The Day Science Died…….


I’ve got to think on the events of today for a bit.  NASA employees calling out the leadership on alarmist declarations  ……  satellite sea level data openly tampered with…….    God help us all. 

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6 Responses to The Day Science Died…….

  1. D. King says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey, none of that! Remember 2010!
    We have all summer to get this right.
    We’ll see them in November!

  2. Tomwys says:

    “..think on the events of today?”

    As long as “…NASA employees {and retirees continue} calling out the leadership on alarmist declarations ……{and expose the fact that} satellite sea level data {has been} openly tampered with…,” you will get your wish!!!

    • suyts says:

      The difficulty for me is much more than either one of these events. What is most unnerving for me is the acceptance of these events.

      Sure, for skeptics, both events solidifies our position. But, in a rational world, there would be congressional hearings already slated. It isn’t so much about how this effects the climate discussion, but more, the deeper meaning to all of this.

      If the majority of the populace would simply accept the revision of history, and the unscientific proclamations of many of our scientists, then nothing can be known. Nothing ever could be known. Knowledge and understanding are to give way to ideological cause de jour. And, while many of our alarmists friends will defend NASA (Hansen and Schmidt) and the altering of temps and sea-levels, I don’t think they fully grasp the implications of cheering such behavior. There are larger things hanging in the balance.

      • M.P. says:

        Well, the global warming movement is probably doomed by around a decade from now. The current solar cycle will peak in a year or so, and, although predictions even from the most reliable sources aren’t absolutely certain yet, probably the current Modern Maximum will finally end with a second Maunder Minimum. My impression from looking at carbon-14 versus temperature data for when the first Maunder minimum occurred is, after cosmic rays start to substantially rise by several years from now (less deflection by the solar-driven interplanetary magnetic field), increasing cloud seeding and cloud cover (like Dr. Shaviv at discusses for instance), major temperature decline should occur after another several years lag. So major temperature decline should start by late in this decade. Initially, the global warming movement will just fudge data and lie more. However, by the 2020s, we probably will enter a full-fledged Little Ice Age. At that point, effects should be so blatant that no amount of data fudging could save them. Such would be a major negative to agriculture (unlike the benefits of warming & CO2), but even that is far less harm than the type of environmentalist ideologues driving the CAGW movement would manage otherwise in their endgame.

      • suyts says:

        I wish it would hurry. I think the harm they’re doing is extending well beyond climate and science considerations.

  3. miked1947 says:

    You beat me to American Pie! 😦
    I do not think it will take until the end of the decade. They have already been fudging data for to long. As in any other culinary endeavor you can only cook something fro so long before you ruin it. The data is not just overcooked, but past the point where the dog will even eat it.

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