House Votes To Hold Holder In Contempt



While the U.S. was having their heads explode of the idiotic rationalization of Justice Roberts, the House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.  This has never happened before, in the history of the U.S.

The votes were marked by a walkout protest of many Democratic congressmen.   The votes…… plural, there were two votes, one where criminal charges are brought and another civil.  The votes on the criminal charges were, 255-to-67, and the votes for the civil were 258 to 95.

So now what?  Typically, when contempt charges are brought, the U.S. attorney’s office pursues the charges.  ….. that would be Eric Holder’s department.  That’s not going to happen.  Period.  For now, these charges will be seen as little more than an official rebuke from the House with no teeth behind the rebuke. 

Many have characterized this as a political exercise, and largely, I agree.  However, there are two extraordinary components to this which ensures this issue will continue and have a lasting characteristic.  First, there is the charge by a federal agent that the guns were intentionally allowed to freely cross the border and lose our ability to track them.  Secondly, and most importantly, there’s a dead border agent, Brian Terry.  There is no amount of  political posturing which will make these facts go away.  There is a demand for an explanation.  And, it would be altogether reasonable to supply the explanation.  Hiding behind executive privilege isn’t a sustainable strategy.  And, these charges will work towards the undoing of the privilege in this particular case.

Here’s what should happen.  Immediately, the House should assign and empower a special prosecutor independent of the Attorney General’s office.  They should also start proceedings for removing Holder from office.  This will initially be resisted by the White House.  But, it’s election year.  They’ll drop Holder like a hot potato.  Then, there may be more cooperation by his replacement.  Time is the enemy of ever getting at the truth.  If the Democrats regain control of the House, (and they will eventually) and if this issue is still unresolved, it will silently go away. 

If the House of Reps. doesn’t take swift action, Holder will continue to flaunt his disregard for the House Of Representatives.

You can read more on this here and here.  

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