Sea Level Satellites Need Further Adjustments!


We’ve all seen this corruption of mathematics, the illogical conflation of different data sets from Colorado University.

I’ve written before about how this would be akin to me splicing together a temp series with various data sets such as GISS, HadCrut, UAH, and RSS.  But, let’s play their game with them.  Here we see a nice continuation of Topex/Poseidon which flows to Jason-1 and then to Jason II.  And it shows a linear rate of 3.1mm/yr.  Now, we note that they’ve omitted the Envisat data, which is strange, because they “fixed” the measurements right before they killed it. 

Before, image   and after…..    image

But, no matter.  I’m sure they’ll try to erase this in a bit. 

Current whacked-out-nutjob-climate-theory holds that sea level rise will increase in its rate as we drive our SUVs to certain doom.  Let’s examine if this theory holds to a little known scientific practice called “observation“.  Now, I don’t typically remove the seasonal signals from the graphs that I choose, but CU says that they have, so I’ll do my best to compare “like to like”.  Here’s Topex by itself with the seasonal signals removed.  Now, CU’s Topex doesn’t entail the entire Topex data.  They go from the start to 2002.


Now, Excel does a tricky thing in the trend line values.  And, I haven’t figured out how to make it conform to what I want.  But, we can easily see that the end values of the trend line  (-12mm to 16mm) show ~ increase of  3.111111mm/yr.  So this is consistent with the CU graph, but it isn’t consistent with the alarmist theory.  Our sea level is suppose to be increasing.  Let’s see what Jason I has to say.  CU started recording Jason II at the start, 2008.540762 so that’s when we’ll end Jason I.


Uhmm, going form 103 to 118 = 15mm rise.  The record is 7.5 years long.  That’s only 2mm/yr rise.   Jason II must really be rising!  I don’t have to down load the data for the start and end points, because Jason II’s data is used in its entirety. 


These dumbasses can’t even lie right.  In the 3.5 years of recording Jason II shows 1.25mm/yr rise.  Clearly, CU’s graphic is simply some conflation of made up fantasy. 

Observation tells us that the theory has been falsified.  Sea level rate of rise is decreasing, not increasing.  And that’s only if you believe their manipulations.  This is 20 years of observation!  Now, apply this to the uproar that we’ve seen in North Carolina.  It turns out the legislature in North Carolina is more scientific than the morons posing as scientists at Colorado University.  This is hilarious, the collective politicians of North Carolina know more about sea level rise than the academics who are suppose to know something. 

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  1. Tomwys says:

    Run the data without the TOPEX/Poseidon values (i.e., Jason 1 & 2), and then SUBTRACT the GIA, which correctly adjusts for oceanic volume but NOT for Sea-Level.

    This will wake you up from a CU induced torpor!!!

    • suyts says:

      Lol, well, I doubt that it correctly adjusts for volume either, but the GIA is subtracted from the graphs presented.

      • Tomwys says:

        Correctly stated! It does adjust for volume, but the CU GIA addition is linear, and true GIA is declining exponential, so they are not even getting that one right either! GIA is not subtracted from the CU graphic. Did you remove it from yours? A casual look says it is still there!

      • suyts says:

        You’re right, CU includes it, I’ve removed it from all the other graphs I’ve presented. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not buying much of what the data is stating, only that if we even use their manipulated data, that the hypothesis of increasing rate of rise is incorrect.

        Another thing to note, Jason I and II are in a holding pattern. They haven’t updated in months. Look for final adjustments and perhaps some more killing of satellites in the near future.

  2. Satellite records started in 1993 at the bottom point of Pinatubu cooling.As Church & White admit

    However, the reconstruction indicates there was little net change in sea level from 1990 to 1993, most likely as a result of the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, the starting points of satellite records are pretty suspect.

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Paul – Also there is a sinusoidal signal with wavelength roughly 64 years in the following datasets: PDO, AMO, HadCRUT and ENSO. It would actually be very surprising if there was no such sinusoidal in the sea level data.

      If you look at the CU graph you can see the signs of the signal. Which means there is a downwards trajectory now as the cycle continues. Its harder to see because we have only 1/3rd of a wavelength of data so far.

      I do not say that is the only component in the sea level trajectory – your point is correct. Also we’re just completing a centennial period of more intense solar activity, and CO2 does have a slight empirical effect too, Lindzenesquely.

      In a sane world I would expect to see this type of thing addressed in AR5. But, sigh, the world has not suddenly gained its sanity, nor has the IPCC.

  3. DirkH says:

    CO2 makes record jump, Rhesus negative people hardest hit. Warning. Avoid beverages while watching the video. Acute danger to your keyboard.

  4. Latitude says:

    I’m loopless….what’s going on in North Carolina?

    This is an excellent post……and I don’t have the brain power right now to digest it…I will later

    Family still acting up….
    I’m convinced that leaving Cuba causes brain damage……..

    • suyts says:

      I should have included that in the post. Time is my enemy lately. Briefly, many “state appointed climate nuts have predicted > 1 meter rise in sea level by 2100. This has legal implications in developing coastal properties. This has prompted the N.C. legislature to prohibit unfounded assumptions made by these lunatics.

      This has the delusional leftist world attempting to portray North Carolina as “anti-science”, Colbert even did a skit on it. Here’s an example of the bs they’re spreading……

      For the math challenged, sea level rise would have to rise at a rate of over 11mm/yr to increase by a meter by 2100.

      So, the legislature wants them to use observed data instead of radical assumptions made by the Malthusian Marxists parading as scientists.

      • Latitude says:

        ok got it now….so the greenies are using sea level rise to try to stop coastal development

        Nubnuts ask us all the time down here “aren’t you afraid of hurricanes?” you need to move….blah blah blah

        move where?

        droughts, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, snow storms, earthquakes, forest fires, straight line winds, volcanoes, heat waves, landslides, mudslides, avalanches, hail storms…..

        • Latitude, move to Mt. Ararat, lad! The commissioner for the phony GLOBAL warming in Australia has bought a beachfront house recently. If you want the price of beachfront houses to go down – scare the crap out of the Suckers; free advice.

      • suyts says:

        Well, yeh, but the biggest thing is that the media has turned this to be a sort of “North Carolina is anti-science King Canute” thing, when in fact, their being more scientific than the lunatics who claim to be scientists.

  5. Latitude says:

    If this doesn’t make your day…nothing will

    Top Customer: Under Obama, Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Have Jumped 452%

    ( – Since President Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, the Federal Reserve’s holdings of U.S. government debt have quintupled, according to the Fed’s official monthly balance sheet.

    On Jan. 28, 2009, a week after Obama’s nomination, the Fed owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury securities. On April 25, 2012, the latest date reported, the Fed owned five and a half time that much in U.S. Treasury securities–$1.668 trillion.

    • Latitude, don’t worry lad, China has plenty money, to borrow from. When the Chinese decide to drop the American bonds on the market; US dollar will be as the Zimbabwe dollar; they needed 8 million dollars to buy a loaf of bread, 9million to buy a kilo of tomatoes. But at that time, Zimbabwe had more ”millionairess” than US + Japan + Saudi Arabians combined. Start looking on the bright side. When becomes $2 for one yuan – cannibalism becomes inevitable. Have a nice day!

      • DirkH says:

        Stefan, if China allowed the Yuan to rise, that would fix a lot of problems for the USA as the Chinese goods would rise in price, giving US manufacturing a boost. The Chinese are in a Chinese bind here, guess that’s why it’s called that… They peg the Yuan to the Dollar by forcing all companies to exchange their USD earnings into Yuans for the fixed price set by the government.

        Germany manipulates its currency as well, by dragging along the PIGS, weakening our currency, but we’re in a Chinese bind as well as we have to send increasing amounts of money their way to keep them in an upright position…

        • DirkH says: “Stefan, if China allowed the Yuan to rise, that would fix a lot of problems for the USA”

          Dirk, Chinese keep their yuan compatible, because they have brains. They know how it is to be hungry and without shoes and books. It’s turn for the Yankees and Australians to learn the hard way. Don’t spend more than you can produce. Chinese people are working for 7-8 dollars a day, and are lending money to the west. Not because the Americans have a nice smile; but to buy more Chinese products and destroy their own industry. Blaming the Chinese is same as the Greeks are blaming the Germans; blaming doesn’t pay the interest on the borrowed money.

          I tell you something: in few years, the western Greens will forget CO2 – they will start pointing how much better communism is; prosperous / happiness. When the Chinese worker starts getting $15 a day, they will be happy – in the same time, western workers will be getting $20 worth a day, in real money = anarchy will start. Communism flourishes in anarchy – during the WW1, Soviet union was formed – during the WW2, doubled in area. For the last few years, the Greek ”socialist” government mortgaged the country – now their comunist are getting the highest vote. ”Carbon bashing” is the western October Revolution. If the ”Skeptics” cannot realize that: big / small climatic changes have NOTHING to do with the phony GLOBAL warming – can only blame themselves. cheers

        • suyts says:

          Stefan, I don’t think Dirk was blaming the Chinese. But, he was pointing out the problem with that sort of strategy and drawing parallels with what Germany has done. Which is essentially the same thing. They devalued their currency to trade. Germany with Europe, and China with the U.S. and others.

          But, this comes at a cost. Germany has to keep the other countries solvent to trade with them. China is assuming a lot of U.S. debt. It’s a catch 22. The U.S. has to remain competitive to afford to by their stuff. It is a situation which cannot continue much longer.

      • suyts says:

        I see where the EU is going to send 100 billion euros to Spain. How much more do they have to throw away?

        • suyts, Chinese offered their own money, to help Europeans to have fun, on borrowed money. There is no such a thing as a ”virgin prostitute”. Credit is the worst enemy – bigger credit will not help; but will dig bigger hole.

          Australia borrowed money ”to get them out of the world’s financial crises” as if is going to be all smooth from now… When the REAL crises start; Australia will have to pay interest on the borrowed money. In Australia, people talk about the federal deficit – but nobody talks about: on the top is the Queensland’s, Victorian deficit – Adelaide city, Sydney, Brisbane’s deficit – what about the ”trillion of private deficit”?! Every Australian owns much more per person, than every Greek. Australia imports food from China…

        • suyts says:

          I agree, credit is the way to an economic hell. I haven’t looked at the Australian position, but, I agree, they’re playing with the devil is they are hitching themselves to China.

          China also has some great challenges in the very near future. Their dichotomous existence (dealing in capitalism while being communist) is untenable. And, their demographics are changing. Their reproductive policies won’t allow them to sustain their population. Soon, their workers will age. They will have a lot of turmoil in the very near future.

  6. Latitude says:

    ..and you’ll have to laugh at this one……Axelrod won’t even answer a yes or no question

  7. suyts and the rest of you guys; get some real truth:

    When is declared that: ‘’the sea is raising by 1mm a year; the gullible thinks that: that is because of ice melting, is not much…’’ Wrong! The seawater is rising, because of sediments washed from the land into the sea; nothing to do with melting ice. Same as if you put a handful of dirt in half full bucket of water->water goes up. The propaganda machine will not clarify that, because it doesn’t suit them. In the same time, squashing tectonic plates are raising most mountains, to compensate for the erosion. If that wasn’t happening for the past million years; by now, the highest point of land, would have being 1,9km covered by water – wouldn’t have being now one dry grain of sand! All dry land would have eroded – there is enough water on the earth; to cover the WHOLE planet by 2km of water. Would you prefer the whole planet under water, or what the Creator invented; by squashing of the tectonic plates – few small islands to sink; but keep 1/3 of the planet on dry?!

    The good Lord made the movement / squashing of the plates – to have 1/3 of the planet’s surface area dry. So, when the Swindlers are pointing about Maldives, Tuvalu islands sinking – not on one occasion they have ever pointed that: those lowland islands are in monsoonal / tropical areas = sediments get washed into the ocean + they are on geographic positions; where the tectonic plates are sinking by 0,5mm a year. Truth will be against their lies. Inhabitants think: if is sinking now by 0,5mm – next year, or next Monday night might sink by 4-5m. In other words: the Organized Crime is making a hell in paradise, for those inhabitants. Imagine children at night, listening to the waves roaring – them going to the window 10 times a night, to see if the island is getting flooded. They don’t know that they have being used by the western Warmist / Fakes psychos…

    Since Darwin’s book was published – small number of Shonks went into overdrive; to prove that: nature can create catastrophes, without obeying the Lord’s laws of physics and logic. One of those is: they find on some shore, that the sea was higher by 1-2-3-4-15-50m, instantly declare that: at that time the sea was up by 15m! instead of pointing that: on that spot the tectonic plate has buckled up by 15m, but on some other place at that same time has sunk by that much.

    B] now they are lying that the ice on Antarctic will melt and flood lots of land (needs to get warmer planet by 30C, before ice on Antarctic ‘’starts’’ melting from heat) There is permanent ice in Patagonia and New Zealand, 1000 miles closer to the equator. Using on that same shonky theory that; creation of permanent ice in north America / north Europe during the big ice age – the sealevel being much lower than today. Not because it was extra ice, but because of their brains for logic and honesty is clinically dead! 1] Antarctic’s ice will never melt, as long as she is on the southern polar cap. 2] during the Big Ice Age; because Gibraltar opening didn’t exist; Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean, Black sea, Caspian sea were only puddles of water. They contain now 5 times more water than the water trapped in the ice on Greenland. 3] at that time, north Atlantic and part of north pacific’s water was much ‘’colder’’ than now – water in the sea when gets ‘’colder’’ EXPANDS!

    C] Because 80% of the seawater is below 4C; water below 4C, when warms -> shrinks / when gets colder -> EXPANDS. Put a bottle of seawater at 4C in your freezer – by the time it cools by couple of degrees – the bottle will explode. Then put seawater at zero degrees, or below and warm it up by few degrees – the water will SHRINK!!! They are not just wrong on everything, but are back to front also. Because ‘’they abolished the good Lord’s / nature’s laws of physics’’ without democratic legislation in parliament and in UN. (Shonky science on the run, by the Reds under green camouflage). We’ll see if the Green Karl Marx controls the laws of physics; or nature and the creator of that nature. Verdict: because of constant erosion of soil into the sea. B] because of constant buckling of tectonic plates – some places the seawater appears to go up / some places sinks. C] depend on which hemisphere the moon and the sun are (seasons) they pull more water towards that hemisphere. If you monitor in northern / southern summers only = appears the sea raisin – if you monitor in northern / southern winters = appears that the seawater falling. Good for entertaining the Bulshit Addicts; but nothing to do with reality.

    • DirkH says:

      About greatest density at 4 C: that’s only true for sweetwater. Salt water gets denser as it gets colder and has a freezing point below zero, at which point it expels salt and saltless ice forms.

      • DirkH, WRONG! Salt is only anti-freeze – there is plenty water in the sea below zero centigrade. That sloppy experiment was pointed to me already. You are confusing ”freeze-drying” the water from the salt, not ”expelling” Water deep in the ocean is far below zero, but no ice forming. The thug of war – water said to the salt: ”you don’t let me crystallize, I will not let you crystallize”

        They justify the mistake in their experiment, by: salty water is heavier -> why density increases, when gets lower than 4C. WRONG! Experimen in laboratory / university; in a bottle / tube; the pressure is not greater, than on the bottom of a 70m deep lake. Salty water is just as muddy water, only transparent – .keeps the same rules. Tallblocke showed me that experiment: from high temp shrinking down to 4C – then expanding on 3C – then shrinking again on 2C – then expanding again on 1C and lower. Dirk, I have given you an example to experiment; in the comment above – doesn’t cost you a cent, to

  8. One million dollars of taxpayer’s money was given in May 20010, by minister Penny Wong in Australia; a scientist to stick a picket in the mud on Saibai island + to biff-up the local fear /propaganda.

    Reason 1: It’s an island in Torres Straights. As in every straight on the planet, the water is funneled from one ocean into another, via narrow straight. The water pressure blasts even granite rock. For example: Bass Straights separated Tasmania from Victoria for the last 10 000years. If the water was demolishing only 2m a year; Bass Straights would have being now only 20km wide, but the straight is much wider! Have into account that: the currents on the latitude of Bass Straights need less mileage to go around the planet than the waters in the equatorial region as Saibai island = the pressure is greater in Torres Straights. Indonesian archipelago narrows the water from the Indian ocean as high-pressure hose onto the Torres Straights islands for 6 hours, then spreading into Pacific (the pull and push force). Then it turns the other way, every day and night. Anyway, the strength into Straights is 700-900% higher than of normal tide. New Guinea island and Cape York are narrowing/ concentrating the water = Saibai island is the target = getting blasted. Presume that: from Byron Bay to Port Moresby was no land west for 3000km= the currents would be going east, then west. But because is lots of land in-between, all that water is squeezed via narrow straights, digging the islands in the straights. In physics known as: ,,the Venturi Force’’. That’s where Saibai Island is – on the firing line. As experiment: let the water-hose to run on the ground as normal water flow. Then with your finger block 70% of the opening of the hose = you will see the extra strength the water blasts. That scientist suppose not to know that; instead; to fabricate and scare the islanders and the nation that: the sea is rising from the phony global warming…! Scientist knows that: if he tells the truth = he will not get any funds from the honesty deficient politicians.

    Reason 2: Any soil disturbed on the island, the wind is blowing it into that strong current = goes into Pacific. Is not as in Cairns for example. Where the soil washed from the hills into the sea – goes back in front of Cairns mudflats. Reason 3: Saibai island is geographically positioned in regular cyclone and high tropical storms area. Soil is washed into the strong currents – no mountains to erode and compensate for the deficit. Reason 4: Australian tectonic plate is pushing New Guinea = New Guinea’s mountains are rising; to compensate for erosion. In the same time, those mountains are pushing back (reaction on action). That is another reason for Saibai to sink slowly. None of those reasons has being taken in consideration, by the shonky scientists involved in the propaganda. Why not? A: because is taxpayer’s money paid to the traitors as reward, to keep the fear alive. Only organized Crime benefits – Penny Wong and those scientists are part of the same Organized Crime = Political corruption is rampant in Australia. If CEO of a private company was squandering company money for personal interest, that is detrimental for humanity – he would be made to pay the money back from his own pocket, why shouldn’t minister Penny Wong?

    If people did know the real problems, they would plant prostrate grass as in Cairns backyards; to prevent soil erosion from strong winds and regular storms; on every lowland island on the planet. But because the phony global warming suppose to be rising the sealevel… because the essential molecule for life, CO2 is falsely blamed, no prevention can be implemented. Land in any straights on the planet are the worse places, to monitor the sea rising, or falling. Does the ‘’scientist know that? When the strong currents and storms wash some soil; to make the people on the island to think that: seawater is up a bit, by next Monday, or next month will get up by few meters. To panic the ignorant people and children on the island, by using taxpayer’s cash. Those people and children, and their nerves are used as a sacrificial lamb, for the misleading propaganda…

    • suyts says:

      I remember Penny Wong. Haven’t heard much out of her lately. Did she find a rock to hide under?

      • Bruce of Newcastle says:

        She’s still around. Ms Wong is Finance Minister and has a new family (her lesbian partner has recently had twins).

        She was actually being pretty reasonable today, apart from being scary. Which is probably just the way she seems superficially. OK, very scary. I am glad she’s out of the Climate Change ministry as the scary aspect keeps giving me visions of gulags, but the current guy isn’t much better, looking more than slightly like Dracula and having the misfortune of being my local MP. I should start knitting thick socks or something for when they send me to the climate change sceptics’ camp on Macquarie Island, now that they’ve removed the rabbits and rats. If they let me take a book I’ll take Papillon.

        /irony or sarc or whatever

      • Bruce says:

        Somewhere between one and eighteen months.

        Technically by 30 November 2013, but the government could also fall at any time. They hold on with a 1 seat majority including 5 independents: one of which is a disgraced government MP who was kicked out of the party, who is subject of several police investigations, a court case and an 1,100 page highly negative report from a government agency. The government is forcing a go-slow on all of these, since if he is indicted he will have to resign, and the seat will go the opposition in the subsequent by-election…whereupon the government falls.

        There are several other permutations…the mental picture best describing it is a disreputable smelly yowling tomcat being dragged very reluctantly tail-first towards a bathtub.

        • suyts says:

          I look forward to an earlier election. Right now, I’m pretty confident that Obama and gang will leave us this November. But, politics are slippery things, so I’m still concerned.

        • Bruce, you should know something, long before the ”waited election”: in many ”winnable seats” for the conservatives; the Warmist are stacking their own guys!!! B] now Abbott has only one vote more, than Turnbull, in the conservative ranks… After the election – Turnbull will have 8-9 more votes / people who support the carbon tax.

          Warmist have a lot to lose, reason they are using their brains. Skeptical people in OZ are for a big shock. Conservatives will abolish the carbon tax – but because of the ”new members” they will squander a lot of money in ”stopping the climate from changing” = will be warming the Warmist’ pockets. Will be taking money from essential services, hospitals, education, pensions for that = people will start DEMANDING carbon tax. That’s why I declared the Fake Skeptics; as the biggest idiots, born by human. For them arguing about CO2, is like sport – not for the Warmist. If the truth and the real proofs are known to the public; what I have about the phony GLOBAL warmings – socialist will not recover for the next 30-40years; they don’t want that.

          Warmist will not let some clown as Plimer, to ruin their ideology; by his ”proxy, crap” Abbott doesn’t believe in Plimer’s crap – but must walk the line even now; because of Hunt, Hockey, Payne, Turnbull’s pressure. After the election; Abbott will have small minority in his majority government. Bruce, start asking questions, the new candidates for the conservative party, before the election – or buy yourself lots of diapers.

          (the editor of the local newspaper, 2 years ago was ridiculing me and others: how stupid we are not to believe in the global warming, when ice is disappearing and islands are getting flooded?!!! Now he become an elected member for the conservative party, in the Qld parliament) Think about it, now; not after you fill up your diapers! Avoiding my proofs, supporting Plimer’s crap; is same as giving Viagra to the Warmist. Start using my REAL proofs – is same as castration of the leading Warmist. Against my real proofs, they are
          completely impotent. Against real proofs is impossible to argue; it’s checkmate for them!

        • Bruce says:

          Stefan – Your new Premier Campbell Newman has just gotten rid of the entire Climate Change Department. This is not the act of a party which thinks CAGW is a pressing danger. It is the act of a party which mostly thinks CAGW is a load of garbage, but who in the interest of a peaceful life is prepared to invoke the ‘now we have the carbon tax we don’t need to have this anymore’ excuse. Keeps the Turnbull wing happy enough that they don’t give problems.

          Also Mr Abbott has promised reduction by 5%, but has said nothing on this for quite a while. Now this may change as a policy between now and the election, or it may not. But one thing is sure, from the Lowy Poll of last week it would be a very brave LNP pollie to inflict a ‘climate change’ policy on the electorate in the face of those numbers. Especially when you see how popular Mr Newman’s actions seem to have been. In the Lowy poll 63% don’t want the carbon tax and 57% support the LNP scrapping it. Any climate change policy will be expensive (remember the Greens $10 billion funny money fund for green power stuff) and once the Libs find out how bad the budget position really is it won’t take much to decide to delay any action…indefinitely.

          The longer it takes for the election the more that LNP supporters will be sceptical. Even Mr Turnbull would not be able to overcome that. Not with an enormous back bench ready to roll him on any silly greenery. Remember the only LNP pollie in Federal politics with science training, Dr Dennis Jensen, is a firm sceptic. For good reason – he can read the data same as I can.

  9. jeremyshiers says:

    You posted about Envisat data being altered here and on WUWT in April. By chance I had downloaded the pre April adjustment data a day or so before the change. I was interested in comparing rates of SLR from the different satellites during overlapping periods when two or more satellites were up.

    After you post I downloaded the adjusted data and redid sums.

    With the old data, although overall Envisat showed much lower rate of SLR than the mythical 3mm/year, there was quite good data during overlapping periods with other satellites.

    After they jacked up the overall Envisat the agreement in the overlapping periods was completely lost.

    To quote Peter Cook, they’re a bit like a man who can’t even execute a simple murder plot without cocking the who, thing up.

    I’ve use tables of figures rather than graphs as that’s the sort of guy I am

    • suyts says:

      Jeremy, that’s some good work! Well done. Be sure to have you’re Jason data on hand for when they do the same to those satellites!

  10. suyts, the contemporary illusion about: Chines will have more money and start buying western products; comes from what in the past Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea did. that will never happen in China, India case. Because their population is too big. Chinese president already said:”still large number of their population is below poverty line” yuan will stay low. If you read between the lines, you will see that: there is no resources on the planet, to get all their citizens to earn similar as US Europeans. He is saying: wait for the day that will never come. As communism, they allow their millionairess to buy western goods – to keep them under illusion that they are cooperative partners. For simple, reason because they need western markets.

    Because, for now if the westerners throw tantrum and block Chinese goods for 6 months; in China would be a civil war. They invested too much in industry – puled too many people from the farm, to work in those industries. Imagine if those products are not sold. That’s the reason, they are plying the game. When their domestic market increases, PLUS they get sufficient resources and markets organized in the third world – then they can and will pull the strings. First move will be: they will drop on the market the trillion dollars worth of american bonds they own = American dollar will collapse – weeks after, they will move into Taiwan. USA will become completely impotent!

    You people are plying fair game – deluding yourself that China is overlooking ”the Taiwan humiliation” B] when they have capability – they will not permit their citizens to THINK that western democratic life is better. By their middle class growing – their greatest fear is off their citizens revolting against the communist dictatorship. That fear will only disappear, if their citizens see unrest and misery in democracy. It’s pathetic when economist declare: “we are lucky, the Chinese growth will keep the world out of recession” Chinese don’t see the world with same green tinted glasses as the west. For them the cold war is not over. Because their problems are different; they have big problems – when the time comes; their rulers can confiscate the wealth from their ”millionairess” communism permits that – plus that will give ammunition to the western Reds; to point that: communism is redistributing the wealth from the greedy rich, to the poor. Hong Kong is getting on their nerve, they will not permit forever mainland Chinese to prefer Hong Kong’s freedom. Internet is another threat for Beijing. Dictatorship doesn’t like informed society – ”they like to force people, to believe what they are told” EXACTLY THE SAME as the Warmist attitude!!! Do you think that the Warmist like what you are writhing?! Do you think that: if they can stop you ”legally” .you would have being writing similar things next Monday?! Beijing has similar problems with the democratic west, on many fronts. Suyts, if one overlooks the opponent’s problems; is a born loser.

    You mentioned to me; some problems the Chinese have; but you overlook that communism solves problems on different way. At present, they depend on the west more, than west depends on them; must play the game – that is slowly changing. When they accumulate another trillion of American bonds +++ their ”bail out” of Europe – then they will be able to pull the strings. Reason they prefer western properties, than western money. When they can control the value of the western money – western world will be for the greatest shock. Western ”socialist” are sharpening their claws by the ”CO2 Cultural March”. That is only ”the foreplay” the real screwing follows. As long as the Fake Skeptics believe that: climatic changes and the phony GLOBAL warming are one and the same thing. B] as long as the Fakes use ”proxy” phony GLOBAL warmings proofs against the Warmist – they are shooting themselves in the foot by a machine-gun, instead of pistol. That irresponsible clowning by the Fakes is doing much more damages to the west than anybody can comprehend yet.

    • suyts says:

      Stefan, I agree with much of what you have to say. Soon, there will be a point in time when the weight of our policies will become too much to bear. And, China’s as well.

      At that point, conflict in some manner will be unavoidable. You pointed out the wealthy in China and Hong Cong. You’re right, this is incompatible with communism. The U.S. and most other nations continue to weaken their position. But, as you stated, China gets its wealth from the western world. Once there is no more to have, then we’ll see conflict.

      But, the lessons of the past are not forgotten. There was a time when a similar event happened. The thing is, the U.S. doesn’t need any other nation to generate wealth or provide for its citizens. When we choose to, we can not only provide for ourselves, but much of the world, as well, and quickly. This is one of the most frustrating things for me. But, when it comes time, the rest of the country will respond.

      I don’t know if the conflict will be localized. Or, whether there will be many conflicts. Or, one global conflict. If there is to be one global conflict, I think that the old axis will be allies this time. I think, with our other old friends, we could respond, and respond quite well.

      While I’m not complacent, I think the CO2/global warming meme is dying. They are already trying to move the conversation to other things, such as water deprivation.

      I agree, also, that many supposed “skeptics” give too much to the alarmists. This is why most of my climate posts have a caveat. For instance, my last sea level post, I don’t believe what the satellites state. And, I believe soon, they will do the same thing they did with Envisat. But, I do enjoy using their own BS to show them how wrong they are.

      • suyts says:”But, I do enjoy using their own BS to show them how wrong they are”

        They are enjoying it also, for you enjoying it and ridiculing them. They know about the old saying in my old country: ” only behind a good horse – there is a lot of dust” As long as they are topic of the day = it’s their free adds. Normally, when somebody tells 3 lies – people stop listening to him /her- but in the Warmist case; the more lies they tell = the more B/S addicts they create( I’m referring in plural). People in IPCC should be in jail; instead, every ”Skeptic” as I was just reading one comment; he is comparing satellite data… WOW!

        Does he knows who is controlling satellite data? Does he knows that: if the truth is known, they would be in jail for misleading? People that control satellites, are not stupid. If more people believe in that crap data = more finances / status they get. Does anybody expects them to go against their own interest?. Sometimes they say something, to make the Skeptics happy, otherwise they will stop listening – same as the casino gives some money back to the gambler… Satellites give two dimensional infra-red photo, in a 3 dimensional troposphere. It’s a photo of a person run over by a tank. Describing human body as a pancake. Satellite data is ”the most unreliable data” dished to the gullible. Doesn’t say if 50m layer of air is at 15C and 5mm of 19C, or is it the other way tomorrow. 50m thickness of air can have more warmth, than 5mm. Why is that irrelevant for your mate? NASA knows that important things are irrelevant for the masses, otherwise, they would have
        come up clean. NASA’s ”monitoring” changes in GLOBAL temperature is same as daddy enlarges the chimney for Santa to be able to get in, and leaving some hay outside for Rudolf – to be more convincing

    ALL THE HEAT IN THE TROPOSPHERE OVERALL; IS ‘’the EARTH’S GLOBAL TEMPERATURE’’ Forget about USA temp, or Arctic, or Antarctic, or Mediterranean, or heat in the sea, in your oven, in the fossil fuel, or heat stored in plutonium. Unless is ‘’ALL’’ heat combined in the troposphere ‘’ONLY’’, it’s = misleading / smokescreen.

    1] Forget about the temperature in the sea; submarine volcanoes /hot vents increase the temp. Because the earth’s crust is much thinner on the bottom of the oceans; 97% of the active volcanoes / hot vents are on the bottom of the sea B] winds, ruff sea cools the surface water. C] below if is 10cm of 20C and 55m of 23C; or is the opposite, nobody notices the difference; even though tremendous difference in the amount of stored heat. D] yesterday’s rain brought coldness from high up and cooled the ‘’surface’’ water; below hasn’t changed – but record will show: the Whole ocean as colder by 2C. It’s stupid data for immature people. Designed exclusively for the fundamentalist and for the Urban Sheep.

    2]Forget about Arctic temperature, or surface temperature, or Antarctic temp; they are all for confusing the ‘’already confused’’ The whole temp of the troposphere is earth’s temperature!!! If one is taken on Arctic in July, was warmer than normal, England was warmer than normal in May, Brazil in December was warmer than normal, Australia was warmer than normal in January, they are emphasising… it’s all meaningless crap. Smokescreen / puling wool over ignorant eyes. To get from 10 light years away from the truth, down to only 9 light years: they should take on every monitoring place temperature simultaneously, on the whole planet. For example, at 12 pm Greenwich time; then to take it at 8am Greenwich time ‘’on the whole planet’’ and compare those two. Lets call it: ‘’People’s request, model for monitoring’’

    3]Forget about the temperature in the stratosphere. That temp doesn’t fluctuate. B] in the stratosphere are gases as aerosol, helium, ozone. Those gases just seat / spin there and never come to the ground to bring any coldness = they are irrelevant for the planet’s temperature regulation. Are used occasionally for confusion There is no methane in the stratosphere, it’s a lie. Methane sinks in the ground, because is produced together with other compounds. If some goes up in the atmosphere at night – as soon as reaches altitude where is sunlight, UV, infrared; zaps it instantly and turns every molecule of methane into 2 molecules of water and one CO2.

    4] Forget about cherry picking, always is someplace warmer than normal; unless the Swindler finds out and report the other place where is colder than normal; he is lying to you; or fundamentalist is usually lying to himself also / reassurance, fear of reality.
    5]Forget about the heat in the smelters, converting ores into metals / my oven was yesterday 240C, making roast; does that means that GLOBAL temp is gone up by 225c? Idiots! Energy that came from the sun yesterday and was locked in the trees or crops – then released in 6months or 25y (the word: ‘’energy budget’’ is crap / energy budget = honesty deficient; sky is the limit). Red soil absorbs more heat than rocks – irrelevant if released in the air at 12pm or 11am. It’s not difference than them talking about the energy locked into the fossil fuel, or into the atoms = con job. Those ‘’energy budgets, positive / negative signals and albedos’’ should all go into Hansen’s & Plimer’s ass. Sand exchanges heat different than red clay. Fundamentalists from both camps: Q: what’s the difference if CO2 in the air releases the heat 2minutes before, during, or 10minutes after the ‘’hottest minute of the day?! Grow up, guys!!
    Rocks and clay don’t go up towards the stratosphere, to release / waste heat and exchange it for coldness. It’s the oxygen + nitrogen; they are 998999ppm, stupid! The amount of wool the Warmist pulled over the Fake Sceptic’s eyes; to keep the Fakes warm and cook their brains, is bigger than Mt Ararat. They will start ‘’researching’’ if the stew, goulash, soup, or french-fries have bigger energy budget and which of them is releasing heat faster ‘’and producing GLOBAL warming… As long as the Fakes are assisting them. There is money to be made on shonky researches. There is no money into acknowledging that: ‘’overall global temp is ALWAYS the same; that’s what the laws of physics and my formulas say!!!

    6]Forget if the sealevel goes up or down, that has noting to do with any phony GLOBAL warming. There are real reasons for it.

    7]Forget about the ice on the polar caps + glaciers. They don’t depend on temperature, average temp there is minus -30C. on the land ice is melted from below, by the geothermal heat / on the sea is melted by the salty water / sweater can melt ice below zero centigrade. More ice / less ice; 100% depends on the availability of raw material for renewal of the ice every winter. That raw material / water vapour in the air, is treated as ‘’ bad for the climate’’ by the fanatics from both camps. Are Sahara and Brazil not big enough, to notice the trut?

    As soon as heat is released from wood, coal, volcanoes, smelter, plutonium, from your oven, into the air; ‘’then it becomes /belongs as GLIOBAL temperature’’. No matter if its in your room, backyard, Arctic, equator, 2-40-700m in the air, or on 1-5-20km altitude. That is GLOBAL temperature. All other crappy staff is for creating zombies / fanatics / rip-off and destruction of the democratic west. If not with red Kalashnikovs / oppress them with green. CO2 is increasing, not a hint of GLOBAL warming; fake Skeptics are looking for reasons why. Because isn’t such a thing, idiots, stop helping the Warmist. The fake Skeptics are the biggest Sadomasochists.
    When any extra heat is released, or produced in the air / troposphere; on the place / places released -> that O+N expands upwards, according to the extra amount of heat released. Intercepts EXTRA coldness, to equalize, than instantly shrink; not to redirect too much extra coldness. That’s what regulates the global temperature. Any other heat than the heat in the troposphere; is a smokescreen. No matter if is Arctic’s, Antarctic’s heat, or heat in the sea, or heat stored in the atoms, in the fossil fuel, or in your oven; ONLY becomes GLOBAL temp, when is released in the air, not before. All the solar / galactic influences on the earth’s climate is much les than one Al Gore’s fart! (for this comment; one leading Warmist told me to have 2 aspirins, another (Mosher) told me that: I need a lobotomy. They would love to find something wrong. to shut me up – but is impossible to argue against the truth – that was the best science
    they can come up. Suyts, pass my comment to NASA and IPCC; see the different reaction,
    than when waiting for ”their data”

  12. @@ Bruce says:June 12, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Bruce, Newman is soggy wet, but tactical politician. He reads the polls and that’s why he got read of that department. Plus, lots of Nationals on his front and backbench. Rump is the force, not the face. He will be spending (only less, to fatten and keep the Warmist happy. Anyway, I should rub the nose of my local state representative Gavin King. Even though Newman and Gavin both believe in the phony GLOBAL warmings, much more than Flannery does.

    Federally is where the money is. Denis Jensen doesn’t know shit from clay regarding the climate; beating himself in the chest as ”scientist” is overpowering the Abbott’s, senator Joyce’s truth, that ”GLOBAL warming is a crap”. After the election, Abbott will be the face, but Turnbull’s rump will be much bigger -> they will make Abbott;’s life miserable -> big billions of money will be spent for the Warmist camp; only by less noise. Millionaire Turnbull is not planing to seat on the backbench, when it counts. In his party – he will have many more new supporters than Abbott. Warmist have brains; they are winning by telling lies – ”Fake Skeptics” are losing by telling lies. If the correct truth is known to the public -> Turnbull would instantly resign, socialist will not recuperate for 30-40 years. Unfortunately, Plimer’s & Jansen’s ”EGO” is more important to them, than the interest of the country… Their ”proxy GLOBAL warmings CRAP” is the ONLY life-support for the Warmist. Warmist cannot have a single proof; because is no such a thing as GLOBAL warming. Warmings / coolings are localized – they don’t have a case!

    Jansen is a physicist; he can understand that: oxygen + nitrogen (the troposphere) expands instantly, by the biggest sensitivity of the smallest extra warming – where troposphere expands upwards, is minus – 90C. At that temp, when O+N cool – become heavier per volume than any other O+N -> fall down like a shotgun pellets and bring extra coldness, equalize in a jiffy!!!

    As long as Jensen uses Plimer’s brains, instead of his own; he will stay as the most irrelevant backbencher! Actually, his presence is doing harm; because many people believe: if is something to be discovered regarding global warming, Dennis as nuclear physicist will do it. Deceiving booby-trap. If one says that: 2000y ago, the planet was ”warmer” than today; he is not talking about the temp, but about his ignorance and credibility. His opponents, the Warmist know that: they don’t know what was the planet’s temp last year – Dennis knows what was 2000y ago…?! They know that: over the sea, 2/3 of the planet, there is not a single thermometer monitoring + on 99,9999% of the land surface area is not monitored (thermometer is good to monitor room temperature, but not one thermometer for 100 000km3 of air.)..

    They only monitor for the hottest minute of the day – but ignore the constant anomaly in the other 1439 minutes of every day… Warmist know that Hansen & Plimer as Warmist’ owned stooges; are too shallow, trying to prove of no global warming in 100y, by their ”proxy” phony GLOBAL warmings in the past. Bruce, Warmist are a very clever thieves, they will ”embed” on the next election, lots of Warmist manipulators in the conservative party. Hunt, Christopher Payne, Hockey, Turnbull will get the support, to squander billions on ”preventing the phony GLOBAL warming. Same as Turnbull chiseled 9billion in Howard’s government – to confiscate and drain farmer’s water into the sea – because Pacific doesn’t have enough water…? NO, but because farmer’s water was fighting against inland’s dry heat. Minus that moisture – climate will deteriorate faster. Yes Jensen & Plimer; human CAN improve / deteriorate the climate; but cannot produce GLOBAL warming. Not knowing the difference between the normal big / small climatic changes and ALL the phony global warmings is the precursor of all evil. Cheers Bruce!

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