HuffPo Uncovers Dirty Oil’s Evil Conspiracy!!!(and outs NC!!)

Shell Oil, Nature Conservancy Team Up To Save Shamrock Island

Oh, the irony hypocrisy!

….. partnerships like this one between the Nature Conservancy and Shell have become more common…..Shell’s $500,000 donation will allow the first phase of the work to begin.

Lol…. the horrors!!!  How can any self-respecting green allow themselves to be tainted with (gasp) BIG OIL

Worse yet!  Because Gleick spoiled BIG OIL’s plot to use HI for a school children information campaign, BIG OIL had to go to plan B!!!

Exxon Mobil made a $250,000 to the department’s foundation, enough to cover a project to get TPWD’s (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) magazine into state schools. During the past four years, Encana(a pipeline co.) has donated about $980,000 to a variety of projects, including research on an aquatic invasive species and conservation projects at schools.

Egad!  And gadzooks!  It’s too late!  They’ve already gotten to our children and have the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in their pockets!

On a different note, is there going to be a time when the loons realize who’s team their on?

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