China Tells The EU To Kiss Off

This should be funny to watch. 

China announced Monday it will prohibit its airlines from paying European Union charges on carbon emissions, ratcheting up a global dispute over the cost of combatting climate change.

The EU recently enacted a fee system where airline companies must pay for the CO2 they emit going in a out of the EU. 

Under the European system, airlines flying to or from Europe must obtain certificates for carbon dioxide emissions. They will get free credits to cover most flights this year but must buy or trade for credits to cover the rest.

China is the biggest source of climate-changing gases but as a developing country is exempt from Kyoto Protocol emission limits. Owners of Chinese power plants and factories have received billions of dollars from a European system that pays developing countries to curb emissions but Beijing has resisted binding limits.

In other words, China doesn’t just laugh at the U.S., but also the EU.  The European Union ambassador to Beijing, Markus Ederer responded by saying something nearly incoherent but clearly delusional……

that with free credits taken into account, the added cost per passenger on a flight from Beijing to Brussels, the EU capital, would be 17.50 yuan or 1.90 euros ($2.70).  “I leave it to you to make a judgment on whether this is too much for saving the Earth, combating climate change and making headway together,” he said.

Yes, taxing flights would clearly save the earth……..  Sleeping Half moonVampire Bat.  

We are telling them that this is our environmental legislation. It applies in Europe. If you want to do business in Europe you have to respect the law,” said Isaac Valero-Ladron, spokesman for the EU’s climate agency.

Let me know how that works out Isaac. 

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3 Responses to China Tells The EU To Kiss Off

  1. Latitude says:

    ..oh, and of course this doesn’t apply to air freight

    What a bunch of morons………………….

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