Systematic war on the poor?

A couple of months ago, we documented a couple of incidents where land was confiscated and people were evicted under the threat of their lives.  Some were killed.  Homes were burned down.  Women were raped.  People were stripped of their possessions.  All of this for environmentental concerns and causes.  You can read about them here and here

Today we see more harvesting of the rotten fruits that were planted by these maniacs.  Two American-based charities, the Nature Conservancy and the African Wildlife Foundation have caused more of the same in Kenya. 

The Samburu people were living on 17,100 acres called Eland Downs in Laikipia, a lush area near Mount Kenya.  Apparently, land ownership was claimed by former president Daniel arap Moi.  The Nature Conservancy and the African Wildlife Foundation paid money to Moi for the land and then gifted the land to Kenya for the purpose to create a national park to be run by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

“Last year, when the community was forcefully evicted from the land … their homes were burnt down and livestock confiscated in their hundreds and lots of their women were violated,” said Korir Sing’Oei, the Samburu’s lawyer

At least three people are said to have died during the row, including a child who was eaten by a lion after the Samburu were violently evicted in November last year.

You can read more about this here.

The U.S. justice department needs to investigate this.  The Nature Conservancy and the African Wildlife Foundation knew exactly what they were doing and what was going to happen to these people.  And they’re using the Kenyan law enforcement to dislocate these people.  Their role in the loss of life seems to be purposeful or at least extreme indifference. 

Story was lifted from Climatedepot.

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10 Responses to Systematic war on the poor?

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Well in this country it would be similar to you starting your own city on BLM land and refusing to move when they sold the land to the highest bidder. Their eviction practices were over the top , but that was a local problem.
    While I agree the Nature conservancy and AWF are just set up to scam people and bribe officials in foreign countries, it is the national politicians in those countries that are guilty of Genocide. That was one of the things the UN was supposed to “Correct”, but seems to promote.
    The so called ICC should have the authority to deal with this situation.
    When I was preparing to retire I considered moving to Patagonia because I found a valley for sell that consisted of a few thousand acres that could have supported a sustainable life style. For the same reason I did not move overseas or to Mexico, I passed on the opportunity. Had I bought the land the people living there would have been displaced or I would have had to accept them as tenants on my property, sort of like the feudal system or tenant farmers. I found out later some of the tenants tend to get restless and kill the new property owners.

    • suyts says:

      I believe American NGO’s shouldn’t be providing the impetus for the such atrocities. And, I’m sure they were fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Further, if this case is very similar to the other two I’ve written about, the claims to ownership of the land are quite dubious.

      • Mike Davis says:

        In those countries, the government owns the land. Just like the situation in South Africa where they ran off or killed the descendants of the European farmers so those in favor with the government could take possession of the farms. This goes for Nationalization of companies, farms and mines in other countries.
        They are corrupting those that are already in it for the greatest reward and the Environmental groups are just a way to get more money. There may be a small group that are involved in the conspiracy but most of the investors are ignorant of the situation and are being used. It is like donating to the WWF or Sierra Club.
        We think we have private ownership in this country, but in some states you do not own the mineral rights or water rights to your property. In most cases you are able to live there because someone else does not feel they have a greater need for your land.
        I watched people get moved out for Noise abatement, when the airport wanted to expand. I watched people get moved out because a freeway would look better going through where their house was. I also saw property values destroyed by development in areas that were set aside to not be developed.
        In all countries ownership of land is dubious.
        A lot of the NGOs are composed of people that want to play God or think they are protecting the planet for some unseen mythical figure, Mother Earth. People are not important to them because the “Little People” are just pests that need to be controlled. Many of those people have more respect for animals than they do for humans.
        Remember that Humans represent a pandemic that is killing nature!

      • suyts says:

        “Remember that Humans represent a pandemic that is killing nature!”…. That’s exactly my point. I believe the the Nature Conservancy and the African Wildlife Foundation knew full well what they were doing and what the results would be. I believe they had every intent on displacing those people, knowing full well the results would end in deaths, and if some women and children got violated along the way? What is it to them?

        • Mike Davis says:

          That is a matter of human conscience and we all have to answer for our actions. Some, unfortunately do not believe that and some think they will be forgiven if their goal is pure.
          The end justifies the means.
          NC, AWF, and other NGOs are the plague that is destroying the planet.

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