Why Our Kids Just Aren’t Getting Climate Change


This is funny in a very sad way.  Years ago, my children would come home from school blathering insipidly stupid banalities and bringing homework with absolutely no value.  For instance, once, one of my children’s assignments was to color a earth day picture for her science class.  I was always having to deprogram them from the misinformation they were taught at school.  That was many years ago.  The other day I was talking to my son-in-law, and sadly this hasn’t changed.  This bothered me.   I had thought that only the U.S. was turning our children’s minds to mush.  I thought that was going to hurt our competitive abilities in the future and that the world would surpass us in knowledge.  It may still, but, we’re not going to be alone. Smile  In a way I’m a bit relieved, in another I’m saddened about the dangerous harm these people are doing to our children worldwide. 

DirkH shows me this…… http://www.primolo.de/node/8532  To use the Google Translation, go here.…   For our friends in Germany, there is contact information at the bottom of the page.  Clearly, one can never be to young to fill their heads with an ideology from false information.  Some of the translation is a bit rough, but you get the idea.


Polar bears are in trouble, because the ice in Antarctica is melting more and more. From 2030 there will probably be no more ice in Antarctica. Therefore, we have dealt with the issue and find out how we can help the polar bears. We have formed various groups and has come to the right with a theme. Here you will find lots of information now to our theme of “polar bear in distress.”
Here you can find out why the polar bear is in need and how you can help him.


The greenhouse effect

Climate change is caused by the greenhouse effect. You go into a greenhouse, you will find that there is no heating is much warmer than outside. In the greenhouse, sun rays are trapped. The warm rays come in only poorly out again.  Of this phenomenon in the greenhouse also has the greenhouse effect on Earth’s behalf. It works the same way. The Earth has a protective air cover. The atmosphere is. In the atmosphere, various gases such as carbon dioxide.  Without the atmosphere, it would be too cold on the earth, namely minus 18 ° C.  But we consume too much energy. There are more and more gases into the atmosphere. So it is getting warmer.

Our attempt


We had a Lego world, where many little Lego people were inside, to represent us. The Lego world was under a glass bell. We have also placed a thermometer under the bell jar in the Lego world, and one next to it. It was a heat lamp. In the beginning, both temperatures were the same.
We waited 5 minutes and then measured the temperature. Inside it was warm and 25 ° C outside 21 ° C. Then we waited another 5 minutes. Inside it was warm, and then 37 ° C outside, it was 23 ° C.
Inside, it has become much warmer. That’s how the greenhouse effect. The Bell Jar is the atmosphere.

Consequences of climate change


Temperatures in the world have risen by 0.7 ° C.
In the past 30 years, the ice of the Arctic by nearly 1 million square kilometers  melted – that’s about as big as France and Spain combined.

We have made an attempt to find out what happened to the polar bears.
What’s needed is: a bucket, two bowls, one ice floe, 2 gummy bears, a lamp.

Pour into the bowl of water and places an ice floe in each bowl.
Over a bowl to make the bucket and turns on the lamp.
Then you have to wait. After some time you can see that the ice melts faster under the bucket and landed the polar bear in the water.

This stuff should anger even an alarmist……. not that many would see the glaring mistakes in this stuff. 

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13 Responses to Why Our Kids Just Aren’t Getting Climate Change

  1. HankH says:

    Polar bears are in trouble, because the ice in Antarctica is melting more and more. From 2030 there will probably be no more ice in Antarctica.

    Well, it’s not like warmists to fact check or even make the effort to get anything right. Those Antarctic polar bears are in such trouble there aren’t any – a fact the Emperor Penguins are dang happy about. And the Antarctic ice is melting at such a rate that, well, there’s more of it to melt if it ever gets around to actually melting.

    They must enlist the worlds most proven morons, (er, educators) to write this stuff.

  2. DirkH says:

    One should add:
    Just like gummy bears, polar bears float motionless in the water and slowly swell and lose their color once the ice floes have melted.

    • suyts says:

      lol, well, that’s what happens to the ones in the antarctic……… yeh, that’s why I included that part. Seemed like a perfectly reasonable science experiment to me!

  3. Bruce says:

    Here in Oz there seems to be an interesting conflict going on in progressive teaching (IMO). In English one execrable progressivism has been to teach “deconstruction”. So, for example, a Dickens novel would not be read for the story, instead it would be deconstructed to find the paternalistic anti-feminist colonialist right-wing misogynistic views of the author (/sarc).

    Now the progressive left wants to indoctrinate children with greenery.

    But if you teach students to distrust the motives of writers, they learn how to see the hidden message in propaganda.

    So what I’ve noticed in the the last few years is the progressive left seems to have gone dead on the deconstructionist meme. But its too late because they have already, over the last couple of decades, taught a whole generation to distrust what authority figures write…

    • suyts says:

      And they saturated them with prophesies of doom all at the same time. They lie to them, tell them not to trust authority, and then when they become cognizant…… but the problem is, by then, many haven’t been taught how to think.

    • philjourdan says:

      I always hated deconstructing Novels. As you stated, it was big at one time. I wanted to read the story for the story.

      But I can also see why they would stop. Back in the 70s, they were against the establishment. Today they are the establishment.

      Too Bad WordPress does not give an insightful. Your comment merits it.

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