Deplorable actions and deplorable responses in Iowa

Certain so-called Republicans seem hell bent on re-electing Obama.  Iowa State Senator, Kent Sorenson is one of them.  For those who may not have heard, yet, Kent Sorenson, a Bachmann campaign Iowa co-chairman, defected from Bachmann and has endorsed Ron Paul in Des Moines, Iowa.  Just hours prior, he had appeared with Bachmann in a campaign event.  He hadn’t told the Bachmann campaign that he was going to take such action.  The Bachmann campaign has alleged that Sorenson was paid money to do so.  Sorenson denies it. 

These are not the actions of an honest man.  An honest man would have spoke to Bachmann prior to making such an announcement.  A man with a conscience wouldn’t have done this in the late hour in the run-up to the Iowa caucus.  In his refutation of the accusation he stated, “Sorenson said he had only one conversation with Bachmann on Wednesday. She said “Hi, Kent,” and he replied “Hi, Michele,” he recounted. “If they want to resort to these type of desperate attacks, that’s fine,” Sorenson said. “I believe that my character stands for itself.” Yes, Kent, I believe it does.

So Kent, you couldn’t be bothered to let Michelle know you were going to take such action?  Too busy helping her campaign?  Or, were you then working on behalf of Ron Paul?  Yes, your character stands for itself, and it doesn’t look good.  Quisling and Arnold come to mind.  Delusional is another one.  He rationalized his actions by stating,  “She is not in the top tier.” “She is not in a position to beat Mitt Romney. We are. …”   Assuming the “We” means the Paul campaign, this moron thinks Paul actually has a chance at getting the Republican nomination.  He doesn’t.  Of course, given this man’s apparently lack of loyalty and decency, “we” could mean anybody who change$ his mind. 

Look, no one cares who a person supports, and anybody can change their mind about who they support.  But, the way it came about and the actions of this man are simply not acceptable.  His work for Bachmann, and her standing in the polls in Iowa, shows that this man’s work was either ineffectual, or he intentionally engaged in a form of subterfuge.

For the record, at the moment I’m supporting Santorum, but, I’ll rally behind any opponent of Obama. 

Ron Paul should distance himself from this person.  The Republican party should distance themselves from this person.  The state of Iowa should recall this person.  The Bachmann campaign should have reacted in a different manner, but given the surprise of finding out a campaign co-chair had suddenly switched sides without informing Bachmann, it was an understandable reaction to such treachery.  What they should have stated, ……. “We’ve long felt that there were forces working against us in Iowa, it turns out we had a person in our own campaign who was actively engaged in working against us.  Good riddance.”

People, character matters.  It always does.  I am thoroughly disgusted that this person considers himself a conservative.  By association, I am tainted, as is anyone else who calls themselves a conservative.  I can hardly wait to shower the stench off.  This moron isn’t part of what I believe.  And this is what is reaped when the moral ambiguity of pure libertarian thought isn’t weighted by the confines of a conscience.  You end up with scumbags with no loyalty or sense of commitment or obligation.  Mr. Sorenson, your actions have harmed the entire Republican party and does assist President Obama’s reelection effort.   Thanks, you complete imbecile.

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8 Responses to Deplorable actions and deplorable responses in Iowa

  1. HankH says:

    Sorenson is looking for any boat that will float him. Abandoning ship in the manner that Sorenson did it is indicative of an individual who has no sense of responsibility or dedication. I agree that Ron Paul should distance himself from this guy.

    Since the Obama political hit squad was successful at removing Cain from the race, thus securing the major black and independent vote he placed at risk, we’re left with a lot of last minute re-suffling of players and issues, causing turmoil, confusion, and unnecessary quarreling (Gingrich and Romney) in the conservative lineup.

    I like Bachman but feel she is unelectable because she can’t carry the moderate independent vote. Gingrich and Romney carry a lot of baggage that I think will provide Obama with a lot of opportunity to undermine their campaigns. Ron Paul is one of those candidates where you just scratch your head trying to figure out how his otherwise interesting ideas are supposed to fly in Congress. I don’t think he is electable. I’m still trying to form an opinion on Santorum, who’s platform seems less defined (at least to me anyway).

    I was behind Cain but like you, I’ll vote for anyone that ultimately runs against Obama.

  2. Latitude says:

    I’m not paying any attention at all….
    …don’t need to watch a debate, see an add, don’t even need to know who the candidates are

    I’m walking in…going straight down the republican ticket….and walking out

  3. Latitude says:

    BTW….this is what the real world is up against
    This was posted on another forum by a real honest to God chemistry major……
    …it’s so embarrassing, but she doesn’t even know that

    “We know the exact amount of heat different molecules of gas’s a repeatable science experiment..just like how different solids hold different amount of heat when exposed to the same sunshine. During a summer day would you rather walk barefoot over the black parking lot, a piece of wood, sand or grass? Which will last longer? Just like we would expect the parking lot to be hottest & the sand to last the longest..On the gas spectrum CH4 (methane) holds near 21 times more heat & lasts far longer than CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The same is true for liquids..different types of liquids hold different amounts of heat..just because something gets turned to gas doesn’t mean it still can’t trap heat..anyone ever burnt by steam should know that…

    I suggest a chemistry class to this propaganda.”

    • suyts says:

      Oh, my! That’s the……. she mentions the gas spectrum but doesn’t realize how much of the spectrum methane is transparent to? lol, yes methane is real scary….. Worse, methane doesn’t last very long, less than CO2.

      I’m off to contemplate spheres on a plane and why this world has some of the people they do. This is going to require some malt beverages. BBL!

  4. Doctor Ron Paul invented the hoop-skirt powered moon rocket. Look it up on wikipaedophile if’n you don’t believe me.

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