Health Care Argument! And An Old Consideration


Well, the current SCOTUS ruling has renewed the national discussion on the Health Care law.  Which is really depressing, because it seems none of the advocates learned anything and millions of people’s shallow thoughts are once again displayed. 

For instance, Facebook brings me this…….

Now, I’ve no idea if this is true or not.  I’ve certainly heard and read some horror stories, but I never investigated.  Canada is often brought up when the health care discussion ensues.  Which, I hold as vapid.  What may or may not work for them, may or may not work for us.  But, that isn’t the point of my post.  This graphic simply started a conversation.  So, we get this response to it…….

I was vacationing in Canada over 15 years ago over Thanksgiving. I was pregnant and having a miscarriage. Went to the ER close to the resort, lo and behold they admitted me, did diagnostics, lots of blood work and ultrasounds, and my entire bill was $22 US dollars for an overnight stay. Granted, I wasn’t there for some rare disease that isn’t covered by their system, but seems to me a system should support the most, without the burden of having to help the least among the illnesses. It made an almost unbearable situation a helluva lot less painful.

Now, this was wonderful that our Canadian friends helped out our friend here.  But, you see what she did?  How she came to regard the Canadian system?  They took care of her and it only cost her $22 dollars!  Why can’t the U.S. have a system that only costs $22 dollars for such excellent care?  She doesn’t see the true cost, she doesn’t care about the true cost, and she won’t regard the true cost.  It only cost her $22.  To hell with what it cost someone else. 

But, there’s a much higher cost.  One that we can’t put a price on.  In my view, the monetary cost is irrelevant to the discussion.  I had an occasion, yesterday, to speak to a state Senator.  His district lines have been redrawn, so now he’s campaigning in my area.  I wish Mr. King success.  We spoke of the state accepting federal monies, and their mandates which accompany the federal largess.  (This is actually very relevant to the SCOTUS decision!)  I told him that when the states accept the money (and the accompanying mandates) that this is an acquiescence of the state’s sovereignty and an assault on individual liberties.  These mandates effect the way we conduct our every day ways of living.  (He agreed.)   

File:De Morgan - Guilded Cage.jpg 

The ballroom was filled with fashion’s throng,
It shone with a thousand lights,
And there was a woman who passed along,
The fairest of all the sights,
A girl to her lover then softly sighed,
There’s riches at her command;
But she married for wealth, not for love he cried,
Though she lives in a mansion grand.

These are the velvet shackles which much of the populous willingly accepts.  They’ve rejected the animated contest of freedom in exchange for a little security.  I can respect their decision if not understand it.  But, what I find irreconcilable is that they would deem it suitable and appropriate to make this decision for me.  This is a rejection of the legacy bequeathed to us through work, tears, fortune and blood.  They have placed the interests of the collective over the interests of the individual.  I’m heartbroken that so many of my countrymen would so glibly relish such a decision.  Nor, do they have an interest in determining what they’ve given up for such an application of law, or what they’ve forced me to give up.  Has the concepts of liberty become so distorted that the individual is no longer regarded? 

My mind can’t help but conjure the images of the of the multitudes who have gone to the judgment seat of  God in defense of the liberties we once extolled as the true cause of this nation and her peoples.  That these ideas were once so jealously guarded upon even pain of death now seems obscure and faint. 

My mind also can’t help but conjure the images of the struggles of people around the world who would also pursue these ideas.  One word would come to be synonymous with the ideas of liberty, hope, justice and the prosperity which flowed from these ideas .  That one word, could sometimes only be thought and not uttered, sometimes only whispered, sometimes loudly and proudly proclaimed as an ultimate goal was America

Now, our highest court has moderated its pursuit of justice and the cause of liberty is considered extremism.   In the truest of Orwellian fashion, today, with the representation of congress, the execution by the president, and with the approval of our courts, the federal government can now compel the entire citizenry to engage in any action it wishes, as long as they attach a punitive tax to it.  How bitterly ironic is it that the words “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” comes from the Book of Law.  The bells of freedom are ringing the alarm!  Are there no patriots to answer the call?  Have the forces for tyranny finally won?  The road to the peaceful exercise of liberty will be a long and arduous journey and this recent event will make it so much more difficult.  But, the exercise of liberty is paramount.  I am ashamed that that the very bodies empowered by the people would allow such a bastardization of our government and insult the highest treasure ever given to a group of people, freedom.  

God help us all.


About the picture.  It was painted by Evelyn De Morgan.  It is called The Gilded Cage.  The meaning I glean from it……There are two women in it.  One on the inside in what would be a luxurious home with carpets and draperies.  The other on the outside(or on a mural?) dancing with her child held close, with many people reveling in the gaiety liberty provides.  The woman on the inside yearns for such freedom, but she cannot have it for she’s married to the unhappy master of the house who doesn’t allow for such activities.  There are two birds in the painting.  One on the inside where its every needs are provided, in a cage.  The other, a large bird, (an eagle?) soars high about the crowd outside, with the winds beneath his wings elevating him to heights never to be seen by the bird in the cage.

The poetry below the painting is part of the song composed by Arthur J. Lamb (lyrics) and Harry Von Tilzer (music), “A Bird in a Gilded Cage

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18 Responses to Health Care Argument! And An Old Consideration

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:

  2. Gary Meyers says:

    Kicked in the gut! Gobsmacked! Angry! Scared!

  3. Gary Meyers says:

    How do we convince a populace who see this travesty as manna from our government? They outnumber those of us who see this for what it is. We can’t even close the flood gates through which more of these people are streaming every day. All that I have is my vote, and I live in California so what do I really have? Sometimes I just feel like giving up, watching fishing channels and cartoons for the rest of my life!

    • suyts says:

      We all get there from time to time. Sometimes, places like California has to serve as examples, and hopefully people learn from them. But, stubborn reiteration of truth and eternal diligence is what has always been required. We just have to keep on. And, we have to be louder and clearer. Better days are on the horizon, we just have to get through the storms.

  4. Gary Meyers says:

    Yes, I know that you are right. It was just that we were so close to righting this wrong, and the roof fell in. Hopefully this will wake the dozing majority and good things will come from it.

  5. A very small group ruling over the many—-the opposite of what the Founding Fathers created with the Constitution.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, and worse, now the SCOTUS seems to have given the green light to ruling via taxation!

      • So someone tell me again John Roberts is a Constitutional originalist.

      • suyts says:

        No doubt. Heck, IMO, he went way out of his mandate as a Justice. It seems he actively looked for a rationalization for upholding it instead of concentrating on the arguments of the lawyers. In other words, he became the solicitor for the AHCA. Certainly, the law as it was written did not describe the “penalties” as a tax. That purely the invention of Roberts.

        • gofer says:

          IMHO, Roberts didn’t want to be the one who squashed the first minority president’s signature legislation. Maybe he was afraid to be labeled racist. Who knows, except he went throught lots of contortions to get to the ruling. The bill is a menace to the people and will eventually intrude in every area of our lives. It has to be stopped. If they control energy (the means of production) and health, then they have complete control over the people.

          What does one say when ONE man basically changed the fundamental relationship between the govt. and the people and the result is mass confusion?

  6. JP says:

    I’m sure the left are hoping that we will get discouraged and want to give up, but I think what their gonna get is some pissed off people who should’ve woke up a long time before now, but at least now might be angry enough to make sweeping changes come November. I believe a strong majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare, and that will be a driving force at the polls. I would’ve thought obama’s constant assault on the Constitution, or his huge desire to be the next Europe, or how everyone of his decisions seem to be anti-American, would’ve been enough to run him out of town tarred and feathered, but hopefully at least now he has woken the sleeping giant.

  7. john s says:

    I dont think the canadian system is applicable. We have long waiting lists for some procedures, it’s true. However, what makes our system weak, and differentiates it from the one the US will likely end up with is that we are not allowed to buy private insurance, even if we want to do so in addition to our state plan. Our system is designed to make sure that everyone gets the same level of health care, rather than improving everyone’s health care.

    • suyts says:

      The end result of the of the U.S. health care law is to end private insurance. This was designed to be an intermediate step, though no one would admit it. Eventually, the public offered insurance will prevail against the private. And, you hit the nail on the head!

      “Our system is designed to make sure that everyone gets the same level of health care, rather than improving everyone’s health care.”

      In my view, this is what distinguishes left from right.

      • gofer says:

        Exactly. Costs will bury insurance companies and since the govt. is subsidizing the costs anyway. (Family of 4 can make over $93,000 and get subsidies), they will say it’s just logical to go to single payer since insurance companies are simply a middleman. There is leverage to be when working with private companies. Nobody would consider the govt. as responsive as the private sector. Having single payer with populations of 30-50 million people is vastly different than covering 340 million and millions more coming in the foreseeable future. Many doctors are going to retire and leave the system. Shortages and rationing is the future of this historic boondoggle. Americans will not let it stand and it’s just a matter of time.

        Obama said he wanted “single payer” in a speech to unions, and he told them it might be 10-15 years, but that is the goal.

      • suyts says:

        Exactly. But, I’m hopeful that the health care system won’t entirely fall apart before they respond.

  8. gofer says:

    The reason dems want govt. provided healthcare is simple……Every campaign can be run with the slogan…”Republicans will take away your healthcare.” However, this has backfired. They didn’t expect the majority of people to oppose the bill. It’s been 55%-62% opposed consistently over the past two years.

    Is the host more powerful than the parasites? That is the deciding factor.

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