Election Down Under!

Apparently, the left of center in Queensland took a huge beating in a state election.  Giving their Liberal party (right of center) a super majority of seats in their lower house.

I’m wondering if we can’t get one of our Aussie friends to explain the intricacies of this event for us?  I know this will be perceived as a loss for Gillard and maybe a sort of referendum on her policies, but again, I’m ignorant of how things work down there. 

Anthony and Jo Nova have posts on this. 

Is the lower house they’re referring to the legislature of the state or of the national legislature of Australia?

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12 Responses to Election Down Under!

  1. Latitude says:

    Keep in mind, the polls did not predict this…
    conservatives do not poll…they hang up

    I’m stocking up on food and life jackets for the tsunami we’re also going to have……..

  2. I think their lower house is the equivalent as the House of Representatives.

    • But at a state level, I meant!! (As opposed to the Senate)

    • suyts says:

      lol, ok Paul, now I’m really confused.

      In the U.S. we have a bicameral legislature for the federal govt. But, for the individual states, we have bicameral systems as well, which legislate only on state’s issues.

      So, which are we referring to in regards to the Aussie election, or is it a horse of a different color?

      • I think it’s the same. These elections are just State elections in Queensland. They have a lower and upper house, so I presume these elections are just for the Lower.

  3. Latitude says:

    knowing that every conservative that did not vote last time….will vote
    that blacks and kids, and even greeny liberals….will not show up in mass this time
    what exactly is at stake in our 2012 elections?

    how many seats, where?

  4. Ted G says:

    For Auss goings on. I keep a sharp eye on Simon’s – Australian Climate Madness Blog it’s great for the Climate issue and the Politics, especially this excellent news. The fruit and nutters are going down one by one , with their policy’s they alienated the people, they might as well have slit the own throat’s:
    Australian Climate Madness
    Queensland votes: landslide for LNP
    Saturday, 24 March 2012 21:51 pm
    by Simon
    A referendum on the popularity of the carbon tax, perhaps? Watch out Julia, you’re next!
    ANNA Bligh has conceded defeat after a blood bath for Labor at the Queensland election.
    “It’s clear tonight that the people of Queensland have spoken with the strongest possible voice and they have voted for a change of government,” she said.
    Ms Blight congratulated the Liberal National Party and leader Campbell Newman on what she called an historic victory…………………………………………

  5. Bruce says:

    Queensland only has the one house of Parliament.

    I would put this second only to the wipeout of the Progressive Conservative Party in Canada’s 1993 election. It’s the worst ever in Oz. Seats held by the ALP for over a century fell to the LNP last night.

    The Greens actually went backwards too from 8 to 7%.

    A year ago the wipeout of the NSW state ALP was the worst defeat since 1904.

    It will be interesting to see what happens federally over the next few weeks. Unfortunately I think the ALP federal government is like SkS and desmog after FakeGate and will just sail on regardless until we get a federal election.

    Which will be pure carnage.

    • Me says:

      It’s funny you mention that, as it was a tax thing that did them in back then too and what got the other party elected was they promised to abolish that tax but then later never did.
      People have to wake up because the bullshit never stops from them, they keep pushing it no mater what the other party does. They like to push this on the people until it becomes so unpopular it destroys their party but the other major party seizes the opportunity to capitalize on it and scales back the decisions of the previous parties legislative authority. You see this way the people have to live with the taxes imposed on then for a while and get used to it, so the other parties scale it back a bit just to make appeasement of the populace. But once they have their foot in the door it gets worse from there because they can always expand on those taxes later like they always do.
      If the populace ever lets their government have their carbon tax put in place it’s game over.

  6. kelly liddle says:

    Being from Queensland I think can make some comments. The main reasons for the loss were significant broken promises. They sold state assets like commercial rail, ports and pine forrests and they put an 8c tax per litre on petrol or in US measurements 30c per gallon. The dislike of the federal Labor government might have been an issue but I think not the primary issue just added to the dislike. The campaign was poorly run by the Labor government and really backfired when accusations were made against Campbell Newman the proposed leader that he was corrupt when he was Lord Mayor of Brisbane which is the capital of Queensland. The allegations were given to the CMC (crime and misconduct commision) a state body to deal with corruption and they said there was no evidence so it looks like it was just wild accusations and made Labor look even worse. Another issue which I consider significant but I suspect my fellow Queenslanders do not at this stage see it as a major issue is our state debt is at $62 billion for a population of around 4.6 million. This debt is projected to go to $85 billion in the next few years and the LNP (Liberal National Party as the National Party and Liberal Party amalgamated a few years ago in Queensland) only has $1.6 billion of cuts on the table at this stage meaning our debt is still set to continue spiralling which gives me great concern so I voted for what appears to be the best of the worst.

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