Miami-Dade County Takes Lead In Carbon Neutral Auto Fleet!!!

Wow, are those guys serious about reducing their carbon footprint or what?!?!?!



Apparently 5-6 years ago Dade Country bought about 300 brand new Toyota Prius hybrids, clearly in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint.  Obviously, what happened is that someone realized that even if you drive a Prius, you’d still emit CO2.  So, in an effort to even more fully decrease their carbon emissions, they parked them.  And left them to rust.  Thus, the parked Prius’ have emitted even less CO2 then what they would have if they’d been driven. 

Well done econut crusaders!  Well done.

Read more here and here.

h/t Lat

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17 Responses to Miami-Dade County Takes Lead In Carbon Neutral Auto Fleet!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Now that’s a funny title………LOL

    I thought if you let the battery run completely down… was dead and would not even hold a charge
    How did those cars sit for that many years….and not kill the battery?

    • suyts says:

      lol, maybe they bought new batteries!

      • Latitude says:

        can’t find anything on buying new batteries….did find that a Miami “official” said they were still under warranty….that’s only the drive train now

      • suyts says:

        Right….. bunches of possibilities. My question would be, do they own the parking building?

        • Latitude says:

          I think so……..

        • suyts says:

          So they have this huge asset which no one checks in on from time to time? Or even periodically inventories the assets within? This would be worse than the car purchases. Or, have they been paying watchmen around the clock to watch cars stay parked? It’s one of those questions in which there are no good answers. Either they (county officials and bureaucrats) are entirely incompetent and have blown massive amounts of money for nothing, or, there’s been some political payoffs, in which case, massive amounts of public money has gone for improper purposes.

  2. OT (‘open thread’ is too heavy for my dinosaur core duo)

    Rand Paul: Obama’s View On Marriage Could Not “Get Any Gayer”

  3. HankH says:

    They purchased 300 cars at an estimated cost of $6 – 8 Million and never used them? Unbelievable!

  4. DaveG says:

    LOL – Help the environment by NOT purchasing a battery car/ hybrid.

    I read that electric car battery’s loses 5+% charging efficiency each year, that is not publicized or understood by most of the driving public, Thus the dreaded replacement requirement in as little as 7 years. The battery can turn into a solid concrete like object commonly re fared to as the BRICK if left to run down (not kept charged up) These cars all share the same battery pack design, which apparently has a major flaw, or at least a giant caveat.
    The problem? The vehicle’s battery pack, should it ever become fully discharged, will not charge back up to an efficient enough level. Hence the 1200Ib brick.
    When buying any new type of technology, it’s important to read the fine print. That’s what some electric car owners are apparently finding out. Otherwise, there is a risk that you could turn your green machine into nothing more than a fancy case for a battery pack that has become a chemical-filled brick.
    From the University of Tennessee at Knoxville comes this surprising bit of research. Taken in entirety, and electric vehicle has a greater impact on pollution than a comparable gasoline vehicle.
    Civic hybrid owner wins in court over too-low mpg Feb 2012
    The Southern California owner of a Honda hybrid car won her unusual small-claims court lawsuit against the automaker over the vehicle’s failure to deliver its stated fuel economy.
    Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Douglas Carnahan awarded Heather Peters $9,867 on Wednesday, saying Honda did mislead her about the expected mileage.
    Peters claimed her car never came close to the advertised 50 mpg and that it got no more than 30 miles per gallon when the battery began deteriorating. She still owns the car and wanted to be compensated for money lost on gas, as well as punitive damages, amounting to $10,000.

    • suyts says:

      Exactly…. the mental midgets that latch onto the next greatest new technology to save the earth are in many cases doing more harm than good.

      There is a sad update to the Peters case……. Honda appealed the verdict and won.

  5. DaveG says:

    James Sad indeed I wasn’t aware of the appeal, but it makes sense as far as Honda is concerned.

    Honda won the battle but will loose the war when it wins on a slight of hand/mileage trick This is a sad case when the courts uphold an inflated misleading lie as the mileage is based on 100% gasoline equivalent not a bastardization mixture of inefficient bio fuel mixture that is proven to get less miles /gallon.

    Honda appealed the decision to the Superior Court, where the court heard the case from the beginning (called a de novo trial). A three-day trial was held. Honda convinced the judge that Honda was permitted to advertise the EPA-approved gas mileage numbers, even though the numbers were later adjudged inflated by the EPA.

    It’s a sad day when regulations designed to protect consumers are used against them. I’m certain that the EPA and FTC never intended to shield Honda from liability for advertising claims that a court of law determined to be false.

    • suyts says:

      It is sad….. the individual loses again. It’s my understanding that because of her original win thousands followed her course and filed separately as opposed to taking the laughable settlement. Maybe one of them will win and then she can appeal using the same strategy….. but it doesn’t look good.

      23/50 what’s the difference?

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