An Important Article In Principia Scientific International


John O’Sullivan writes a devastating piece about James Hansen. 

Top Scientists Vent on NASA’s Sub Prime Greenhouse Gas Hoaxer

While I won’t replicate it in its entirety, I highly recommend people read it.  It touches on many topics, including the history of this madness of greenhouse gas theory (GHE).  It also documents some of the “sleight of hand” tricks many of the alarmists employ.  Including the shape-shifting ways of James Hansen.  From data and graphical manipulation, to his  flip-flopping rationalizations of why the earth’s climate isn’t cooperating which his frequent pronouncements of doom.  It also documents how other data disputes what is accepted by the catastrophes.

Much of this has been documented here as well.  The piece also adds some beautiful irony in regards to the CAGW discussion.  As we are often called “flat earthers”, “deniers” and “anti-science”, O’Sullivan points to the fact that the theory used to calculate the earth’s energy budget, employed by the alarmists, is a model of the Earth as a flat disk!  Thus, making alarmists truly “flat earthers”.  This is important to understand.  They’re regarding earth as a two dimensional object which flips back and forth.  (day/night), and then try to incorporate that math into the earth’s 3 dimensions which rotates.  Read here (short pdf) for an explanation. 

But, one of the things this article barely touches on is the response from the science community about the shape-shifting dichotomy held by Hansen and others and the constant manipulation of the data necessary for it to conform to the theory de jour. 

Yours truly and many others have documented this dynamic view of history.  For instance, O’Sullivan writes about the decline in our sea levels.  This was recently “fixed”. 

image image

The first graph is measurements Envisat, the second graph is the same measurements altered to conform to Hansen’s and other’s proclamations of doom.  Immediately after “fixing” the data, they reported that Envisat had “died”.  They continue to manipulate the data of the Jason satellites.  Just look at the unimaginable, reality denying revisionism going on today. 


Jason II has never had an approach to the apex look like this.  The apex has never come this late in the season.  The last date of Jason II’s data input is Feb 15.  Which was added last month.  Jason I’s is in January.  Maybe they both died as well?

image image

It isn’t now, nor was it ever a question of science. 

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14 Responses to An Important Article In Principia Scientific International

  1. Lars P. says:

    At the time John Daly was hoping the satellites measurement will help clean the madness. He never imagined that the revisionism will go so far.
    Just have a look at the satellite history saved at the time:
    which looks very much like the one envisat showed before revision.
    Compare it with the revised version:
    it is here:

    Really sad story.

    • suyts says:

      Lars, thanks for the links. John Daly is still a wonderful resource and now gives us glimpses into the past which alarmists would have us forget.

      It is a sad story. It confirms what most of us dreaded. There is no data set which will not be revised to conform to the narrative. O’Sullivan writes about how HadCrut contradicted GISS….. we see now how that was dealt with. We now have an new version of HadCrut which conforms to the narrative. This won’t end until we get people to understand that these aren’t scientists we’re arguing with. They’re ideologues.

  2. Lars P. says:

    “To my shock, by the time I was done with the post, they had changed the values since I had started on my project. I’m still bitter about what they have done. In this regard, there is nothing which can be known, until they quit altering the data.”

    I see your point.
    You may also be interested in the work done by Frank as posted here at Jo’s site:

  3. miked1947 says:

    I have been off hiding for a few days and you bring up these interesting subjects.
    O Sullivan missed one factor in the Al-Gore-Rhythm used in the models. Regional temperatures are the result of 4 dimensions rather than three. If you ignore the effect of time on the overall temperature record you will still end up with a distorted view of weather patterns/ temperature effects.
    With all the “corrections” that have been made, temperature records are FUBAR and Hansen is not the only culprit. NOAA also has much to answer for in this situation.
    I will also repeat a former claim I made that Hansen was and probably still is a Hero to the NASA leadership because he provided additional funding for more projects when their funding was threatened to be reduced.
    The current outcry from NASA is a form of self defense that is to little and to late. About 24 years to late. Possibly even thirty years to late.

  4. miked1947 says:

    I followed the link to the Tisdale article at WUWT and fins he is still getting cause and effect mixed up. ENSO is still a display of the overall variability of the global weather patterns. It is a symptom rather than the cause.
    Some of the weather patterns we are experiencing are the result of events that started millions of years ago and the system is still trying to reach equilibrium and over compensating thereby changing course as we saw in 1998 or so.
    Incomplete science does not do a proper job of competing with bad science. There are many in the realist camp that have found a portion of the answer but their find is a small portion of the overall answer and they need to stop berating others that also have found a small portion of the answer as Tisdale and some other researchers do.

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