Really? Are All Election Advisors Brain-dead?


Mistakes, fat fingers, misspellings, drunk internet rambling, I’ve done them all.  I am acutely aware of typos.  It seems it doesn’t matter how many times I try to proof my writings, I’ll invariably miss something if the post is even just a few paragraphs long.  This post isn’t about not making mistakes, we all do.  I’m probably the worst offender in this case.  (Witness my last post, the emboldened “see” is an update I needed to make.)

But, maybe, just maybe, there could be a “gravity of the moment” moment.  You see, I’m writing in a free blog.  I’m representing myself and my only goals are to properly convey thoughts to people of the general public, provoke them to interaction, and exchange ideas.  It isn’t like I’m advising or being representative of presidential candidate…….



If I were a presidential candidate’s surrogate, I’d probably have someone else proof every thing I wrote on behalf of the candidate.  And, another thing……… people are judged by the type of people with whom they surround themselves.  We make a lot of hay ridiculing the imbeciles of team Obama.  We should keep this a one-way street.

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2 Responses to Really? Are All Election Advisors Brain-dead?

  1. DirkH says:

    Parlano Inglese perfetto.

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