Don’t you hate it when people with common interests get together and discuss strategies to unify the message!  Why, that’s a conspiracy!  And, it’s all big oil’s fault!  They caught them red-handed!


The Guardian and HuffPo have a couple of articles out.  HuffPo’s headline is my fav…..

Shocking New Oil Propaganda Plan to Fool Americans

Lol, yes, fool Americans.  Or something.  And yes, we’ve got big oil’s fingerprints all over this baby!  Turns out, someone got a hold of another memo Otto calls a propaganda plan.  Less enlightened people not weighted with delusional conspiracy theories may actually call it a “NATIONAL PR CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL”.  We all know national PR campaigns, when in the hands of conservatives are propaganda plans to fool Americans.  Sleeping Half moonVampire Bat

The proposal was reviewed by John Droz Jr, a senior fellow at ATI, for discussion at the Washington meeting, which he also organised. ATI’s executive director, Tom Tanton, said Droz had acted alone on the memo, although he confirmed he remains a fellow at the thinktank.  (except prolly the super-secret bat phone direct line to the Koch bros.)Vampire BatMobile Phone

Okay, so there was a proposal.  It was drafted by a Rich Porter then edited by John Droz. SEE!!!!  Right there!  It’s a super secret oil funded machine at work!!!…….  Or, it could be that two guys came up with a long overdue idea.  One or the other.

Our friend, Shawn Lawrence Otto fails in his fourth paragraph by violating Godwin’s Law.

Sound silly? Any time money is behind a science issue it can become politicized. Consider 1920s Germany. Right-wing activists put money behind the crazy idea that Einstein’s special theory of relativity would lead to moral decay. They called it “Jewish science” and “a hoax” and said Einstein was in it for the money. Sound familiar?

This is ironic because in the first paragraph he seems to take exception to HI’s recent billboard hubbub.  Turns out, the Heartland Institute was correct.

The plan is to be deployed by a shadowy network of propaganda contractors like the disgraced Heartland Institute, who recently compared those who accept the mainstream science on climate change to mass murderers, and was prepared by a fellow of the American Tradition Institute (ATI),……..

Lol, shadowy network…. yes, HI is in the shadows with a billboard campaign…. idiots.  No word on how they are disgraced, but in the delusional world of leftist greens, it’s difficult to determine the rationale.  Meanwhile, back in the evil lair……

The loons hate it when you use their tactics against them.  Our friend Shawn also found the word (gasp!) “subversion”!  Oddly, he doesn’t quote the entire sentence used in the proposal.  This is probably just an oversight, so I’ll pick up the slack for him.  Under the title, “Goals of the PR Campaign”  “Cause subversion  in message of industry so that it effectively becomes so bad no one wants to admit in public they are for it (much like wind has done to coal, by turning green to black and clean to dirty).”

Quoting from the Guardian,

“In a telephone interview, Droz said the Washington strategy session was his own initiative, and that he [n]or any of the participants had been paid for attending the session. Their main priority was coordinating PR strategy. “Our No 1 reason for getting together was to talk about whether there should be agreement to talk about a common message.”  The strategy session is the latest evidence of a concerted attack on the clean energy industry by thinktanks and lobby groups connected to oil and coal interests and free-market ideologues.

Think tank and free-market ideologues……. oohhhh, very scary!  But, the readers here are probably waiting for the smoking gun part where we see that this is all a big conspiracy of big oil and big coal and all of the big money going to such efforts.  This is where it gets a bit tricky, but if you try (just for a minute) to think like the delusional leftist lunatics, you can easily see the connections.  First, we’ll do the easy one.  BIG OIL!  You see, among about a 1000 other interests, the Koch brothers are also in the oil industry.  They are also conservative.  See, that’s proof!  Oh, well, if you aren’t delusional then you may require more to substantiate the claim of a well-funded, well-organized attack on alarmists by the fossil fuel industry.  You see, John Droz Jr is a senior fellow at ATI.  (ATI is the group suing for Mann’s emails.)  Droz is a longtime opponent of wind farms, arguing that the technology has not yet been proven and that wind technology should not receive government support.

Droz and Porter hatched their evil plan to take over the world  prevent the U.S. government from wasting anymore tax payer money by advocating withdrawing support of planting these useless whirlygigs and pinwheels.

What’s that?  You’re still waiting on more proof of the fossil fuel industry conspiracy?  I’m getting to that!!! Quit nagging!  Okay, fine.  Droz is a fellow at a think tank, and even though he says, and ATI’s head Tanto says, he acted on his own, the delusional lunatics know better.  In the memo, Droz and Porter identify some groups who may be supportive of their efforts.  Under the heading of “Some PR Tactics:”  We see the smoking gun!

Consider joining forces w some already established organization where there is substantial commonality and commitment (e.g. ATI, Heartland, IER, CEI, Marshall, Brookings, Cato, Manhattan, AfP, FW, CFACT, ALEC, NA-PAW, etc.).

See plain as day!  There’s the conspiracy.  HI and ALEC are known to have had donations from the Koch bros.  This is almost exactly the same as Shell, Exxon, and BP getting together and coming up with an evil anti-climate strategy!  But, no, really, that is, in essence, the proof of the concerted attack.  And, of course, there’s the ties to big coal which the Guardian offers………..  well, they don’t really offer any.  But, by golly, we know its there! The Guardian makes the claim but offers no evidence to back up the assertion.  Well, you didn’t expect real journalism from them, did you?  No word on when the ransom demand for $1 million dollars will be made.

The Koch bros are well known conservatives, much like George Soros is a well known leftist.  Both, are very active in funding policy advocates of their liking.  While I’m sure the coal industry would support the efforts described here, the oil industry doesn’t give two shakes about windmills.  There is no reason for the oil industry to oppose windmills.  Would some lunatic leftist please come by and explain the conspiracy theory of big oil to the satisfaction of rational individuals?

One of my favorite parts of the memo (designed to fool the American people) is to Encourage critical thinking from members and the public.”   We can’t very well have that type of thinking running amok in the American public!  It’s a conspiracy!!!

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  1. Latitude says:

    I thought the Koch money at HI was designated for some medical/health research only???

    ….well ok, now that we know global warming causes eye disorders (WUWT)

    • suyts says:

      Exactly! It’s all coming together now!!

      • Latitude says:

        LOL…..looks like you were busy last night!

      • suyts says:

        lol, yeh….. it was sort of funny. In a weird way. A certain fellow popped by to argue an off topic issue. I had no interest in feeding his strange obsession. A couple of others didn’t have a problem with it.

        But, it was fascinating for me. Not only what people write, but how they write, speaks volumes as to temperament and intellect. Not so much as grammar and spelling and proper form, but expressiveness.

        I had deliberately toned my comment style to act more as a moderator. Were I to be a judge in an informal debate, especially blog style, I’d say our young friend Kim handled herself quite ably. It probably wasn’t fair. The agitator doesn’t appear to have much blog debate experience. He was given a lesson in such a unique format. Given the places I know Kim has visited, she(?) has been exposed to some of the best blog debaters in the world. She baited and he bit and bit and bit.

        We’ll see how it goes on my next post……… 😉

  2. miked1947 says:

    I was out of touch yesterday. I guess I will have to find that conversation.

  3. miked1947 says:

    The Smoking Gun is right there for every one to see and I do not know why you did not point it out.
    We want to use Chicken Little’s approach against them!
    It said we could use the same approach wind did against coal, against wind!
    But what they claim about wind is accurate, where the claims against coal were mostly fabrications.

  4. I LOVE IT! I laughed out loud!!! Brilliant!

    I was one of the “evil” attendees at the DC meeting to “conspire” to “encourage critical thinking” amongst the public and our elected officials. Imagine that?!?!? Who knew it would be such a seemingly insurmountable task?!?

    I live in rural WNY where our Townships have been raped & pillaged by Big Wind snake-oil salesmen. Collusion, corruption, you name it — when you combine greed & stupidity, it’s just amazing what people will do.

    Laura Israel’s documentary, WINDFALL – theatrical trailer – YouTube (now available NetFlix and ITunes), accurately portrays what goes on when Big Wind comes to Town.

    For those truly interested in educating themselves about what a complete rip-off industrial wind is, they should see John Droz’s EXCELLENT slide presentation at: EnergyPresentation.Info.

    Also, Dr. John Etherington’s book, The Wind Farm Scam (available at is a must-read!

    • suyts says:

      Mary, thanks for coming by! So, you’re one of those people conspiring to fool others into critical thinking? The loons are going to hate you for that one!

      Mary have a look around and make yourself at home! Energy is a hobby/career for me. I post on energy issues quite frequently.

      You are more than welcome to use actual links to information you reference.


    • miked1947 says:

      Critical thinking is the antithesis to the Chicken Little agenda, where ever it shows its head.
      There are times i want to take a ball bat to some to wake them up from their stupor and mental myopia. Yes Snake Oil Salesmen are what are promoting all the so called Green Solutions, Wind and solar being the two most environmentally destructive of the lot.

      • Yes, I know Mike.

        I actually wrote a Letter to the Editor, “Critical Thinking the Antithesis of “Standing Firm” at: (The newspaper changed the title to Critical Thinking vs. Standing Firm — maybe they didn’t know what antithesis means?)

        I wrote this letter because our school children are being indoctrinated to the “green” agenda in our schools nationwide.

        A local 8th grade “Science” class was bussed out to Invenergy’s Wind Plant (on the taxpayers’ dime) so that wind salesmen could conduct a “Science” class for the children. Last I knew, it was illegal to expose our children to sales pitches from salesmen during school hours.

        The saddest thing was that I was the only person who went to the school board to complain, and, when I called the President of the School Board a few days later to see if she had passed on the information I brought for the Science teacher, she hung up on me.

        The complete brainwashing of the American pubic that has gone on in regard to this scam is just mind-boggling!

  5. Joan Null says:

    I, too, was one of the “evil attendees”. I live in NE Indiana, where most of the counties in the northern half of the state are targeted by wind developers. Indiana is fast becoming a growing force of opposition to wind development. (shhhh – it’s that grassroots conspiracy thing of learning to work together – shhhhh)

    Thanks to this post, I now understand the “true reason” for our meeting in DC — and just imagine, silly me, I really thought it was all about developing a PR strategy and a common message that would encourage “critical thinking” about energy policy. So glad you’ve exposed the “truth” for me.

    Mary – I loved your comment – “when you combine greed & stupidity, it’s just amazing what people will do.” But, the really sad thing is that the developers rely on the ignorance and naivete of the rural communities they target, and employ a strategy of divide and conquer. Developers make wild promises and good people buy into their promises without understanding the consequences of their decisions. Thank God, in my county, we “got wind” of what was happening before it was approved. And yes, WINDFALL could be the story of my town, too.

    PS – I’m so disappointed that I never got to see the “bat phone” – nor have I ever received my check from the Koch brothers (or anyone else for that matter). Turns out I had to spend all that money out of my own pocket and pay my own way.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, greed and stupidity has been rampant in the world of soft renewables. And it’s our money they’re sucking away.

      I work for a small electric utility in Kansas. If I can be of any assistance to you ladies or the effort, just let me know.

      Obviously, the bat phone has to kept in super secret hiding. The checks are in the mail! I keep checking my mail box everyday! I’m certain there’s been some sort of mix up.

  6. Jon Boone says:

    The best satire is usually closely connected to reality. I think it’s a mistake, or at least nonproductive distraction, to spend much time with Koch Brothers v George Soros contretemps. With sleaze like Stephen Lacey, who clearly is connected to Michael Mann, whose broadsides against transparency make a mockery of science, we need to go after the jugular. Which is: showing that wind is connected to Big Energy BIG TIME.

    Contrary to Lacey’s goofy narrative, which combines the worst of David v Goliath with the worst of class warfare (wind is an arriviste–and bullied by the bigots of Big Oil, don’t you know?), wind REQUIRES inefficiently run fossil fuel generation as a condition of its existence on the grid. If Lacey’s story is to be believed, it is the Koch Brothers who should love wind. When guys like Lacey interview me, I ALWAYS ask, without batting an eye, if they’ve investigated a financial connection between AWEA and David Koch, particularly since George W. Bush has supported wind since his halcyon days in Texas with Ken Lay.

    The real game, the one that AWEA is finally making public after hiring Republican strategist Mike Murphy, is the selling of wind to Republicans as a substantial mechanism for tax sheltering, which is what we’ve known all along. Which is why all those Big Energy multinationals continue their swoon for wind, even as they profit from coal and natural gas. They know that wind can neither be an alternative nor an additive source of energy for modern power grids. Rather, it’s a gift that keeps on taking.

    • suyts says:

      It’s a fascinating thing to watch. The dementia of the climate alarmist mind can not reconcile what you just stated. Which is why I included the Koch/Soros comparison. I’ve screamed this message for some time now. That soft renewables can never replace traditional sources of energy, and that oil doesn’t even work into the mix. But, it gets nowhere with the wind advocates. In their mind, oil, coal, and natural gas industries are synonymous. And, in their minds, the mentioned industries oppose wind energy. As you noted, implementing wind only ensures traditional sources stay at the ready. More often than not, nat gas.

  7. miked1947 says:

    A fascinating discussion with new voices contributing a fresh view.
    Thanks all for joining the fun!

  8. kim2ooo says:

    At Junk Science a poster commented

    [ “Brian G Valentine | May 9, 2012 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    Wrong PR strategy. Here’s my suggestion:


    “UNDOCUMENTED RESIDENTS prefer WIND POWER” 2-1 over coal operations

    PRISONER EARLY RELEASE program to build WIND TURBINES in your neighborhood “]

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  19. philjourdan says:

    I am always amused when liberals declare Nazis to be right wingers. They never were. They were always left wingers – just not as left as Stalin (and hence the misperception).

    Indeed, to this day, it is still the left wingers vilifying the Jews.

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