Robert F Kennedy jr., Solar Power, China, and the Big Lie.

Note!  This is rather lengthy, but please, if nothing else, be sure to read the bottom of this post!  It is illuminating.

To those who have missed it, JFK jr. wrote a scathing article in Huff-n-Puff, about,…… well about people telling the truth.  Apparently, he doesn’t like it.  In his little diatribe, he let loose of some real gems.  He opens with these two sentences…..


It’s now become de rigueur among the radical right wing rhetoricians to characterize any government support of America’s green energy sector as wasteful, fruitless, and scandalous. They greeted with glee the collapse of the government supported solar company, Solyndra, America’s first major casualty in our race with China to dominate the “new energy” economy.

I’d like to respond to Junior on those statements.  First of all, it has become painfully apparent that it is wasteful, fruitless, and scandalous.  We have been spending $billions in pursuit of the perpetual motion machines and we’ve next to nothing to show for it.  Any half witted village idiot would know that soft renewables cannot supplant coal, nuclear, and gas for our energy needs.  And until the technology gets significantly better it won’t for decades or centuries to come.  And it is scandalous.  It is apparent by any observer, the beneficiaries of these loans and preferential treatment is because of the political connections of the investors.  BTW, Junior, that emotive response you heard from conservatives about Solyndra wasn’t glee, you moron, it was outrage! 

He continues,

……..the right wing’s response was to hoist the white flag and declare defeat in the war for global cleantech leadership.

You twit, we’re not in a war for cleantech leadership, we’re in a race for self-destruction.  And we’re not racing the Chinese, they’re just providing the tools for self-destruction.  More on that later…..

He, then, in some sort of paranoid delusion, equates a book no one has ever heard of, as a right-wing conspiracy against him.  Apparently the book got the source of government largess wrong in relation to a solar project, specifically, the Ivanpah project. (Another Cali solar project) Turns out, they didn’t get a bailout, they got a DOE loan guarantee, but the capital put up is from private investors.  I’m sure all of our minds are at ease now.  One has to wonder, why did the private investors feel the need of a DOE guarantee?  If its such a damned good thing, there would be no need for the DOE guaranteeing $1.4 billion dollars! He then lists the majority owners in this project,

….Google and energy giant NRG. BrightSource is a minority owner of and the technology supplier to the Ivanpah project.

Hmm, Google….. let’s see….we just had recent news about Google and renewables, what was it?  Oh, yes, Google surrenders plan to make renewable energy cheaper than coal.  Apparently Junior forgot to mention that in his rant.  But, why is Juniors panties in such a wad? Oh, here’s why…..

VantagePoint Capital Partners, where I[Robert Kenndy, Jr.] am a partner and which is the largest institutional shareholder of BrightSource.

He then brags, ……

The Ivanpah project is also generating $300 million in state and local tax revenues over its life.

First of all, he got his tense wrong.  It is projected to do so.  But, just so you all know what he’s talking about, the next time you see your electric bill, look at all of the items.  You’re paying a direct tax, and then you’re also paying for the tax liability these generation plants have.  The consumer is paying the $300 million.  Thanks Junior!  He then states fantasies about job creation and the $40 billion the DOE has given away.  He then wonders, “Where is the Right Wing Opposition to the Obscene Subsidies to Carbon and Nuke?”  Junior, we like to encourage, industries and projects that actually work.  This isn’t rocket science.  Junior, as I’m writing this, its dark outside.  Your solar plant wouldn’t and couldn’t provide for this.  One more time so you can understand, Americans prefer to invest in viable projects.  You twit.  He then shows his complete ignorance on power generation and pricing by quoting a solar panel peddler…..

Crane points out that his vendors are already offering solar panels at slightly less than $1.00 per watt, leading to an all-in cost of installed solar on a distributed basis of $2.50/watt. This, according to Crane, translates into 12¢/kilowatt hour, making home grown solar energy cheaper than the grid in 20 states.

First of all, there isn’t enough information there to make such a claim, secondly, production costs in no way equal the cost to the consumer.  12cents/kWh, even though that’s pure fantasy, isn’t anything to brag about.  Coal generation in Kansas comes in at about 4 cents/kWh.  And, as a bonus, I get to use it at night, too! 

He then falls off the rails and starts praising China’s leadership in green-tech. 

While the right wing whines about a $1.6 billion loan guarantee to a solar project, the Chinese are funneling $758 billion to their solar and wind industry over 5 years.

I commend the Chinese for their commitment to transition to a green energy economy. But I refuse to accept the right wing narrative that America can no longer compete in the world marketplace.

He then finishes his rant by proclaiming war on conservatives and carbon.  He’s a lunatic.  He decries the profits made by people in the energy market, all the while, he seeks to make huge profits in the energy market while increasing the cost of living for all Americans.  So, he’s a hypocritical lunatic, I stand corrected on my earlier limited characterization of him.  He also makes the often disjointed argument that solar power will somehow reduce our oil imports.  Again, he’s displaying his incredible ignorance, or, perhaps, he’s being intentionally deceptive about our uses of oil.  Oil use in electricity production in the U.S. is so minimal it is often not listed when sources of electricity are itemized.  Even if it succeeds beyond expectations, Solar power will have zero impact on our oil imports.  It is a lie that this will ease our dependence on foreign oil.  Again, I’m stuck in a quandary.  Is Junior so stupid as to have believed this nonsense, or is he intentionally misleading the American public?  I should also point out to Junior, your plant, doesn’t equal the entire industry, you dolt.  But, what about this notion that China is leading something?  Are they kicking our butts in green tech as most of the lunatics would have you believe?

In one area of renewables the Chinese are out producing the U.S. — Hydro-electric.  As the loons in our NW attempt to tear down their generation dams, the Chinese are building them.  But, what about wind, solar, geothermal, and bio generation?  First, let’s put all of that energy in proper context.  In 2009 China and the U.S. generated  3,445.99 and 3,953.11 Billion Kilowatthours respectively in total electricity production.

In total non-hydro renewable generation, China and the U.S. produced, going from 2005-2009      

tot soft 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
China 4.284 6.032 7.793 14.875 27.928






Solar & Tidal          












* For some reason Solar and Tidal generation are lumped together.

There you have it folks!  China’s kicking our butts so much in the chase for leadership in renewables, that in total for 2009 we produced 550% more soft renewable electricity than China, and nearly double their solar and tidal production.  Which accounts for 0.02 % of our nation’s needs.  Not 2%, but 0.0002!  It is, has been, and will continue to be a complete and total waste of time, energy, money and effort!

Obviously, if solar and tidal are equal, then solar would account for 0.01% of our electric generation.  The DOE’s largess alone(the $40 billion) accounts for over 150 times that (1.5%) of our nations budget.  Who pays for this?  The U.S. taxpayer and electricity consumer.  In other words, for our investment of 1.5% of the federal budget, we are gaining 0.01% return.  And that is only considering the DOE’s $40 billion!  The actual cost is incalculable, but I’d estimate at least 5 times that amount.

China’s industrial complex is winning only because we’re demanding useless sun catchers.  They are happy to provide them to us.  Robert F. Kennedy Junior is either a complete and total buffoon, or he’s intentionally profiting from policies that put us at a distinct disadvantage to our economic competitors off of the backs of the American workers. 


Source for the story…..

Source for the production numbers…..

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26 Responses to Robert F Kennedy jr., Solar Power, China, and the Big Lie.

  1. Latitude says:

    Two things…
    China is in serious hurt on solar…..demand and market have fallen way off

    I’m really pissed about Solyndra. They were given our tax dollars, that they turned around and contributed to Obama’s campaign.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, and that moron Kennedy thinks we’re happy about it.

      But, there’s another point that I didn’t drive home very well, if the damned solar panels were worth a crap, wouldn’t one think China would install them in their own country?

      • Latitude says:

        now there’s a really good point………………….

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, I should have made that clearer when I showed the numbers. The only reason their exporting over us in this field is because of the west’s demand for such toys. If someone wanted to pay an exorbitant price for my turds, I’d sell them, too.

  2. Latitude says:

    President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy, Jr., netted a $1.4 billion bailout for his company, BrightSource, through a loan guarantee issued by a former employee-turned Department of Energy official.
    The details of how BrightSource managed to land its ten-figure taxpayer bailout have yet to emerge fully. However, one clue might be found in the person of Sanjay Wagle.

    Wagle was one of the principals in Kennedy’s firm who raised money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. When Obama won the White House, Wagle was installed at the Department of Energy (DOE), advising on energy grants.

    From an objective vantage point, investing taxpayer monies in BrightSource was a risky proposition at the time. In 2010, BrightSource, whose largest shareholder is Kennedy’s VantagePoint Partners, was up to its eyes in $1.8 billion of debt obligations and had lost $71.6 million on its paltry $13.5 million of revenue.

    Even before BrightSource rattled its tin cup in front of Obama’s DOE, the company made it known publicly that its survival hinged on successfully completing the Ivanpah Solar Electrical System, which would become the largest solar plant in the world, on federal lands in California.

    • Latitude says:

      “I’m really pissed about Solyndra. They were given our tax dollars, that they turned around and contributed to Obama’s campaign.”

      “Wagle was one of the principals in Kennedy’s firm who raised money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. When Obama won the White House, Wagle was installed at the Department of Energy (DOE), advising on energy grants.”

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, that’s one of the stories that got Junior in a huff. Isn’t that something? Success is measured by completing a project that would increase the cost of electricity, while decreasing reliability and availability for Americans in the SW.

  3. kelly liddle says:

    “As the loons in our NW attempt to tear down their generation dams”
    Is that true? If it is, seems there is a competition between the coalition of the willing (Australia US and England). I am not sure who will produce the most stupid policies but I think we are all in the running.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, in our north west, specifically Washington state and Oregon, much of their electricity is generated from hyrdo power. Oddly, those loons don’t consider hydro “clean” energy because of the dams. So, there is a significant movement to tear down the dams and replace them with windmills……..

      Yes, we’re in a race to see who can self destruct first. U.S., G.B. or Au. So far, I think G.B. is in the lead, but only by a nose.

      I’ve said this before, it is only because of the English speaking nations around the world was this madness allowed to come to fruition. I haven’t the foggiest of ideas why an entire culture would rush to such madness, but we did.

      • kelly liddle says:

        I do agree that it may not be clean because it can have a big impact on the local environment but the impact is more a case of being careful when building but to destroy what is already built is crazy. Hydro is the best source of energy in the world being the cheapest if you are able to tap a good resource in an area that is not highly important for conservation and very clean if local impacts are considered properly.

        • Mike Davis says:

          According to our Loons everyplace is important for conservation. There is a small geothermal spring in the desert here that was used as a recreational swimming hole. They identified a small fish living there and claimed public use of the swimming hole was destroying the fish so they had the site shut down and closed out the private facility next to it.

          Because each region has its own characteristics they claim the Moapa Dace is a separate species rather than a sub species that adapted to the region.

        • suyts says:

          Hydro is the best. It’s cheap, and the reliability is almost as good as coal. The impact, locally, can be minimized with proper planning. If it were up to me, we’d place as many hydro damn as possible.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    RFK jr probably got into the game hoping to scam as much money off the gullible as Al Gore did. It is all a con game.

  5. Mike Davis says:

    I wonder if they are going to power the new airport that is going to be built right across the border in Nevada to handle air freight into Las Vegas.
    They are also right near the transmission lines running from Boulder Dam to Southern California.

  6. Mike Davis says:

    I guess WIKI is hurting for funding. The last few times I did a search I was greeted to a whine for funding. It was a good idea but it became politicized with a liberal/socialist bent.

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