Another look at CU’s conflated graph

At the risk of beleaguering at point, I thought I’d give you all another take on Colorado University’s sea level graph.

As I explained a while back, this is a disingenuous graphic that conflates 3 separate data sets.  This is a huge no-no.  You just can’t do it like this!  But, to give you a simple explanation as to what they’ve done, they started with Topex, then as soon as JasonI came on line, they subtracted the necessary amount to match T/P and started displaying JasonI data, then as soon as JasonII came online, they did the same with them.  (Of course they also applied the vapid Glacial Isostatic Adjustment as well.) I’m going to try to illustrate what they’ve done and what else they’re not showing you…….  I down loaded the data and then graphed each data set on the same graph.


Now, right away we see an obvious problem.  THIS ISN’T SCARY!!!!  There’s no point in displaying a sea level graph if it isn’t going to scare the heck out of audience, now is there?  The lines aren’t even close, so we have to do the subtraction I described earlier.  At this point, anyone with a brain would ask if this is a legitimate method of graphing.  But, we can’t really leave it as it is, because, well, IT ISN’T SCARY!  So, I’m going to exactly what they did, with one small change.  I’m going to trend each individual data set instead of inventing a trend for 3 data sets conflated with each other.  Again, I’ll subtract the necessary values from JasonI and II in order for them to line up properly and each one will start as soon as they came on line.  I’m also going to have a 6 period smoothing which nearly coincides with CU’s 60 day smoothing.


Well, that doesn’t render very well.  If they wanted to accurately portray this conflated mess of data, it should look like this…….


But, why start and stop when another satellite becomes available?  Why not use all of T/P, then JI and then throw in JII since 2010?


You see the problem here?  The way they conflated the data is exactly the way I conflated the decadal temp graphic.


It is absolute nonsense.

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7 Responses to Another look at CU’s conflated graph

  1. Latitude says:

    It’s all in the 2008 working papers for Envisat…..and you read it too!

    Biggest bear in the room, is that the first 22 passes of Envisat showed sea levels falling…
    ….they didn’t believe it!
    So they tuned Envisat to match Jason 2……

    The whole purpose of putting Envisat up there…was because Jason 2 way failing!

    That’s like your car breaking…going and buy a new one…and then telling them you want the new one tuned to run just like the old one.

    Of course, Jason 2 was tuned to Jason 1, and on and on…
    …I don’t believe any of this crap any more!

  2. Conflation, emphasis on the con.

  3. suyts says:

    It has all been a lie, and I don’t know how to correct it.
    This …… does not equal this…… It is a lie.

    I have to believe there is a special place in hell for the scumbags who put this crap out. And, to the willfully ignorant…… them, as well.

    I truly believe the people putting this together should be charged and convicted of a corporeal crime. And, their punishment should be extensive.

    • Mike Davis says:

      It is a built in Entertainment Feature that is part of the software design and we pay extra for it.
      Just think of all the “Entertainment” this feature has provided you!
      You bury of burn Garbage. Digital Garbage is best deleted. The big problem is convincing others it is Garbage.
      As AAM says a big emphasis on the CON.

    • suyts says:

      lol….. ok, it’s a feature….

  4. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say great blog!

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