A look back

When I started this blog, the main reason was to help combat the foolish thought that extra CO2 was harming the earth.  And to show how the inane thought was harming our economies and society.  Paul, our friend at WFT had missed a version change for our satellite data, so I was graphing some of them myself.  I doubt that I was the only one, but, I emailed Paul and back came everyone’s favorite temp graphing tool!

But lately, there hasn’t been much movement on the alarmism front.  (So, I thought I’d remind people of some of my earlier postings.)  Smile

My favorite was watching RSS go negative in its decadal trend and showing how long this had been occurring.

RSS going negative….for 14 years!  Back then it was 13 1/2.


My next favorite was to show the Northern Hemisphere wasn’t losing snow extent, but actually gaining.  I’ll update this after the year is over…. still looking for S.H. data.


We also showed how the decline in arctic ice extent wasn’t related to temps in the arctic.


On a related note, we also showed how human activity and nuclear ice breakers may have been the cause of some of the ice depletion.


A current favorite of some of the blogs is to show Envisat’s decline in sea-level.  I’ll update the one I posted months ago…… 7 years of declining sea level!


We also showed some interesting tidal gauge data comparisons.  There seems to be a systematic elimination of gauges from the data base that show declining sea levels.

image  image

I’ll start digging into that again soon.

Looking back, on just a few of these, I seem to be ahead of the curve on more than one occasion.  Well, I really can’t say “I”.  The information I show is usually taken from one little tip or another.  I thought it was great when this graph was posted here.


As far as I can tell, we were the first to do so, as we are for many of these graphics.  A couple of days later, its in the Daily Mail.  Smile  For fun, I’ll post one more graph.  Assimilate the temp, sea level, snow, and ice information and compare it to the backdrop of this…….CO2 levels for the last 15 years!!!


I’ll end this with one of my favorite videos…..

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE!  Vickie has pointed out that I didn’t source my data.  Here are links to various national and international science institutions as well has academic institutions.  Thanks Vickie!

http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/index.php for the Snow graph
http://www.ssmi.com/msu/ … for the first temperature graph
http://www.ijis.iarc.uaf.edu/seaice/extent/AMSRE_Sea_Ice_Extent_L.png for the first ice graph….. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php for the temp comparison
http://www.aviso.oceanobs.com/en/news/ocean-indicators/mean-sea-level/products-images/ for the satellite sea level graph
http://www.psmsl.org/data/obtaining/ for the tidal gauge sea level graphs
http://www.berkeleyearth.org for the BEST temp graph
http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/for the Carbon Dioxide graph

As I wrote earlier, I use Paul Clark’s http://www.woodfortrees.org for my temp graphing. He also links to other various data sources. For the novices, I’ve personally vetted Mr. Clark’s sourcing as have countless others, I’m sure. He’s a huge time saver.

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48 Responses to A look back

  1. It’s clear ‘global warming’ predictions are wrong.

    Thanks for the easy to follow case.

    • suyts says:

      Any time! It’s been a hoot!

      • Latitude says:

        …and getting hootier 😉

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, but they don’t come out to play anymore. 😦 I think the BEST thing was a total embarrassment for them. Add to that the book about the IPCC being a teenager., and Spencer handing them their A$$, and then all of the data contradicting their belief system………. well, they’ve just been hammered lately.

        Its just as well, maybe now the world can start focusing on economic questions and beliefs. Or perhaps the social upheaval that is accompanying the decline in morality.

      • Latitude says:

        Don’t forget…just like the news media….consider your source and their agenda when you hear how popular GW is….

        I don’t know anyone any more that even gives it a thought……….

        ..and I work with the most pathetic liberals you’ve ever seen

        Which all depend on gov funding to pay their rent, noticed they had money out the ying yang when Bush was pres, and now have none………….

      • suyts says:

        That’s what happens…… a depressed economy = no money for govt. The twits can’t seem to figure that out.

      • Latitude says:

        Bush, being an enemy of the ecology…was never given credit for all he did
        Funding for research, money for Africa, etc
        We were literally rich….any thing we wanted was as easy as filling out the form

        ….Obama started cutting our funding the day he took office

        but Obama, being the great green pres, gets credit for giving solar and windmill companies money, GE….that they turn around and give him that same money back as campaign contributions….car companies and unions

        If the liberals down here have caught on……then they all have

        • suyts says:

          Well, you’d hope they would anyway. Bush won’t get credit until people start being a bit more reflective in the things Bush did.

      • Latitude says:

        LOL…they caught it here at least

        We still have a lot of the old guard around….including me
        and we remind them every day

        “Well, you voted for them”

  2. May this blog continue to grow and become part of the WUWT, CA, RS, Chefio, JeffID, JoNova, etc, light in the dark global warming world.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks AAM, I doubt I’ll get the readership some of those guys get, at least when thinking in the confines of CAGW. But, I’m pretty pleased with the way things have gone so far. And, I’m pleased I’ve been able to incorporate other content as well. I don’t have the confinement many bloggers do. I’m a skeptic and make no bones about it. I’m a conservative and make no bones about it. And, most importantly, I’m a Christian and don’t have a problem with stating so. Many bloggers almost seem to apologize for a theological view.

      Like I’ve shown above, some of the stuff we’ve discussed here is discussed before most of the skeptic blog-sphere gets to it. I plan on doing some other things as well, if I ever get off my behind and just do it………

      So far in the little more than 1/2 year that I’ve been blogging, we’ve got 12,000 views, and that’s not the whole story, because I hadn’t consistently posted until about June or July. So, all in all, this is about where I wanted to be.

      • Latitude says:

        I’m so ashamed……I’m a skeptic conservative Christian

        …and I’m still fun at parties!! LOL

        Did you guys watch the debate? Keep in mind, the news has nothing else right now, there’s no democrat debate….they are not even reporting the earthquake in Turkey

      • suyts says:

        lol, yes, still fun at parties :P…….

        I skipped the debate this time……. anything significant?

      • Me says:

        Armageddon! 😆

      • Latitude says:

        ..as long as you keep poking me to keep me awake……….LOL

        Actually, you missed a good one…
        First, I don’t give a rats rear about foreign anything right now.
        Cain held his own….stressed that we need to make our own money, etc here…which I agree with, talked about how much money is offshore, taxes to get that money back, etc
        Romney…of course, knows a lot. But it’s more globalization, world market crap, that got us in the mess in the first place. If I wanted a shyster I would go with Trump, at least I think he’s on own side. He wants what we want for the same reasons.
        Bachmann….really impressed me, mainly because I wasn’t expecting too much…and totally forgot which committees she sits on…she didn’t come across as a dummy at all,,acutally cam across as very knowledgable
        Newt, of course knows his shit backwards and forwards. He was a hoot, one of the interviewers asked him a loaded question for him to put down Romney. Newt shot back at him, told him he would not dignify that question, that he was breaking the rules…and Newt suggested that he read the rules and stick to them……..Newt got 100 extra points from me for that one…..the audience roared

        …..Perry……I give up. He would be a great fishing buddy…………..

        If it’s on Youtube…..watch it…..changed my mind about some things….but I’m still solid Cain. Cain’s 999, I know,,,has me. It would get the money back, get the business back, get rid of every lobbyist.. stop the corruption….and he wants us to become self sufficient again…including drilling

        • suyts says:

          Thanks for the update…… I’ll run it down tonight or in the AM. Good for Newt! And I’m glad to hear that the others did well too.

      • Latitude says:

        Armageddon! 😆

        …I’m going to crawl through this computer and tickle you to death if you don’t stop it!


      • Me says:

        Armageddon! 😆
        As for Rick Perry, Everyone has a brain fart now and then.That’s normal at lest he isn’t flip flopping, that’s where you need to be afraid! Armageddon! 😆

      • Latitude says:

        The debate is on Youtube this morning……….

      • Latitude says:

        sheesh…..it’s in 5-6 parts on youtube

        search for “republican debate november 12 2011 on youtube

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    One of the problems nowadays is this odd requirement for peer reviewed journal articles.

    In my time it has always been the data which trumps the opinions of scientists, who are just as prone to venality as anyone. This recent scandal over psychology results is a good example, but the penny never seems to drop with the powers that be vis-a-vis CAGW.

    When I was in my 4th year in chemistry we were taught this over 30 years ago. We had a seminar session Thursdays where the faculty would provide us with a paper from the literature and we then had to give a 15 min synopsis of it in front of everyone. Good practice. One day though a guy (fortunately not me) did his paper. Then the prof stood up and asked him “that is a very good presentation, do you realise the paper is fraudulent and was overturned in this and this followup paper?”. Stunned silence. What could a poor 4th year say when skewered like that? But we got the message unforgettably – the literature is not infallible.

    What really hits me right now is that when CAGW’ers are challenged with the last decade’s temperature record they either obfusticate, hide it like Dr Muller did, or refuse to say anything. Which indicates their hypothesis is almost certainly falsified. Unfortunately that would mean about 100,000 scientists would no longer be able to pay their mortgages and have free holidays in Cancun or Durban so you see why the zombie refuses to pack it in. I recommend silver stakes with garlic AND holy water.

    • suyts says:

      I was going to write about that scandal and draw comparisons to the CAGW mess, but I thought it would be like preaching to the choir. When I first entered the CAGW discussion I was gobsmacked by some people’s absolute refusal to look at anything that wasn’t ordained by just a few journals. It didn’t take many of us long to figure out what game they were playing, hence the new vernacular, “pal review”. And, of course you’re right, they’re not going to let go willingly. Perhaps your “silver stakes with garlic AND holy water” will be the answer. 🙂

      But, all in all, I think we’re seeing this latest incarnation of Malthusian misanthropy in its death throes. It will likely be a drawn out event, but unless something drastically changes in the near future, most of their talking points have been adequately rebutted…….. peer reviewed or not. Of course, the mentality won’t go away. There are just too many people ingrained with the very strong belief that mankind will destroy the earth. So, I look for another bit of alarmism from a slightly different direction.

  4. Vickie Wells Bush says:

    Interesting stuff James…. where do you get all of the info you post on your blog?

  5. Latitude says:

    see if this works…..

  6. vimax says:

    At this time it seems like Expression Engine is the preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what Ive read) Is that what youre using on your blog?

  7. juliana says:

    I’ve read a few good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to make such a fantastic informative site.

  8. Vickie Wells Bush says:

    OK, James… here is my post for today. We talked about this a week or so ago. I want some facts about the second hand smoking. You told me that you couldn’t prove a negative. Everything I have heard is saying that second hand smoke is worse for you than the person who is actually smoking. So where do I go to find out if this is true or not? 🙂

    • suyts says:

      LOL, Vickie you don’t know what you’re asking of me here. But, because I’m a lover of truth, go here…… http://www.data-yard.net/43/1057.pdf This is a comprehensive study which gathered about 40 years worth of data. This is from the conclusions…..

      Conclusions The results do not support a causal relation between environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality, although they do not rule
      out a small effect.
      The association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed.

      • Vickie Wells Bush says:

        Thanks James for all of the information. There was alot to look over, but I did. Didn’t understand some of it…lol But thanks for looking into it for me.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Sitting around the campfire with wood smoke is worse than tobacco smoke also.
      I was more congested while growing up and working in my parents bakery than any of the years I smoked because of the flour dust. Living in the desert inhaling fine sand probably did as much damage to my lungs as smoking, it is called silicosis:

      • Mike Davis says:

        My mother and step father had COPD that was directly related to flour dust + smoking.

      • suyts says:

        Silicosis is rough. Fortunately, I don’t have either silicosis or COPD. I smoke, but I worked in a semi-brake re-manufacturing plant for a few years. We’d get brakes pulled right off of the trucks. We’d rarely get asbestos ones, most of the pads were made of fiberglass. Obviously, we’d have to take them off the shoes. Then we’d shot-blast the shoes. The dust would vent right out onto the floor…… but we were sure to sweep it up everyday. lol

        Ernie Tubbs didn’t have shit on me. 16 tons…… pphhttt It would be a light day if I didn’t move 20 tons of steel by hand.

        • Mike Davis says:

          No matter what other things you did that were and are detrimental to breathing, your smoking will be blamed if you suffer from reduced pulmonary function. They picked silica and asbestos to blame for work place problems even if the sufferers had other issues that complicated the problem.
          Smoking is one of many causes of reduced pulmonary function, COPD, CANCER and other problems. It is a combination or factors and a reduced capacity due to genetics, not a single factor.
          But it is easy to blame cigarettes, sand, and asbestos. Fireplace smoke is also in the spotlight, actually any wood smoke, to be banned by the MOMMY State!
          Cigarettes and some of the others were just money making ventures first, that claimed to benifit humanity by promoting fear of the product and taxing its use.

      • Vickie Wells Bush says:

        Growing up my parents didn’t smoke. I married a smoker,(he now has COPD) and have been around it alot. Yes I agree that there are different kinds of smoke that can harm you. I asked James to look into this subject for me. He came up with alot of information. Thanks for your input Mike.

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