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Between Parents And Teachers, Do Our Children Have A Chance?

Any frequent reader of this blogs would see that I’m highly critical of our education system.  The educators, bureaucrats, and politicians make a high quality education for our children nearly impossible.  But, this isn’t to say that other people aren’t … Continue reading

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More Foreign Policy Wizardry From Team Obama

  Cringe worthy……. During an East Room ceremony honoring 13 Medal of Freedom recipients, President Obama said that Karski … “served as a courier for the Polish resistance during the darkest days of World War II. Before one trip across … Continue reading

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Why Our Kids Just Aren’t Getting Climate Change

  This is funny in a very sad way.  Years ago, my children would come home from school blathering insipidly stupid banalities and bringing homework with absolutely no value.  For instance, once, one of my children’s assignments was to color … Continue reading

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IPO’s, Markets And Moving Money Around

  Sometimes I simply stare at my screen in awe of what happens and what is stated.  It’s mindboggling.  In the money world, there’s two topics of conversation.  The Facebook IPO and Europe.  And very few seem to understand what … Continue reading

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This is dedicated to Latitude.  I promised I’d look for “something hilariously stupid.”  And I did.  Now this isn’t anything new, NASCAR has been “going green” for a few years now.  But, for some reason, they never seem to get … Continue reading

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Moonbat Unhappy As U.K. And E.U. Address Reality

  Well, there’s been some changes occurring across the pond.  And Moonbat isn’t very happy about this.  For instance, Tuesday: the government’s new energy bill will help the UK to “move away from high carbon technologies”. Wednesday: applications for new … Continue reading

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Well Played Team Obama

  Remember back when…….. CAIRO — President Hosni Mubarak declared Tuesday night that he would step down in September as modern Egypt’s longest-serving leader, but that did not go far enough for the hundreds of thousands who poured into Tahrir … Continue reading

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Is Phil and Jim Geographically Challenged As Well?

Geography Of HadCrut4 Revisited And…… No Wonder Kevin can’t find his heat…… its moving!!! Well, it’s been a busy day, so I wasn’t going to write anything this late.  But, as habit has it, I thought I’d dob around looking … Continue reading

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Lol, The Hand Waving About Climate Gate and Hockey sticks

  Well, Myles Allen gave a presentation which demonstrated his ignorance about the issues of Climate Gate, Hide the Decline, and our dendro sticks in general.  He further antagonizes people with his write up at Bishop Hill.  He’s essentially stating … Continue reading

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Told Ya So!!! Skeptics More Scientific Than Alarmists!

I wasn’t sure what to title this…. I was going to go with….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This ought to make some peoples heads explode!  A new study was released yesterday.  ….. From the abstract….. Members of the public with the highest degrees … Continue reading

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