The Guardian Provides Validation Of Heartland!


Leftist Brazilian domestic terrorist, kidnapper of innocents, bank robber, participant in illegal activities which lead to the death of another, Alfredo Sirkis still believes in global warming, do you?

For those of us who are linguistically challenged, you can read his rather glossy wiki bio here…..  (for English).

Here’s the Guardians Jonathan Watts who seems to be romanticizing Sirkis’ kidnapping exploits.  That’s beautiful Jonathan, how cool is it to kidnap and terrorize innocent people.  You can read that “journalist’s” ramblings here.

Now, someone please tell me the difference between Kaczynski and Sirkis.  Someone?  Anyone?  Does Kaczynski get bonus points for not actually kidnapping anyone?

I believe there are thousands of people who owe the Heartland Institute an apology.  With more information on Sirkis, I may update this post.

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2 Responses to The Guardian Provides Validation Of Heartland!

  1. DirkH says:

    I guess that little Caudillo will get slightly impatient by the usual palaver of the UN idiocracy. Maybe he’ll lose his nerves and takes them all hostage? One can hope!

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