Misogyny And Piñatas Continue With The Left


The left’s hypocrisy and duplicity is still on display.  Their war on women continues. 

Last month, we saw some disturbing imagery and actions where someone thought it was a great idea to have a piñata of some Caucasian female and have some young people of color whack it with a stick…..  Piñatas At The Luau?  Has piñatas replaced burning in effigy?

Now we see South Carolina AFL-CIO whacking a piñata with the image of Nikki Haley.

All sorts of fun for the criminally insane leftists


Maybe Dewitt has been treated like a union thug because she actually is one.

“I will say she looks like a tough old girl here,” Dewitt says before getting started as others in the video cheered her on.

“Wait until her face comes around, wack her!” someone says in the background as others cheer loudly. “Whack her again! Hit her again!”  Boy!  Leftist thugs sure know how to have fun!  It’s thought that later that evening they went to do a comedic review of “The Killing Fields”. 

More hilarious misogyny ensues at Hustler magazine.  There Hustler fakes an explicit  image of S.E. Cupp . 

Fake Explicit Image of S.E. Cupp Reportedly Appears in Hustler Magazine (Graphic)


She added, “They have uncomplicated this belief system that my political views, my being pro-life, my political views make this kind of behavior OK. It justifies it and I essentially deserve it. That is honesty and I have never seen it before.”

Cupp essentially laughed off the idea of any feminist organizations coming to her defense.

“The National Organization for Women, NOW, will not come out and say liberal women deserve more respect than conservative women and we are not going to defend conservative women. They’re not going to admit to that but let me tell you that is exactly how they feel,” she said.

Despite the storm of controversy that erupted after Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” on the radio, Cupp predicted she wouldn’t get the same reaction, even when “clearly by anyone’s standards this is worse.”

Obama?  Do you need her number?  She’s prolly waiting on your call!!! 

Read more here and here.

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4 Responses to Misogyny And Piñatas Continue With The Left

  1. philjourdan says:

    While no organizations are coming to here defense, surprisingly, some liberal women are.

    But one voice that is so hypocritically silent is Lisa Murkowski.

    • DirkH says:

      What? They must have brains.
      They’re on their way to becoming independents.
      Shut the gates! Somebody’s trying to leave the plantation!

  2. Shooter says:

    I despise feminists, but sometimes, there are times where they can call misogyny and it works. This is one of them. Anti-white and against women? Wow.

    • suyts says:

      That’s the hoot about feminists. They can’t even support their own. The leftist feminist movement is more misogynist than anyone else! They are laughable.

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