Uhmm….. how’s that again?

Oh my, now who exactly is into teaching anti-science?

Rebecca Anderson, Team Scientist, Alliance for Climate Education writes,              Where’s All My Snow?

Now, I expected this to be a simple “now it’s not snowing because of climate change” article.  But, it wasn’t!  It was a more complicated version of “snow is a thing of the past” meme.  She whines about not having any snow in Truckee, CA, but mentions the “record snowfall Tahoe had last winter — a grand total of over 800 inches by the end of the season.”

Then she asks the question….. “Is climate change to blame here or not?”  Dunh, dunh, DUNH…   (to use one of her literary articles)

Then in her most sciency manner, she states, “Yes and no. Yes, it’s part of the picture, because climate change is how our world is now.”

Oh, yes, we now have a changing climate……. as opposed to the time they’ve identified when it didn’t change.  She continues…..

But is this already a factor this season? Again, the question is more about relative responsibility than just yes or no. My best guess is yes, climate change is a factor, but not necessarily the biggest one right now.

What the heck does that mean?  She, then, actually writes two small paragraphs of legitimate science.

This winter, when casting blame for the lack of snow, we have to point one finger toward a phenomenon called the Arctic Oscillation. (Dunh, dunh, DUNH…)

The Arctic Oscillation, or AO for short, refers to how tightly the upper-level polar winds circle around the North Pole. …..  In the positive phase of the AO, the winds circle tightly around the Arctic, keeping cold air locked inside this vortex. In the negative phase, this vortex is weaker, allowing the cold Arctic air to escape further south, bringing with it big, cold snowstorms. Remember Snowmaggedon back in 2010? That was negative AO at its best (or worst).

Sadly, that’s all they had room for on the back of the mixed-nuts cereal box she apparently eats out of, so she wings the rest and grand sophist form. 

So, is this Arctic Oscillation related at all to climate change? In the 1990s, we experienced a long string of positive phases of the AO, but since 2000 the trend has been more to a negative AO. No real trend there. However, most climate models predict more positive AOs (like this winter) in the future. The IPCC hypothesizes that this could be because a warmer lower atmosphere and a cooler upper atmosphere, both products of human-produced greenhouse gases, cause the polar vortex to strengthen. Stronger polar winds mean cold Arctic air stays up north. That equals more bad snow conditions for the U.S. even without the influence of a warmer planet.

Is this really what we’re seeing this winter, though? How I wish I could answer that question with a straight-up yes or no. Any other answer just doesn’t seem to cut it. Give me 10 years or so and I’ll get back to you. Until then, pray for snow. Or, better yet, tackle climate change.

So, during this carbonphobia madness period, we’ve observed no discernable pattern.  But, because the models have caused the IPCC to hypothesize that we should see patterns, we could have conditions which could maybe cause a trend in the AO, because of “human-produced greenhouse gases” (as opposed to regular GHGs) we should either pray for a trend of negative arctic oscillations or tackle CC.  Because a trend in neg AOs wouldn’t be considered as a climate changing….. right Rebecca?

Here’s something else to pray for…….. pray that western society stops what their doing and starts enforcing some academic standards.

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12 Responses to Uhmm….. how’s that again?

  1. HankH says:

    What she’s really saying is while there is no real evidence to support her conclusions the models say it will happen and we can now assume today’s unremarkable weather patterns are evidence the models could maybe be what we can expect some day.

    Don’t they ever get tired of dreaming up ways to prove CAGW by pointing out every non-event as having some nebulous connection?

    • suyts says:

      Clearly, the climate is changing because it snowed a lot last year, but this year is didn’t, but that’s only because it is consistent with the past non-events……..

      No, I don’t think they’ll ever get tired of it. …..”look!! Ants used to wander left and then right, but now its right and then left!!!” It’s climate change and its all your fault!!!

  2. Latitude says:

    …I think doctors give all women the same drugs


  3. Anything is possible says:

    Took me about 2 minutes to find this……


    ………which debunks the entire stupid article by demonstrating that annual snowfall in Truckee has been highly variable ever since records started being kept in 1903.

  4. Anything is possible says:

    Sorry. Link only takes you to the main page.

    Scroll about two-thirds of the way down the left-hand side and click on “Monthly snowfall listings, Monthly totals” to get the full dataset.

    • suyts says:

      lol, better……. but, you didn’t really expect her to check facts before she blathered her insipidly stupid article….. did you?

      In fact, because she’s a scientist, we can hardly take your words (and the actual measurements) over hers! She’s like a real scientist! With the Alliance for Climate Education!!

      God help us all.

  5. Anything is possible says:

    Of course I didn’t expect her to check facts, but I didn’t expect it to be so incredibly easy for me to check them, either.
    It isn’t even a challenge any more.

  6. Anything is possible says:

    Greg Laden is the guy that Tallbloke is considering suing over his reports following the seizure of TB’s computers.

    Does that remove any scintilla of doubt you may have had? (:-

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