Jason II The Changeling!


Last April, I showed you the on going efforts to adjust our satellite sea level data.

The Quickening: Jason II Getting In The Act

There I chronicled the recent bizarre changes in the rendering of Jason II’s data in the last 3 successive snapshots I’ve taken.





And now, they’ve really updated!!  They’ve updated all the way to 2012.287124.  Or, April 15th.  (Remember when they used to be nearly current?) 


Look at the last graph and then look at the very first one.  Then look at the last three data points on the first graph.  They’re right at the 20.25 cm mark.  From left to right the first one is just below the 20.25 mark and the other two are just barely above it.  Then look at the next graph.  Now they’re all above it!  It’s a much tighter grouping and they are significantly raised.  But, there’s another very subtle change.  Look at the time line, the x-axis.  They actually advanced them in time! In the first graph, the data ended right at Jan 1, or within a day or two of it.  The second graph’s data ended in Jan 15.  The third graph’s data ends on Feb 4.  Can you find the three grouped data points?  I can’t.  They’re gone!  I see two data points near the 2012 mark, but look how high they are now!  Those points are at the 20.5 cm mark!  But, that’s not the same grouping we’d seen earlier.  Finally, look at the last graph.  Be sure to line up with the 2012 mark.  I see what could be the data points coming back, but the grouping isn’t tight and HOLY MOTHER OF Surprised smile Surprised smile Surprised smile…..  they’re retroactively causing a flood of biblical proportions! The sea level rose by about 4mm end of December to first part of January.  But, this happened somewhere between mid March to mid June. 

All of these graphs used the options of Inverted barometer correction not applied;  Seasonal signal Not removed; and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment  Not Applied  All of these graphs were generate by Aviso

In other words, there should be no disagreement with the shape of the graphs unless they’re altering the data after it’s been published. 

Let’s just take one moment to think about that.  In December 31 or Jan 1, Jason II has all the data to make a plot for our global sea level.  It takes time (ok, more time than it used to) and they plot it.  A couple of months go by and some jack wagon says, “Wait, wait, wait, we did it all wrong for the Jan 1 plot!  Do overs!”  And they give us a different point.  Then another couple of months pass. This time they have more data points we can plot.  But, another jack wagon, or maybe the same jack wagon steps in and says, “Wait, wait, wait, we did it all wrong for the Jan 1 plot! Do overs!”   This time they say to hell with those plots and just move crap around to where its unrecognizable.  Then some more time passes, another couple months.  This time they’ve got several more data points to plot (6 or 7??).  And that jack wagon jumps up again and says, “Wait, wait, wait, we did it all wrong for the Jan 1 plot! Do overs!”  So, we get yet again different data points to plot.

WTF?  Either these people are entirely incompetent and need fired, or they are entirely corrupt and need fired. 


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8 Responses to Jason II The Changeling!

  1. Latitude says:

    What they do is the equivalent of buying a new clock…because the old one quit….then setting the time of the new clock to match the old one…
    THEN……after having adjusted all the old clocks times…..to the extent you can’t even find what the original time was…..they adjust the time of the new clock

    The only way you can get temp rise, sea level rise….at all…..is through math and adjustments
    Take that away and you find something really strange……temps and sea levels have been falling

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, the very tools we used to wet ourselves about the sea levels, temps, etc….. there’s not one data set that hasn’t been found to be faulty and then revised.

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  3. Keith Battye says:

    I wonder if someone has stored all of the original thermometer and tide gauge readings somewhere. It would be fascinating to actually start from scratch with the original records and see what we get. I know Phil and the boys have “lost” all the original data but my instincts tell me otherwise.

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