THE CLIMATE, also!!! farming is essential / beneficial, Warmist and shonky science, are not!!!

    Hypothetical: ”if Bosporus is closed -> the Gulf steam will slow down -> Maya’s farming areas will start having same climate, as when they were farming. Bosporus straight closing is not GLOBAL warming. 2] if Gibraltar is closed + the British Chanel (as it was before 7500BC-> the ”Gulf Stream” will stop. completely. Now, as soon as surface water warms up in Mexican gulf goes east; but if didn’t -> Texas would have become rainforest – west of it wet areas… Texas crude oil and gas were not made from heatwaves and from ash!!! If people acknowledge the truth, climate can be improved. Promoting what Warmist want -> climate will deteriorate without any phony GLOBAL warmings; just by using the Warmist ”science” that: water vapor and farming is bad for climate” self fulfilled prophecy by the Warmist and their servants. Same as arsonist ”predicting when your house will be on fire” big deal. H2O changes climate; GLOBAL warmings are 101% crap!!! no matter who is dishing it. Actually, is lees destructive when it comes from a declared Warmist; because people don’t believe them much

    suyts: as long as there are rice paddies in S/E Asian & India – Himalayan glaciers will be there forever. if they drain the rice paddies and plant eucalyptus -> those glaciers will disappear in less than 10years / ice can directly evaporate into the dry heat; without turning into water. Water vapor from the rice paddies, is the ”raw material for replenishing the ice” reason vapor is demonized by the Warmist & Fakes. To create ”self fulfilling prophesy”

    As a fallout – Australian Greens are ”repossessing farmer’s water” for 9billion TAX dollars; to drain it into the sea during storms… because Pacific doesn’t have enough water…?! Or, because by ”less water vapor that farmers are producing” will be more dry heat produced inland -> more big bushfires / death / devastation+ more water vapor destroyed in the surrounding seas; that belongs to the Indonesian archipelago and for creating ice around Antarctic in winter. Lots of tremendous damages are in progress; all because of the ””’phony GLOBAL warmings cycles crap”’. 40% of my book is about those Warmist smoking guns… the ”premeditated mas murderers”
    I have the real proofs / the real science; but the Fake’s Stinky Skeletons in their closed are putting people in a situation, to silence me and keep the Warmist on the front foot with the Warmist basic senseless lies. Suyts, I have run out of ”red carpet” for the Fakes that are promoting the original Warmist lies

  5. miked1947 says:

    You my friend are ignorant of historical records.
    Even the records from your own country will show similar periods throughout recorded and pre recorded history. Biological and geological evidence shows cycles of warming and cooling in all regions. Some were opposing in different regions and some were in conjunction with with other regions.
    As Hank has shown some were like waves travelling around the globe.
    You want to rely on the physics of a closed system, when the earth is not a closed system, the solar system is not a closed system and the galaxy we occupy is not a closed system.
    To better understand historical records you need to get your head around archaeology, biology and geology, throw away your physics because it only comes into play after you understand what the records are showing. It seems you do not.
    Hank was not showing anything that supported the fake claims by the Climatologists. He showed some of the major highlights that were recorded about regional weather changes that affected populations.
    The only caveat I would add is that we will not know what the current conditions are until they have been recorded in the historical records, hundreds or years in the future. recent and current measurements are to corrupted to be of any value. When biological activity around the globe is similar to what was experienced only one thousand years ago, it is not even close, we might have confidence in claims of warming.
    Records for the last two hundred years are, for the most part, worthless. Records during the satellite era may be better, but there is nothing to compare them to. I see a problem with satellite records, in that they may not know what they are measuring and they think they are measuring something meaningful. They may well be measuring a proxy for temperature and or sea level, chances are they are measuring some other anomaly and they will discover it sometime in the future.

    • HankH says:

      Thank you Miked1947. Very well stated.

    • miked1947 says:
      July 16, 2012 at 8:07 am said: ”Stefan:You my friend are ignorant of historical records”

      Scotty, the ”historical events” have being FALSIFIED by ignorants, self serving opportunist; beyond recognition!!!.

      Scotty, you are lucky; you can go around the ‘’laws of physics’’ without crossing that hurdle. I can’t, I’m stuck into ‘’reality’’

      Paleontology is interesting / not precise / can be a weapon, when is in evil hands. Example: 1] prof Gerard Diamond and his GREEN Devil’s Advocates will say: Mesopotamians, Assyrians civilization prospered – but than collapsed (better if civilization never prospers; so it doesn’t need to collapse…?) They irrigated crops, Milankovich, all sorts of galactic cycles, water vapor is bad for the climate. Same as those civilizations; the polar bear will collapse, then all the rest of you will collapse. Because they chopped trees and irrigated! BOO! Is that Science, or politic…?

      2] honest science: Mesopotamians, Assyrian existed; then collapsed. Step back and see WHAT ELSE was happening at that time. Why their agriculture / food source collapsed: definitely not because they irrigated and increased the water vapour! 1]At that time, Sahara had still plenty vegetation, lakes and creeks with water… people in the Sahara savannahs did know how to produce artificial fire – but most probably didn’t have helicopters, to put the fire off. Fires continued to burn = no vegetation = no lakes / swamps with water = more dry heat -> that extra dry heat (no water vapour) was finishing the remaining vegetation on the Arabian peninsula. Bigger deserts = more heatwaves = less water vapour for the Mesopotamian and Assyrian farms = belly up. Sahara was doing to Assyria farms, what is now doing to Greek and Spanish farms / and vegetation / heatwaves. Honest science, big difference in interpretation, isn’t it?

      3]Because for prof Diamond & Devil’s Advocates ‘’water vapour’’ is bad for the climate; that department is a blind spot; prevents people to understand that: more H2O = better climate/ MILDER CLIMATE; water vapour has NOTHING to do with any galactic cycles and any CON phony GLOBAL warmings. In the past, when crops didn’t produce; people were blaming the gods – now Al Gore’s and Plimer’s apostols are blaming CO2, CH4 & H2O, water vapour… Water vapor, topsoil moisture and water storages control the climate; not sunspots, galactic dust. Agriculture / producing food separated human from other animals and sustains 7 billions; should we starve them?.

      4] Maya people with their irrigation were producing extra humidity in the area = must be bad! They were producing food = that destroyed the vegetation? Naughty, naughty; today’s farmers / breadwinners are doing exactly the same; evil farmers!

      5] honest science: aboriginal people in Australia didn’t irrigate, but Australia, from the wettest; became the driest continent. Because of rice paddies, Asia become from driest to wettest. American natives by producing; they selectively produced pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes, corn. If Maya people didn’t irrigate and chopped trees; wouldn’t have put one brick on Gibraltar straights, to stop the gulf stream – their lands would have become dust bowl; because Gibraltar is open for business. If they didn’t produce; those products would have being extinct today. Imagine life without those products today + without Assyrian wheat and fruits; selective breading it – or, would have disappeared. we should say: thanks to them; today we have palatable foods production; not to kill everything that moves, for food

      Since prof Diamond was coming from the states to Australia 98-2003; to badmouth the farmers for irrigating; ‘’because ”in his opinion Maya, Assyrian irrigators made collapse of those civilizations and climate – in Australia, the farmer’s suicide rate doubled / bankruptcy, their water repossession, nervous break downs, divorces more than doubled. He was lying that: the WHOLE planet was warmer, when Vikings were going to Greenland… I have proven that the truth is COMPLETELY different. If you have a spine; lets debate on my website, to get to the bottom of it, and find out; what is the truth. Discarding the laws of physics, is irresponsible; as Devil’s Advocates, is indirectly supporting the neo lefty Al Gore & Co. truth: climatic changes have nothing to do with any phony GLOBAL warmings – warmings are NEVER global = Warmist don’t have a case – they only exist on Fake’s indirect support. I can prove everything

  6. miked1947 says:

    It is tough to include all the evidence in a short article, because there is so much, even entire books do not include all the evidence from the last two thousand years.
    Over at real Science there are many links to evidence from the last two thousand years. There are entire web sites dedicated to geologic, biologic, or historical evidence of climate changes over thousands of years.
    I do appreciate your contributions.

    • HankH says:

      Thanks Mike. I made it over to Steve’s site. While I’ve been there before, I never noticed he had a link to historical events. Wow, what a treasure trove.

      I’m thinking about building a web app database of historical events that people can access and add events. Then add some capability to run frequency charts with filters and such. I think it might be very revealing plus a fun project.

      I have web servers I could host it out of. Just thinking aloud because you got my creative juices flowing. 😉

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