Apologies And Firings Sure To Ensue!!!…… right, when it freezes over


Climate scientists’ claims of email death threats go up in smoke

CLAIMS that some of Australia’s leading climate change scientists were subjected to death threats as part of a vicious and unrelenting email campaign have been debunked by the Privacy Commissioner.

Timothy Pilgrim was called in to adjudicate on a Freedom of Information application in relation to Fairfax and ABC reports last June alleging that Australian National University climate change researchers were facing the ongoing campaign and had been moved to “more secure buildings” following explicit threats.

The rest of the story is behind a subscription wall.  But, Anthony and the blog ACM have more information. 

Turns out all of those death threats to Australian climate scientists which were all the rage last summer where once again inventions of the delusional minds of alarmists and their accomplishes, the Left Stream Media, where actual investigative reporting is so passe. 

When this idiotic story kicked off, there was no evidence and many asked to see the proof of such threats.  None was forthcoming.  So, Simon, the blogger at ACM issued a FOI request for “emails, transcript of telephone calls or messages that contained abuse, threats to kill and/or threats of harm to the recipient.  After getting stonewalled, as all good alarmists are want to do, (openness and honesty aren’t their forte) he got the case in front of a judge.  Apparently, it was up to the judge to determine if releasing the emails would further jeopardize the poor victims.  

So, the judge was assigned the daunting task of having to pour over all of the documents!  The threats of life and limb (or just really mean words) which flooded Australian climate academia amounted the total sum of 11 correspondences. 

In response to the appeal, Mr Pilgrim found 10 documents did not contain threats to kill or threats of harm.

Mr Pilgrim said of the 11th, a further email offering an account of an exchange that occurred at an off-campus event sponsored by members of the Climate Change Institute and other bodies: “I consider the danger to life or physical safety in this case to be only a possibility, not a real chance.”

But, all of this matters little to the extreme leftists who care little about truth, but much about political ends.  I’m really surprised the Australian covered this at all.  No word on how long they plan to retain the reporter to wrote this. 

So, even the one e-mail, wasn’t a threat at all but, apparently one person’s account of something which happened off-campus. 


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11 Responses to Apologies And Firings Sure To Ensue!!!…… right, when it freezes over

  1. Me says:

    I wonder why there are no resignations over this? As it always seems to happen when a bunch of leftard warming alarmist whines over what some editor did at some science journal that don’t agree with their beliefs. Fair is fair here you would think? 😆

    • suyts says:

      Truly, someone should get fired. All those news outlets just ran with the story and didn’t see one iota of proof. And, as the story states, some administrator simply moved offices and whatnot on the say so of some pant wetting “leftard”. Was the real motivation for parking spots?

      It simply serves as a lesson that we, as a society can not trust the forth estate or academia. They are serial liars only presenting information for an ideological outcome.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Big win for Simon (of ACM). Bloggers can change the world, or small parts of it at least.

    Climate scientists must really hate FOIA legislation.

  3. philjourdan says:

    But it is within the realm of possibility that someone will do injurious harm to said scientist before their natural date of termination arises that will hasten that date. In such a case, if such harm is perpetrated, then the threat becomes real, and we must address it now to prevent it from ever happening. Since the perpetrator is not known at this time, the lack of any facts clearly indicates that actions need to be taken to safeguard the victim from any event, person, place or thing that could be construed as shortening his normal lifespan.

    The absense of facts clearly indicates the severity of the threat.

    (my brain hurt even trying to write the argument that Stokes and Appell are using).

    • suyts says:

      They are a hoot! I really thought both were smarter than that…. .why bother addressing it at all?

    • miked1947 says:

      Yours also, That was, maybe, time 2 or 3 I wandered into the Morass that is the D A web site. Attach your favorite words to the D and A.
      Mine have to do with level of intelligence and and rectal.

  4. miked1947 says:

    I was able to figure out how to reply to D A on his turf.
    These people need to receive a award form the West Virginia Liars Contest.
    I saw the person that won it 5 times, just the other day and I am going back to hear more.
    Being a teller of tales I can appreciate others that do like wise. However I do not expect the world to change based on any fabrications I may produce.

  5. ymic says:

    Nice to see someone with no biases reporting on this.

    • suyts says:

      I confess, I’m biased against serial liars such as modern academia and the Left Stream Media. What’s there to be biased about? They lied. It’s as simple as that and the reporting about simply furthered the lie. No one looked into the veracity of the reports except one of us silly skeptics. You should be able to reason many other implications of that statement, from there.

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