Lol Oh My, More Delusion From The Left


From HuffPo…..

Ed Rendell: Gas Price Drop ‘Wipes Away’ Key GOP Argument Against Obama

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said Tuesday that the current drop in gas prices could significantly dampen one of the GOP’s major economic talking points against President Barack Obama — but only if prices remain low through November.

Uhmm….. that’s almost true.  The price of gasoline is a pretty fair reflection of the economic outlook. When it’s high, demand for it is high.  The only way for gasoline to be in high demand, is that if people predict that our economy will get better.  the price drops when things are bad.


Here we see little spikes when something happens in the Mid-east.  But, once the pant wetting oil traders understand that most of the world’s oil will continue to pump, the price drops back down.  Now, look at the right of the graph.  There we can easily see the recession.  and the price increase as people thought our economy was improving.  Now, it’s dropping again.  Why?  Because the globe is set for a huge double dip recession.  If the price drops to $2, it doesn’t matter who is running against him.  His opponent wins.  If the price drops to $3, he’s still in trouble, but, Obama has a chance.  Any lower and that means we’re already in big trouble. 

The last thing Obama wants to see is a dramatic drop in oil.  It means we’re screwed. 

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5 Responses to Lol Oh My, More Delusion From The Left

  1. philjourdan says:

    The price drop is primarily due to Europe double dipping in a recession. Something the US is mere months from following on. It actually is the death knell of Obama.

  2. Latitude says:

    Follow this link to Captain’s post on Kate’s blog….
    ….open the 4 “here, here, here, here”
    not pretty

    • suyts says:

      The zone is collapsing. Frankly, I’m astonished that it’s happening so quickly. I thought it would take another decade or so. But, I really don’t see how it can correct itself to survive. It is being held together by the Germans. And, they’re going to get tired of carrying all of the other countries. And, the other nations haven’t done all of the things necessary to become economically viable. I would actually enjoy this, except, we now live in such a global economy, Europe’s stupidity will mix with our stupidity and make it more difficult here as well.

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