Idiot Rhino Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Not Accepted As A Conservative


Meghan Mccain

So, there’s this female who obsesses about people’s sexual preferences and is employed by MSNBC who is complaining,  “Many Republicans ‘Treat Me Like I’m A Freak”

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

“I’m a proud moderate Republican, but using the word ‘moderate’ in the Republican party today is considered a dirty word,” she said. “Many people in the Republican party treat me like I’m a freak, like there’s something wrong with me and that I’m a mutant from the original design.”

Yes, Meghan, you haven’t a clue about what’s going on in the Republican party.  You see, people not oblivious to what’s occurring wouldn’t understand that moderating with the lunatics simply acquiesces to half of the demands of the extreme left.  The next time a moderate engages with them, again, they acquiesce half of what the left desires and nothing to actually further the U.S.  If you had paid attention to what destroyed your father’s campaign, then you’d know why people look at you, not like a “freak”, but as an imbecile. 

She states, “but I always stand here and say you can’t actually kick me out of the Republican Party.”  Meghan, we don’t want to kick you out of the party.  It shows our inclusiveness and diversity.  The Dem party isn’t the only home for idiots, we have our share as well!  But, it would be nice if we would hear that popping sound, which we never heard from your dad, and recognize the damage you’re doing to the Republican party. 

There’s less than 6 months before the election and you’re going to attack Republicans on a national news program.  You’re as about as useful as a fir lined syrup pitcher.  Find something else to obsess about, like, oh, I don’t know….. jobs, the economy, the debt and deficit……  crazy stuff like that which has always been part and parcel of the Republican message. 

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1 Response to Idiot Rhino Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Not Accepted As A Conservative

  1. Vickie says:

    🙂 May your vote count in November…

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