The Predicated Argument


Climate Depot has a provocative article about how CAGW has been demoted and species preservation is the most important issue.  

It’s worth a read.  And, it is true.  Here and many other places on the blogosphere, I’ve stated that we’ll find a new issue to wet ourselves about.  And, this is what we’re seeing.  CAGW is dead.  We’ve all but won that fight.  We still need to stay on them, but, if we do, that argument is over.  So, we see the totalitarian Marxists moving in a different scare.  In this particular instance, various species are at risk!

We’ve seen this before.  Polar bears and penguins and now new dying species are on the radar!  They are now going to pretend that any various species should never go extinct.  (Not that many are, nearly all plant life.)  Now, anyone who’s taken the time to know, understands this is the way it is suppose to work.  This is why American bison don’t run through my house today.  The need and function of the bison has been replaced, mostly by cattle.  Fortunately, for cattle to thrive, they don’t have to roam.  The things the bison did necessary to the flora and fauna of the plains is no longer required.  So, they survive only as a remnant in zoos and whatnot.  We are better for this. 

But, this is only one leg of the argument.  And, it is a false leg.  Underneath all of their hysteria is the predicated argument that the climate is changing, and that it is somehow bad and that some species will become extinct.  But, most importantly, that us, humans are to blame for this!

See what is happening?  In spite of all of our scientific and mathematical arguments against CAGW, in spite of all of the vacant propositions of CAGW, they are simply going to accept it as fact and move from there.  Don’t let these people move from the CAGW argument. 

We know all which is required to know about these people.  We know their misanthropy.  Don’t let them divert the attention.  If they want to discussion species, that’s fine.  But, we’ve come too far to cede this lunacy.  Without CAGW this concern of extinction fails.  

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10 Responses to The Predicated Argument

  1. Latitude says:

    LOL……almost all of them were not even species a few years ago…..that’s a product of the zoologists….they find a little bitty thing different…and it’s a new species

    BTW the word of the day is choom…………

    • suyts says:

      Lmao! I was going to write about that some time ago….. but the funny part is Obama’s administration has went after more pot dealers than any other in the history of this country! Why?………. Ron Paul. You should see the comments on HuffPo when a bust happens. Betrayal….. that’s not forgiven.

  2. Latitude says:

    file this away for later……….

    Envisat ASAR

    Envisat drifting phase


    At the end of October 2010, the orbit of the Envisat satellite was lowered by 17 km, putting it into a new “drifting phase” or “Extended Mission” orbit with a 30-day repeat cycle. In this new orbit, they will not be doing any orbit adjustments so the satellite will start to drift. At the ESA Living Planet Symposium of June-July 2010, they announced that they had modified the plan for the “drifting phase” orbit of Envisat to have the “fixed nodes” of the orbit at 38 degrees N on the descending tracks and 38 degrees S on the ascending tracks instead of the previous plan to have them both at the equator. This means that we should get good baselines within about 4-6 degrees of latitude from those two fixed nodes. At other locations, the baselines will increase rapidly with time but 30-day or 60-day interferograms will probably be OK.

    Envisat is now in the new orbit and functioned completely from November 2010 to April 2012. ESA was accepting new acquisition requests. Of course, all of the new “drifting phase” tracks are completely different and can’t be used with any old data from the original phase. It is like starting a new mission. Unfortunately, ESA lost contact with Envisat on 8 April 2012.

    • suyts says:

      Isn’t that something? Neither Jasons have been updated. Oct. 2010, but it agreed with Jason II. But, that was before the fix of 2012. Just like Glieck’s clearing, people will just make stuff up.

      They lie. They will continue to lie until they are held accountable.

    • DirkH says:

      Part of the mission statement of Envisat was “civil security”, which is EU speak for “beating down anti EU activities”.
      “civil security” ist also mission statement of EUGENDFOR.

      Envisat is “the largest non military satellite ever” – now, it’s low orbit and bus size remind one of the CRYSTAL recon satellites regularly launched at Vandenberg by the US spy agencies.

      Why does such a satellite have to be bus-sized? Well, you need a lot of propellant to be able to change its orbits so it can reach the current geopolitical hotspot… you need it to go over Iran? Current orbit a little too high to make good photos? Well send it to a lower orbit orbit.

      The EU authorities exist isolated from the European nations- the media in the member states doesn’t report much about their activities. They always push through their agenda in a covert way – like when they implemented that Lisbon treaty that says “a killing is not unlawful if it is necessary to beat down insurgents activity” or something like that, effectively saying – yes we can kill EU citizens; it’s legal.

      The media in the EU states didn’t notice that or weren’t interested in covering it.

      I think the major purpose of EnviSat was and is military recon and the science instruments were just a decoy; and it might even continue to function in that role – why would they tell us.

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