The Words Of A Recently Turned Heretic


The man’s environmental resume is impeccable.  For decades he was a hero of the German environmental movement.  He’s the head of the renewable arm of an energy company, RWE Innogy, which boasts 3.7 GW of renewables assets in its portfolio.  In 1978 Vahrenholt, who is a chemical scientist by education, wrote the book Seveso ist überall. Die tödlichen Risiken der Chemie (Seveso is everywhere. The deadly risks of chemistry). The book was a bestseller and Vahrenholt became a friend of the environmental movement.  In the eighties he went into politics and became ‘Umweltsenator’ (senator for the environment) in Hamburg.  In 2001 he became CEO of REpower Systems, a wind energy company, before he switched to RWE Innogy in 2007. …. but with the recent publication of his book Die Kalte Sonne (The Forgotten Sun) Fritz Vahrenholt (62) has become something of a public enemy to the climate-minded Germans. The subtitle of the book is: “Why the climate catastrophe is not taking place”

He’s still a bit of a lukewarmer, but, he makes some very poignant observations to Germany’s energy mix.  And gives a good smack right across the IPCC’s chops.

However, the climate models of the IPCC said the rise of CO2 concentrations would lead to more wind in Northern Europe! ……I started looking in the scientific literature and found out the lack of wind had nothing to do with CO2 and global warming. In our region the weather is influenced by the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO),

For years I believed the science of the IPCC was solid. I had the famous hockey stick graph in all my presentations. But then I read the book The Hockey Stick Illusion by Andrew Montford, which is very critical about this graph. ….. The whole purpose of the IPCC has been to get rid of the so-called Medieval Warm Period, a warm period around the year 1000 when the Vikings settled on Greenland and were able to live there for a couple of centuries. After this warm period we have had the Little Ice Age which coincided with a very quiet sun. Many papers have been published in the last few years which show that the Little Ice Age was not a local European phenomena, as the IPCC suggests.

A second major issue is that temperatures have been on a plateau now for fifteen years. Yes it is warm, but it has not been getting warmer anymore. ….We can explain this, but the IPCC should come up with an explanation too. So far they haven’t done this. Worse, most people are not even aware that the climate hasn’t been warming for the past fifteen years.

…..But what Germany is doing now is incredible. Although we get the same amount of sunlight as Alaska, 800 hours a year, we have installed 50 percent of the global solar PV capacity. With all these solar roofs we generate only three percent of our electricity but it is costing us 8 billion a year! And this will go on for twenty years because of the feed-in tariff. ….Meanwhile our grid is not ready for large amounts of renewable energy. We have a huge problem with the stability. Either there is not enough power and we have to import from France or as happened last week, we had the opposite problem, a surplus of electricity. …..So we need conventional power for back-up, nuclear or gas fired stations. …..For this reason nobody dares to invest in gas fired power stations anymore.  Our current approach is a dead end!

The exit is Europe. The Energiewende should be a European task. … But before we can do it on a European scale we need a pan-European grid. Building such a grid will take us at least twenty years.

Read more here.  <———–  It’s worth the read.  He explains how too much renewables without proper planning is very problematic.  And there are plenty more damning statements regarding the IPCC. 

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3 Responses to The Words Of A Recently Turned Heretic

  1. jimash1 says:

    Took the red pill and he’s pissed. Good.

  2. suyts stating: @# publication of his book Die Kalte Sonne (The Forgotten Sun)

    Mate, ”calte Sonne” doesn’t mean the ”the forgotten sun” but ”the cold / cooling sun”. and is all the fault of the fake Skeptics. The only salvation for the extreme leading Warmist is: to use ”the fake Skeptic’s created back-door” : GLOBAL warming didn’t show up, because ”the sun cooled” WOW! That’s why Al Gore, Hansen should give a medal to the phony Skeptics. Look at the size of the sun – the Fakes made it that sun’s temp goes up and down as a yo-yo…? It’s same as: the planet is warmer by 12C at lunch time than before sunlight…Tragic for the truth; but very handy for people as that German politician. Fakes are doing the dirty jobs for the Reds camouflaged with green topcoat.

    Thanks to the same Skeptics, Obama is creating lots of ”clean energy jobs” same as the Syrian president is creating lots of new jobs in the building industry. Not because of the Warmist; because Warmist have no shred of evidence of any extra warming / extra warming is impossible

    Instead of saying: CO2 is increasing beyond anybody’s expectation, no GLOBAL warming -> admit – return the money from the spoils, with modest interest!!! Tragically, the Fakes are into sunspots, sun-flares, galactic dust influences and any other horoscope crap. Santa didn’t came, but the Fakes know the truth, why; because Rudolf injured his leg… Some day when the mud settles / the truth is known – the Fake Skeptics will be material for the biggest satire, for the next 100years.

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