Idiot Greenpeace Media Officer Thinks 40 years Equates To A "Casual Flirtation"

I don’t know where HuffPo gets these loons but apparently they’ll let any delusional loon write for them.  James Turner, a Greenpeace Media Officer, whatever that means, wrote an article crying about BP pulling the plug on their solar business.

In his first paragraph, he writes, “We all knew, deep in our hearts, that this company’s love affair with alternative energy was never more than a casual flirtation.” 

According to Bloomberg, “BP Plc is exiting the solar business after 40 years,….”  A casual flirtation?  More like an extended courtship. 

Turner goes on to state, “What BP did this week is to admit that it will play no part in what is likely to be the defining energy source of the 21st century.”  Lol, no, it isn’t.  Like BP, the rest of the world has been at developing solar energy for several decades.  And what do we have to show for all of this?  I mean other than a horrible trade imbalance with China………..  All of the investment throughout the years, the tax subsidies, the research and development, all of this and we get 1488 thousand megawatthours in net generation.  Now, this sounds like a lot, but lets compare this to other renewables. 

    Non-biogenic municipal solid waste, batteries, chemicals, hydrogen, pitch, purchased steam, sulfur, tire-derived fuel, and miscellaneous technologies.  Well, they generated 8280 thousand megawatthours

  • Geothermal, 12,491
  • Biomass,      42,443
  • Wind,           86,301

So, even the other alternative energy sources produce much more than solar will ever hope to.  It barely produces 1% of what alternatives produce.  Now, let’s compare that production with more traditional sources of energy.

  • Blast furnace gas, propane gas etc… 8392 thousand megawatthours (Ok, its not traditional, but its on the sheet.)
  • Petrolium, 22,504
  • Hydro,    258,949 thousand megawatthours (minus 554 from pumped storage)
  • Nuclear, 590,560
  • Nat Gas 775,273
  • Coal     1,353,490

Solar will have to increase its production almost 1000 fold before it becomes the defining energy source of anything.  I think after 40+ years the world has devoted to this idea, we can say it isn’t going to happen.  We need to stop wasting all of this time, money, and brainpower on this stuff. 

All numbers in thousand megawatthours. Numbers are 2011 YTD Sept. Source,

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11 Responses to Idiot Greenpeace Media Officer Thinks 40 years Equates To A "Casual Flirtation"

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    I wonder how that relates to Greenpeace, which was started in 1971?
    I guess that would make Greenpeace a casual flirtation also, Just the latest fad.
    Greenpeace has been about funding unemployable people through charitable donations.

    • suyts says:

      What I don’t understand is the fixation on a proven failed idea. Its been over 40 years! How much more money do we have to send down the drain over this silliness?

      • Mike Davis says:

        Solar, on an RV, is not a bad idea. I put two panels on a fifth wheel and used four Golf Cart batteries. Most mornings I would have enough energy left to brew coffee in a twelve cup drip coffee pot. I had enough to use two computers at night along with lights.
        Cost efficient? No way, but I could park anywhere, and did for two months at my current location waiting for power. Solar heating for pool water extends the use of the pool.
        As a commercial source of power, it is a failure.

        Solar, for a mountain top transmitter sight or a remote communications tower, yes. Our microwave crew had remote sites they maintained that used solar as a main power source. A good part of the enclosure was batteries, which had their own room because of corrosive gasses they released..

        • suyts says:

          Oh, sure, as a toy, or a niche functionality, its fine. But, the billions and billions that have been thrown at it and all it does is give us a trade imbalance and produces 0.0472098% of our electricity at a substantially higher cost than other sources.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Speaking of power, or lack of, I found this and thought you might get a kick out of it:
    Power problems mean that the price he pays for grasshoppers at the market has gone up — and that means insect-loving bar-goers are having to pay more for the snacks. The price for the smallest bag has doubled to around $0.45 (34 euro cents).

    — The future is bright —

    “When power is not good the prices go up and our customers cannot buy,” Tumulamye, 18, told AFP.

    But despite the price rises, the lure of a freshly fried grasshopper is too strong to resist for many Ugandans.

    “They have a lot of proteins and a special taste like shrimps, they are like seafood — look at this head, it is what I like most,” says bar owner Asha Cartier, after washing down a crunchy mouthful of insects with a glass of vodka.

    • suyts says:

      That story really bugs me. 🙂 (I could not help myself!)

      It’s interesting….. from the story, “Early next year a new hydroelectric power plant is set to come online”.

      How come they’re not going solar? Or how come they’re not planting whirlygigs?
      Because hydro is cheaper, more reliable, and life cycle of the unit will far outlive either wind or sun units.

  4. Latitude says:

    When the economy tanks and free money subsidies run out….
    Solar has been around too long for this…..all of these guys were in it for the subsidies and tax breaks and nothing else.

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