Obama set to punish seasonal workers just in time for Christmas

This has taken me several minutes…… (hours?) to form the proper words for this.  Apparently, our federal government, using the arm of the Dept. of Agriculture, has decided to impose a 15 cent/Christmas tree tax, which they insist isn’t a tax.  This money is going to fund a federal program which endeavors to market Christmas trees.  This is classic KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, others, such as myself, would describe it as an intermediate step towards Marxism.

For the discerning readers, and learning a lesson from yesterday, I took the time to vet this story.  It was a bit of a pain, but, for you guys and gals, nothing is too much.  Go here http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-11-08/html/2011-28798.htm

I highly encourage people to go there.  Read the email address and voice any questions and concerns to that email address.  Other contact information such as phone numbers and fax numbers are available there, as well.  On that page I find some general information.  Apparently, some communist was able to make a law in 1996 to make this madness legal.  (Thank you, uncle Willie, you a$$hole.)  I wasn’t aware this could arbitrarily be done.  I would hope someone would challenge this law in the court system.  In the link I’ve offered, apparently the USDA is claiming industry support for this.  I doubt this, but obviously, they will simply pass the extra cost on to the consumer.

I would also call on any current legislator who voted for this to become law, do the right thing, and at the very least, resign your seat.  I would also ask them to consider some other act of contrition.  And, any one of them holding a code of honor similar to the bushido honor code, to consider attempting to restore their honor.  (If people wish, they can view the last statement as “tongue-in-cheek”.)

Now, the immediate economic impact of this particular rule is just about nil.  Apparently, there are over 17 million sold annually here in the U.S.  So, this particular rule will only take $2,550,000 out of the private sector.  Anyone believing this will cover administrative expenses needs their heads examined.  I’m taking bets the tax will exceed $1 by the year 2020.  But, then, the question isn’t how much this particular executive order appropriates from the people of this nation.  The question is, how many other private capital sapping programs exist under that law?

Well, there’s one for Mango’s, but I can’t see how much this is costing…..there is a $1/cotton bale fee. There’s also similar programs for potatoes, mushrooms, watermelons, kiwis, popcorn, peanut butter, blueberry, avocado, …… Well, here, http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_06/7cfrv10_06.html

Again, I can only echo what I’ve stated earlier.  Go to the first link, email, write, call, fax, ….. let them know you’d wish they’d quit trying to help!

How long must the American people suffer before the pinheads in the federal government understand that KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK!  It is simply a slower form of economic suicide next to Marxism.  Quit sapping the economic strength from the American people.  GET OUT OF THE WAY!  Limit your activities to doing what is required by our constitution.  Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

The enactment of this vapid law violates a sense of Justice, it does not insure domestic tranquility, it isn’t promoting the general welfare, in fact, albeit by a small amount, it detracts from the general welfare, and is entirely contrary to the concept and principles of Liberty.  Our posterity will surely suffer from these actions.

UPDATE!!  In either a stunning display of hypocrisy, or being oblivious in a stunning fashion, president Obama has ordered an end to promotional purchases in an effort to curb federal waste.  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/11/09/obama-to-issue-order-cutting-down-on-promotional-goodies/

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15 Responses to Obama set to punish seasonal workers just in time for Christmas

  1. Latitude says:

    I’m telling you…..it’s to help NASA by delivering Christmas trees to Muslim countries………..

    It has to be some sort of biological warfare thing…..I can’t believe it’s possible for that many people to become that stupid all at the same time

  2. The only thing Obama knows is Marxism.

    It’s a mystery to me, at this point, how someone claims to be a Christian and then their world view that they think will be successful is Marxism. Jesus Christ clearly wasn’t a Marxist. He said “To those who have more will be given. And from those who don’t have, even what little they have will be taken from them.” There’s no room for laziness or socialism in that. At the same time Jesus Christ was very, very generous to the poor. I understand helping the poor. But I don’t understand creating institutionalized poor. Marxism creates institutionalized poor—everyone but those in power become poor because the wealth they produced goes to those in power thus keeping the producers of wealth poor. But Christianity offers God’s help to get up out of being poor. God’s idea is institutionalized–so to speak–accomplishment in life where those who produce the wealth keep it. The generosity they show is because they are following the example of Christ—not the mandate of the government. Marxism is power by the few over the masses. All this talk of communism is the way to give power to the people is lipstick on a pig. Marxism is oppressive to the masses. If you don’t think so they have a gulag for you to go to to contemplate a change of heart on that.

    • suyts says:

      Well stated! There’s not much more I could add to that comment, other than to state, that these actions of our government, obviously, have nothing to do with assisting the poor. It is simply mandating the confiscation of private money for public use. And these actions most assuredly create a hardship for a few people. Taking $2.5 million dollars out of a small niche, seasonal industry will hurt someone.

      • I guess Obama put the pause button on the tax. It’s not going to be enforced now.

        How is it this wasn’t a bill passed by Congress first? Wasn’t this just a unilateral act by Obama?

      • Oh yeah, and “4 more years, 4 more years”. These first 3 3/4 haven’t been enough.


      • suyts says:

        Yes, it was a unilateral act. Apparently, congress made these actions legal in 1996…… the key is not to call it a tax. If they find a way to waste the money without it going into the tax revenue pile, they don’t call it a tax. They just use some other term for wealth confiscation. The particular law is listed in the links of the second link I provided. This is why I earlier stated, “I would also call on any current legislator who voted for this to become law, do the right thing, and at the very least, resign your seat. I would also ask them to consider some other act of contrition. And, any one of them holding a code of honor similar to the bushido honor code, to consider attempting to restore their honor.”

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, this went viral today. I picked it up from Lat. on Steve’s blog, at that time, it was only posted on about 5 blogs. By the time I got finished writing my post, even Google had a couple of pages of links to the story. (Bing and Ask had the 5 posts listed before Google picked any of them up on the search engine.) Our friend Baa was prominent on both.

      I probably should have added a couple of things in the post, but I try to keep them as short as possible. They pick a few people from the industry, pretend the people they picked are representative of the industry, and then implement “fees”(not taxes) on that industry for “promotional” purposes. It is the essence and embodiment of the proven failed KEYNESIAN ECONOMIC theory.

  3. So what does America do if Obama is reelected?

    • suyts says:

      That’s a very real possibility. In my opinion, if Obama is reelected, we continue on the course that we are currently on. There would be a small economic upswing. Followed by a stronger downswing. This is assuming the European difficulties don’t overwhelm our markets.

      This is for another post that I’ve been thinking of, but, economies, like all things natural have an ebb and flow. Currently, we should be seeing a natural upswing. The policies and our reliance on the markets are causing a continued downward pressure. This would continue.

      But, I think that was only part of your question. In my later post, I document the depravity that continues in Obama’s domain. When the elderly are attacked, what happens? Nothing. A 15 cent fee on Christmas trees get more response than attacks on the elderly. Today, all across the nation, in cities with protest there is a virtual haven for predators and miscreants of all sorts.

      I believe the nation will confront this. I don’t believe we will tolerate it much longer……. in spite of the left.

      • I don’t see any upswing in the economy for years to come. I think there will only be more steps down.

      • suyts says:

        It takes the collective will of the people. The politicians are spineless leeches. They will do what is necessary for them to be elected. The default position is to do what the constituents want. Some voices showing and stating truth is all that it takes. Not in a reactive manner……such as our skepticism, but in a proactive assertion.

  4. GregO says:

    This book is a must read:


    IMHO we are in a depression. Also, I would proffer that a depression is fundamentally different than a recession – depression isn’t just a deeper recession. To me, recession is all about inventory imbalance. Depressions are different, more complex, and inherently baffling to economists; defying conventional quantitative analysis. Depressions, by my conjecture, are sociological as much as economic.

    In depression, the populace devalues real goods like houses, cars and goods, and hoards cash, paying off debt and generally conserving resource. By hoarding cash, fiat currency is defacto devalued as the target of value is subjectively (in the mind of the buyer so to speak) devalued. Result: currency deflation and trade breakdown as good’s valuations deteriorate in the market. Unemployment is persistently high. Youth have no future. Governments are powerless.

    Eventually, belief returns along with prosperity – hopefully without the intervention of a war or other major (and destructive) disruption.

    My forecast: 10 to 15 years until a new paradigm takes hold starting from around 2008.

    Incidentally, utter nonsense like CAGW are typical precursors to depressions – mass-movements based on pseudoscience hinting at the inherent evil (all imagined – think eugenics prior to the great depression) of being human – I might add, innocently human.

    • suyts says:

      This is why I engage. I’ll check the book out, thanks! The precursors are here. Many people don’t seem to grasp the tenuous situation we’re in. Much of the world’s economy was built upon Keynes view. A house of cards. Deconstruction of the house of cards is required, but most of the world is intent on stacking more cards upon the house. Classic economics seems to be a foreign concept today.

      Keynes went wrong in so many ways. I view him as a person smart enough to understand that Marxism ultimately fails, but, too stubborn to see his view as a vehicle towards Marxism.

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