Illegal Immigrant Stalker Made To Cry

“Right when he started talking about achieving the American Dream, and how every child deserves to live it. I interrupted and said, “I’m undocumented and I have a dream, are you still supporting ‘self-deportation?’” said Allain to The Huffington Post, an undocumented college student and DREAM Act activist.

But, Romney did not respond to her question.

Allain was then escorted out of the building by a member of the Romney camp to cheers and clapping. She tells The Huffington Post that she was then pulled aside and verbally berated to the point of tears.

However, this isn’t the first time Allain has confronted Romney.

Back in January, Allain greeted Romney at a New York fundraiser and as she went to shake his hand he allegedly pulled back his handshake from Allain once she shared her immigration status.

Allain, who is a media contact for the DRM Capitol Group, an immigrant rights lobbying group and student at Queens Borough Community College, was also booed by Romney supporters as she was escorted out.

“I’m Latina. And [Latinos] need to understand that if he’s trying to get our vote, he needs to talk immigration,” Allain said, who immigrated with a tourist visa to the United States from Peru at the age of ten, shows no signs of stopping.

In the micro, why is an illegal immigrant allowed to interfere in our political process?  She should be arrested and deported.  She has no standing in our political process.  This is a crime.  Our laws need to be enforced.

In the macro, this is a huge problem and it needs to be addressed soon.  There is no easy answer to this problem.  People like Allain, who were brought here at such a young age, need to have a vehicle to documentation.  There has to be a way to get these people from out of the shadows and into full participation in our economic, political, and social processes.  (Like paying her own way through college)  However, the unfettered flow of illegals has to be stopped.  Our society simply can’t bear the weight of the influx, neither economically nor socially.  Already we have places which have imported the socioeconomic difficulties many of them came here to escape.  When we have national parks which warn off American citizens because of the criminal activity which occurs in that area, we’ve done something horribly wrong.

Any solution to our immigration problem must begin with sealing our borders.  It accomplishes nothing to provide a vehicle for documentation if the borders are left porous to have the same problem visit us in another 5-10 years.  We have seen this occur over and over again, starting with Reagan’s amnesty.  Seal our borders, and then sort through the ones that are here.  Criminals should be removed.  We have enough of our own.  People who have come here to simply steal from our social programs such as foodstamps and Medicaid, need deported.  Those who wish to remain and participate should be allowed to stay upon oath and declaration of loyalty to the U.S.

The U.S. has always benefitted from immigration.  But, not through diversity, but by melting and blending each unique culture with the existing one in the U.S.  It serves to make our society that much stronger.  But, it is the participation which sparks the melting and blending.  To have any group of people come here and essentially wall themselves from participation does nothing but import the failed society from which they came.

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13 Responses to Illegal Immigrant Stalker Made To Cry

  1. omnologos says:

    This has been going on for so long, it seems obvious your country is built around the availability of immigrants, legal or otherwise. The only solution is compulsory ID check at all borders but the complete relaxation of all Visa requirements.

    Anybody working in the USA should automatically be considered “legal”, and their job brought out in the open. After all, every legal worker (immigrant or not) by definition produces more than their salary is (unless they are in public employment, that is), and on that salary they have to pay taxes as well, so the net contribution to society is always positive.

    Obviously criminals should be thrown out and never let in again.

    • suyts says:

      I agree with most, but I’d be hesitant to relax all of the visa requirements. As it would have large consequences in the labor markets.

      On a personal note, I consider myself a twice a victim of such labor market manipulations. I once worked in construction, but, the influx of cheap labor forced me to change occupations in order to sustain myself and family. Eventually I ended up in the computer science only to find myself competing not just with the people educated here in the field, but, with over 1 million imported computer science workers. Which forced me to move from a software company to an ancillary field.

      • omnologos says:

        The number of illegals has been so high for so long, the only possible consequences in the job market could be positive…

      • suyts says:

        Well, that’s the tricky part. Many industries have come to rely on the illegals….. construction, meat packing, seasonal harvesting of some crops…. etc. But, all the while this has created a downward pressure on wages across many other sectors.

        Anticipating the economic effects seems a bit difficult.

  2. omnologos says:

    Forgot to follow-up

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