Budget Cuts, Military Policy, And Why Obama Can’t Cash In On Bin Laden


Well, we’re having some Senate hearings on some crap we agreed to last year. 

For those that don’t know, for everyone to save face over our budget fights, the pinheads decided to make a popular, but insipidly stupid agreement.  If a budget wasn’t properly passed, then some automatic cuts would kick in.  In other words, instead of deciding, they decided not to decide, but bound their decision to another day.  The piper comes calling soon. 

The Pentagon would face cuts of about $500 billion in projected spending over 10 years on top of the $492 billion that President Obama and congressional Republicans already agreed to in last summer’s deficit-cutting budget. 

Back a couple of years ago, this was a popular idea.  Now, when reality is near, people are having second thoughts.  One of the reasons why this was a popular idea, is that people thought the military budget was funding our wars.  They aren’t.  We budget for our military and borrow for our wars. 

Now, the Pentagon is concerned, and rightly so.  These cuts would gut our military.  History tells us that every time this occurs we’re tested.  This is a huge problem.  We’ve men in the field, and their support will be severely diminished.  This isn’t acceptable. 

The problem the American people have is that they deny what they are.  And, when they realize what they are, they apologize and feel bad for it.  It’s silly to do so.  Our very nature is to be (excuse the oxymoron) aggressively defensive, with a propensity to be warlike.  It is our nature, it is our heritage.  We can no more change this than a tiger can change its stripes, or a leopard his spots.  Most of the world understands this.  We’re hated for it, and because we’re hated, we carry a chip on our shoulder.  I don’t like it like this, but it is well that it is like this.  We fancy ourselves as the guardians of freedom and democracy.  And, in many ways we are.  

So, we’re faced with a choice.  We can gut our military.  Or, we can continue to fund it.  If we gut it, we know what occurs.  We will be attacked and tested.  We will then fund the military and respond.  The gutting of the military will have accomplished nothing but the loss of life.  Again, this has nothing to do with the funding of the war. 

Teddy Roosevelt advocated a policy of “walk softly and carry a big stick.”  The overwhelming majority of the American people support such a policy.  Many Americans liken America to the persona John Wayne typically played.  Sure, at times a SOB, but always kind to the poor and weak, and always fought for the downtrodden.  The overwhelming majority of Americans would prefer we be like this. 

This brings us to Afghanistan and what we’re doing there.   No one knows.  We’re there to kill the bad guys……  I guess.  Obama can claim he’s the one that ordered Bin Laden’s death.  That gives him some foreign policy points.  But, he can’t cash them in because he can’t explain why we’re still there.  If he had an operating synapse, he would have called victory and sent the boys home.  But, he didn’t.  He hasn’t articulated why we’re there or what we hope to accomplish.  We don’t seem to be weakening the antagonists, and we don’t seem to be strengthening the Afghan government.  As soon as we leave, it will fall.  

I understand there are some bad people there, and we don’t want Afghanistan to be a corridor of terrorism, but, unless we intend to kill every one of them, we’re not going to get rid of the bad guys.  I understand there’s some bad people moving back and forth from Pakistan to Afghanistan, and back again…… so we kill them.  But, none of this is useful unless we intend to kill them all. 

And, this is a problem for Obama.  There isn’t any overt support for remaining.  What are we doing there?  What is the objective?  Why does this matter to the U.S.A.?  None of this have ever been articulated by Obama.  Yet, we remain.  To do what?

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4 Responses to Budget Cuts, Military Policy, And Why Obama Can’t Cash In On Bin Laden

  1. DirkH says:

    Carter had Brzezinski. Does Obama have anyone remotely comparable?

  2. philjourdan says:

    Obama cannot cash in on Osama because everyone knows that he did not pull the trigger. Yet he mentioned himself 23 times in a 15 minute speech about the kill.

    If he had merely praised the workings of the CIA and the military in finding and terminating Osama, no one would have a problem with his taking credit. Instead, he is trying to instill the image of his Rambo Holloween outfit saving the day.

    And people are sick of his narcssism,

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