As If Nothing Ever Happened…..


Shawn Lawrence Otto writes in HuffPo a post full of the same meme filled rhetoric which we saw before ClimateGate 1.0, 2.0 and Fakegate. 

Exxon and Koch….. blah, blah…  …. Mann’s hockey stick lie … blah, blah….. sophisticated disinformation campaigns….. Inaccurate references and analogies to Galileo……

It’s fascinating to watch this.  Some of the carbonphobes don’t even bat an eye at the obvious deception, in fact, we have many who have stated Glieck was justified and were entirely dismissive of the Climategates…. here’s one doing that hero blathering…. 

But, why and how can they be this dismissive?  Because, like the psuedoscientists, their cause isn’t about the science, it is about the advocacy.  They don’t care about the credibility of Gleick or Jones, or even the massively stupid tree ring idiocy of Mann.  These things mean nothing to them.  And we’ll see this continue.  These people don’t care about personal morality and suffer from noble cause corruption.

But, what they don’t see themselves is the shift of public opinion.  Each event moving more and more people away from their advocacy.  Another thing many don’t understand, is that with this acceptance of deception we will be ensured of more and more of these types of events.  They cannot help themselves.  We just have to be vigilant and observant enough to see it when it happens.

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2 Responses to As If Nothing Ever Happened…..

  1. Gator says:

    “Task Force on Scientific Ethics
    Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute, Oakland, California”

    Task Force on Anti-Semitism
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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