A question for the Hansen alarmists: Which is it?

Given the recent non-existent warming, many alarmists have taken to the unintelligible and droll meme that 15 years isn’t long enough time to say anything toward atmospheric CO2 and the earth’s temps.  Of course, this is crap, because CO2 doesn’t have a timeout period in which it waits to start absorbing IR and re-emitting energy.  And, neither does the earth have a waiting period of emitting the IR for the specific CO2 molecules.  But, playing along with the inanity, 15 years isn’t long enough?

Hansen made that determination with less time passage.  Hansen made is determination after less than 12 years of warming, which had been preceded by over 20 years of cooling.


So, which is it?  Is 15 years not enough time or was Hansen FOS?

Conversely, Hansen’s models did produce something interesting…….image

From his Magnum opus……..


So, we see that even Hansen has stated that nature climate variability can cause changes from about 0.3°C-0.4°C in a period of about 20 years.  Lol….. so what do we see?


So, from Hansen’s own paper in 1988, he states that natural variability could very well be the reason for the increase of the temps we saw for little over the 20 year period of time leading up to the peak in 1998.   Well, which is it?  If we are to generally accept Hansen’s models with the forcing, it must be that we generally accept his model of unforced variations.  Because, he had to build that one first and base his forced model upon the unforced one.  (The term “generally accept” is used because the specific accuracy of his forced model has been invalidated.)

PS:  For those who like completeness, the referenced “Lorenz” in Hansen’s paper is the same Lorenz referenced in the CIA paper Steve posted about.

References:  http://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1988/1988_Hansen_etal.pdf

Graphs provided by http://www.woodfortrees.org

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7 Responses to A question for the Hansen alarmists: Which is it?

  1. Latitude says:

    damnit, damnit,,,,,,damnitdamnitdamnit

    I had it all typed out…and the friggin internet went down again!

    Cliff’s notes version: excellent job, I’m impressed………

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