Good News! U.S. CO2 Emissions Are Down! And A Huge Milestone Passed.

Journeys….. I love the internet.  I can take me so many places.  Sometimes I just go and let my mind wander where it will.  Often there are surprises.  Sometimes nice ones, other times, not so much.  Yesterday, WUWT ran a post showing our CO2 emissions are down!  Now, most of us realize that this is a bad sign.  Others, oblivious to the economic pain of many will see this a good thing.  Some yet will see this as proof we can significantly decrease our CO2 emissions without giving up our economy.  (This is from the oblivious group.)


Of course, we really didn’t need the EIA to know our CO2 emissions were going down.  All they had to do was ask me.  But, for illustrative purposes, I’ll use a different EIA graphic.  I’ll cut part of it off for proper scaling.


Now, remember boys and girls, correlation is not causation.

……………. image

Just so we’re clear, “Not In Labor Force” excludes children under 16 y/o, the disabled, and retired.  Oh, there’s another group that isn’t in the graph either.  The unemployed.  That’s sitting at a total of 12,271,000.  This is another first for America and Obama.  We now have over 100 million able bodied people with no work.

Well done green nut crusaders!  You imbeciles.  BTW, for those who still don’t understand that notice that this year, our total electric generation is down this year.  In fact, we haven’t really moved since 2007.


So, how can this be related?  Want to see what a dead hospital patient looks like when hooked up to telemetry?


The wind and solar are useless.  Notice how the only thing that’ increased higher than pre-recession days is our residential demand?  See 100 million reasons above.  This is disastrous.

So, how come we haven’t heard of the 100 million milestone getting passed?

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9 Responses to Good News! U.S. CO2 Emissions Are Down! And A Huge Milestone Passed.

  1. Manmade co2 is down, but it was still 118° Kansas—which was blamed on global warming. Co2 down, temperature up—Doh!

  2. philjourdan says:

    We can continue to reduce CO2 – everyone just has to stop working. But since government money stimulates the economy so well, we will have the strongest economy in the world when everyone is on welfare and unemployment! And no CO2!

    That is where they are taking us.

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