That’s Just What We Need, Completely Incompetent And Delusional Greens To Tell Us How To Feed People

Really?  These moronic maniacs really think they know anything about food production?  Our friends at HuffPo provide some humor….. from their Climate Change section, Can We Feed 9 Billion People?

Of course, they’re talking about in the future, circa 2050.  But considering that we pour much of our food down our gas tanks, I’d say even today we’d have a pretty good jump on it.  From the link, we get…..

‘Green Bullet’ Innovations To Address Soaring Population And Climate Change  

It’s a fascinating article stating what we’re going to have to do in order to feed the expected 9 billion people.  It starts with an interesting premise…….

By 2050, the planet will need at least 70 percent more food than it does today to meet both an expected rise in population to 9 billion from 7 billion and changing appetites as many poor people grow richer, experts say.

Lol, okay, a 28% increase in population means we need to produce 70% more food, ’cause people will get richer.  Sweet!!  We’re going to all get fat and sassy!

“Can we feed a world of 9 billion? I would say the answer is yes,” said Robert Watson, chief scientific adviser to Britain’s Department of Environment and Rural Affairs and a former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But doing so will require fundamental changes to unsustainable but well-entrenched policies and practices, from eating so much meat to spending trillions on agriculture and fuel subsidies, he said.

Lol, boy, that’s going to irk some greenies…… even though it’s a silly connection.  The story continues…….

Unlike the last century’s agricultural “Green Revolution”, which dramatically boosted world food production with new high-yielding crop varieties and more irrigation, this revolution must rely on myriad “green bullets” to tackle hunger.

I can think of no surer way to screw up world food supply than to take advice from a bunch of delusional leftist lunatics. The story continues with some reasonable thoughts, but would require little to no interaction from them to laughable and meaningless ideas.  But, here’s another part of the article…..

If we look at the graph of (rising) human consumption, that’s the one to worry about,” said Phil Bloomer, director of campaigns and policy for Oxfam Great Britain. “That is a graph that should strike panic in our hearts.”

Yes, for insane delusional incompetents, it could be very scary.  Let’s let the readers here decide if we should all have panic in our hearts…..

Panic Time!!!


Yes, food production has well over doubled in 45 years.  (250%)  And, while the population nearly double the actual number of  “food insecure” people has actually decreased.  But, now look! One of the kings of incompetency and idiocy weighs in with an astounding absurdity!

“A substantial amount of our food production worldwide comes from non-renewable groundwater sources, and in the long run that is not sustainable,” said Peter Gleick, a leading water expert and head of the U.S.-based Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security.

Why did they leave out some of his credentials?  Ethical forger and impersonator extraordinaire!  At any rate, we get to laugh at him some more.  Peter, can you share with the class what the heck world-wide non-renewable water is?  Is that the kind that disappears for evuh?  Is this like virtual water except gone?

Sigh, if there’s going to be a food problem, the fix would be easy, and by this article’s own words, the fix will likely happen.  All that needs to happens is for developing nations to develop.  There’s much arable land in the world still not producing much because the nation’s are underdeveloped.  All that is required is for the lunatic greens to stay out of their way.





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3 Responses to That’s Just What We Need, Completely Incompetent And Delusional Greens To Tell Us How To Feed People

  1. Bruce says:

    One Saturday morning about a year ago I woke up and found there was a horrible smell. I went outside and saw gentlemen and women, in blue, in and around a house on the other side of my side-rear fence. The smell, asphyxiatingly strong, was coming from the house: they had opened front and back doors and the breeze was blowing through the house towards me.

    At that point it dawned upon me that you need energy, water, some few chemicals and nothing else to grow vast amounts of er, plant matter. I didn’t see that neighbour for quite some time after that event.

    The carrying capacity of the Earth is much much larger than anyone realises. India, with a population of 1.3 billion exports wheat to the Middle East. And Indian farmers are not within cooee of the efficiency of US farmers. Let alone hydroponically active neighbours.

    • suyts says:

      Right, it isn’t food supply that’s the problem with feeding people. Scumbag governments and the lack of advancement is what causes regional food shortages.

      I was impressed with the non-renewable water Gleick and others believes exists.

  2. Shooter says:

    Heh. Today I watched “Water Wars” and how the world is becoming a desert! No, our biology textbooks tell us that, too.

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