Idiot home girl thinks adults should listen to lying children

On a sad front, once again I’m embarrassed by a female Kansan.  Hopefully she’s an import and not native. 

Emma Sullivan, 18, of the Kansas City suburb of Fairway, while Governor Brownback was welcoming her and a host of other children, to our state capital, Topeka, Kansas, she tweeted “Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person (hash)heblowsalot.”  She actually made no such comment and said she was “just joking with friends.  Apparently, she thinks it’s funny to lie to her friends about her showing ingratitude and being disrespectful. 

Sullivan received a scolding at school and was ordered to send Brownback an apology letter.  However, her mother has intervened and is standing by the child’s right to be be vapid and have questionable mores.  So, I guess I was wrong, there’s two home girls that have embarrassed the state of Kansas, the child and her idiocy, and the mother ….. having questionable parenting skills.

Julie Sullivan [the mother] said, “If she wants to tweet her opinion about Gov. Brownback, I say for her to go for it and I stand totally behind her”.   Julie, no one is challenging her rights to tweet opinions about anything.  People are questioning her truthfulness and appropriateness of doing so in the setting she was in. 

I would do it again,” she [Emma Sullivan] said.  No word from mom if she had any regrets about giving birth to the lying child.

She said she wouldn’t mind sitting down and talking to the governor.

Sullivan said she disagrees with Brownback politically, particularly his decision to veto the Kansas Arts Commission’s entire budget, making Kansas the only state in the nation to eliminate arts funding. Brownback has argued arts programs can flourish with private dollars and that state funds should go to core government functions, such as education and social services.

“I think it would be interesting to have a dialogue with him,” she said. “I don’t know if he would do it or not though. And I don’t know that he would listen to what I have to say.”

Emma, what makes you think you have anything constructive to add to any discussion?  In a time when people are having to go to food pantries because they’re hungry, homes are getting foreclosed, unemployment is high and monies available for help is extremely limited, you want to spend what little resources we have on arts?  You selfish, childish, lying, disrespectful, ungrateful creature.  Please endeavor to learn the proper way to conduct yourself.  And please quit reflecting poorly on the people of this great state.


h/t to Mike

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11 Responses to Idiot home girl thinks adults should listen to lying children

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    Kansas, eh? You find village idiots in every state. Your’s just made national news for a change. 😉

  2. Mike Davis says:

    There is more follow up to that story, it seems her older sister is a political major and advised her to “Share” the story rather than write the apology.
    A few more details
    I liked the Governors response:
    Update: Gov. Brownback’s statement apologizing to Sullivan has been added to this story. His full statement is below:

    “My staff over-reacted to this tweet, and for that I apologize. Freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms. I enjoyed speaking to the more than 100 students who participated in the Youth in Government Program at the Kansas Capitol. They are our future. I also want to thank the thousands of Kansas educators who remind us daily of our liberties, as well as the values of civility and decorum. Again, I apologize for our over-reaction”
    Referring to this sentence:
    ” I also want to thank the thousands of Kansas educators who remind us daily of our liberties, as well as the values of civility and decorum. ”
    Which are much lacking in the Sullivan household. Possibly due to a lack of reminding by the educators he thanked.

    • suyts says:

      Brownback is a stand-up guy, but I wouldn’t have apologized. No one was challenging her 1st amendment rights. They were questioning her honesty and judgment. Which, she obviously is lacking in both.

      • Mike Davis says:

        He apologized for his staff over reacting, while they probably would have been better off ignoring the obvious lie, it was the Sullivan clan that blew it all out of proportion.
        It is entirely possible the staff only wrote the principle advising him of the actions of his student. To save face in public opinion the unnecessary apology was required. Just reading through the comments related to the original article I could recognize that. It is politics.
        Next thing we know she will have a PR team and a self appointed lawyer. TV interviews, possibly a book deal followed by a movie contract. I see either Julia Roberts, Maddona, or lady GAGA playing the part or the daughter, J-LO could be the sister. Jack Nicolson could play the governor, I always liked this part

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Mike, thank you for the follow up! Ouch! It seems the Sullivans are looking for new Villages to be idiots of!

      One thing Brownback’s response did was harpoon the Sullivan women! It laid to rest who really “sucks”. 😉

      • suyts says:

        Yes, the Sullivan women are way out of their league if they thought they’d play politics with Brownback. I wish he’d kept on in the Senate, but I think his political career is winding down.

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