Huffington Post Standing By Religious Hate Speech


In case you missed it, some idiot jerk has-been wrote a hate filled religious hit piece against Catholics, yesterday.  When I say hate filled, it isn’t empty rhetoric.  I’ve never seen such a disgusting attack except in history books when reference anti-Semitic vitriol.  (and no, I didn’t violate  Godwin’s law)

Larry Doyle’s piece titled “The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum“, we are told is satire, so it’s okay.  After legitimate outrage is expressed, he’s followed up with another piece, “Dear Catholics: I Am Heartily Sorry, etc.”

The first line in that one states, “Actually, I’m not sorry at all, but I suppose an explanation is in order.”  He then immediately tries to justify his hate speech for, “in particular his dog whistle references to President Obama’s “phony ideology”………”  I guess he missed the part where Santorum was specifically speaking towards the phony ideology of carbonphobe climatology.  But, morons of his nature can’t let facts get in the way of good hate speech. 

I won’t go into all the details of this monstrous attack on the Catholic church, but I will state that his original piece went through all of the typical bigoted  rhetoric and included more than what I’m familiar with.  For instance, he referenced NAMBLA, the Pope, the crusades, Nazis, …..

He also spoke of “good protestants and others were tortured and killed in imaginatively grisly ways.” And also stated”Unlike Christians……Followers then line up to eat the Jesus meat and drink his holy blood in a cannibalistic reverie

Being a protestant, I can say that most of us take communion as well.  So, I’m not sure what he was trying to say in that ignorant part of his ranting.  Further, as a protestant, my stomach is turned in Doyle’s faux attempt to speak of historical events in such a manner.  Doyle, you don’t speak for me.  Ideally, most protestants will distance themselves from scumbags of his nature. 

But, he says it’s satire, so that’s okay.  And, it is okay.  I sincerely hope that the entire nation is offended by his statements.  But, in this nation, we don’t have the right not to be offended.  But, we do have the right to voice our opposition to such vitriolic hate-speech. 

Doyle says his religiously intolerant piece was done to encourage people to be more religiously tolerant.  Which, is typical leftist hypocrisy. 

HuffPo was purchased by AOL and is published by Arianna Huffington.  I’ll gladly post proper contact information of any and all parties involved.

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7 Responses to Huffington Post Standing By Religious Hate Speech

  1. Latitude says:

    You know….the easiest work-around for Catholics….is to just start calling themselves Muslims

    • suyts says:

      I suppose, but wouldn’t it be nice if the leftist was as tolerant towards Catholics as they are of Muslims? And wouldn’t it be as nice if they could celebrate free speech as rather than abusing the license?

  2. Bruce says:

    It’s easier to bully people who subscribe to Matt 5:43 than bully people who subscribe to AK-47, as the BBC also found this week.

  3. WoodrRJW says:

    Absolutely anti-American and anti-Christian, Huffington Post is the anti-Christ in America.

    • suyts says:

      Well, I wouldn’t give them that much credit….. to be sure, they are anti-Christian and anti-American….. but, for the most part, it serves as a sort of gathering place for the lunatic leftists and give us an opportunity to point, laugh, and ridicule them….. this time was an exception in that their vile hatred and religious intolerance exposed itself…….. like an aged and obese streaker with the hygiene of an OWS person………. ewww.

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