You Learn This At Yale…….

I’ve stated in the past, that after we get over this ridiculous conversation about CO2 the totalitarian Malthusian misanthropists will come after our water, next.  For a while, I thought it may be a non-starter, but maybe not.  I thought it would be a non-starter because eventually, the climate discussion will have to move from CO2 to H2O. 

I mean, virtually everything in the climate discussion comes down to H2O.  Most prevalent, most spectrum absorbing GHG?  H2O.  Snow, ice, clouds, ENSO, sea level, AO, AMO, OHC, droughts, floods…. all of this has to do with H2O.  So, logically, by the time this climate discussion is over, we’ll have much more knowledge about what water is, what it does, how it acts and reacts…..   So, it would stand to reason that they wouldn’t have much to go on in coming after our water.  

Oh, did I say virtually?  In case you’ve missed it, there is a term we need to familiarize ourselves with, “virtual water”.  Virtual water is an insipidly stupid concept which refers, in the context of trade, to the water used in the production of a good or service.  In other words, how much water is used to produce X,Y, or Z, such as wheat, or plastic production…. what ever ….  So, when the U.S. exports said wheat, even though the water isn’t in it anymore, we are said to be exporting virtual water.  Whereas places like Japan import virtual water.

At Yale, e360 gives a little shout-out to the “global phenomenon known as virtual water that researchers say could place pressure on finite water supplies in some nations”.  It references a “science” article which has the very alarming claim “humans used about 9087 cubic kilometers of fresh water—enough to flood the entire state of California with a little more than 21.4 meters of water—each year during that decade”!!!!!!!

This is fascinatingly facetious.  This is as dumb as the the contention that paper beats rock in paper, scissors, rock!<—— must read!!)  

Let me ‘splain this.  When I pick up my 12 pack of beer, it still has real H2O in it.  But, it also has a lot of “virtual water” in it as well; it’s in the paper, the glue for the label, the pastic/glass for the bottling, the hops, the barely…etc…..  So, as I’m cruising home on back roads and as I’m drinking my beer with both real and virtual water in it.  If I take long enough, I’ll stop and empty my bladder, we have a technical term for this, but its commonly known as pissing.  It is mostly real water.  It goes down the ditch, into slews and creeks and rivers and mixes well with the piss of other critters like, cows, deer, raccoons, and other redneck beer drinkers.….  it evaporates, goes up in the sky and some of it forms clouds.  Sometimes, these will form to rain clouds and drift over New Haven, Connecticut.  On warm summer days when you cute Yalie couples are playing in the rain, remember when you look up and open your mouth to catch the rain drops………….

That’s what happens to real water…… for the virtual water, we’ll get Link to go to the store and buy the blue potion.


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16 Responses to You Learn This At Yale…….

  1. Latitude says:

    Two guys start two farms….
    They both have the exact same property size, the exact same equipment, and grow the exact same crop….
    …they make the exact same profit

    One guy takes his profit and puts it back into his business…
    …buys better irrigation, better freeze protection

    ..the other guy takes his family on a world cruise

    They get a hard freeze….

    One looses 1/2 his crop…
    ….the other looses all of his crop

    Which one does the government help?……………….

    Housing, foreclosures, unions, car companies, windmills, solar, etc etc

    get the f’ng enabling government out of our lives…..the government created these problems

    • suyts says:

      And they just won’t stop or realize that they are encouraging failure.

      And, of course, we must limit the irrigation, ’cause we’ll virtually run out of water……. or run out of virtual water…. or some such….

    • Latitude says:

      it was irrigation that made me think of that……LOL

      I’m so sick of the foreclosure mess….
      They are helping people that bet on the stock market.
      It’s no different, they bought those houses, investing, thinking they would make money.
      We don’t bail people out that make bad investments on the stock market…
      …no different

      Now all these groups are trying to make them into victims……talking home owner “rights”

      They don’t have any rights……they don’t own those damn houses

    • suyts says:

      It’s the new American way! We reward failures and incompetence! Just look at our climate scientists!

    • Latitude says:

      Well it’s making me sick……

      no word about the responsible pay your bills homeowner bail out……………
      the ones that are living on their savings…..that Obama said we were so irresponsible with….that are now making that asswipe look good

  2. D. King says:

    Hydroelectricity must be some kind of conundrum.
    Best just blow it up!

    Condit dam–>PacifiCorp –>MidAmerican–>Berkshire Hathaway–>Warren Buffett’s secretary 🙂

  3. Bruce says:

    Our slightly famous Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery is on about US$190,000 pa for 3 days a week spruiking the carbon tax. He also bought a nice house on the water in the Hawkesbury. So on the water you have to get there by boat.

    Anyway, our Tim more or less forecast permanent drought here in Oz. Water is a touchy subject in this country, where dam levels appear on the nightly news, as does the SOI. Furthermore our farmers are currently being done over by the green-left Government to force them to relenquish water rights in favour of “environmental flows”.

    So, here verbatim is a comment from a couple days ago:

    “My wife and I have decided that every inch of rain that we measure in the rain gauge will now be called a FLANNERY in honour of the great scientist and former Australian of the year.

    It’s catching on. The whole neighbourhood is calling them flanneries.

    We had 87mm ….almost 3 Flanneries.

    There’s now a sign at the local shop and he calls them Flanneries as well.

    He may have got it very wrong but we are determined never to forget the great man.”

    And our permanent drought, which is not happening, continues. Meanwhile Prof Tim presumably is waiting for 8 storeys of virtual water to submerge his riverside house.

    • suyts says:

      lol, nearly 3 flanneries!!! Well done, Bruce! Yes, I remember a fuss about him buying a house on the water……… not to be outdone, our Al Gore bought ocean front property as well….. Texas is in the middle of a permanent non-drought also!

      So, maybe that’s what they’ve been talking about all along…. virtual water is going to flood/drought us to death!!

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    The dam was built in 1913 and the “reservoir” was a sediment trap. The ability to produce electric power was compromised many years ago. That is not too surprising insofar as glacial fed mountain streams carry a lot of bed load in addition to suspended load. There were a couple of major flood events in the past that damaged the facility. In the first half of the 1900s when the electrical needs of the lower Columbia River Valley were small, this dam served a need. There have been changes in the PNW over the last 50 years and Condit was falling apart and could not be scaled up. Have a look:

    • suyts says:

      So, they could put it back and then last another 100 years and probably put 5-10 times as much electricity out than what they did back then.

      Now, we’ve gone into virtual electricity!!!

  5. D. King says:

    John F. Hultquist says:
    February 17, 2012 at 9:05 pm
    ““reservoir” was a sediment trap.”


    This is about building a Gas fired power plant.
    You know, like paying $5.00 for a .25 cent light bulb.

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