This is Just An Assist


The unadjusted Envisat sea level since 2005.076395…. which is about Jan 28, 2005. 


In my view, this means the sea level has been declining for the last several….. 6-7 years.  Open-mouthed

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3 Responses to This is Just An Assist

  1. gator69 says:

    Come on, you know better. The only ‘trends’ are in the alarmist direction. That’s just cherry picking. 😉

    • suyts says:

      lol, yeh….. its funny, I was going to start writing about it, but Steve beat me to the punch. I was waiting for the cycle to be completed. But the peaks occurred at a different time.

      Alarmists are funny people…… that blather on and on about climate change and then don’t expect things to change, like the sea level rise….

  2. Latitude says:

    Unadjusted is a misnomer………

    The satellites are tuned to produce adjusted data in the first place.

    If envisat is producing raw data that shows sea levels falling…then sea levels a falling much more than that…………….

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