Another High-Tech Lynching

Well, we knew this was going to happen.  As conservatives continue to fight against the stereotyping and bigotry, the leftists lash out with unsubstantiated claims.  Clarence Thomas had to persevere through this character assassination.  It was my hope that the liberal community had grown out of this sort of prejudice and bigotry.  Sadly, if anything, they’ve regressed. 

Recently, MSNBC (wooda thunk it?) did a hit job by running a story that basically says, two ladies felt “angry and uncomfortable with Cain’s behavior, which included sexually suggestive conversations” from when Cain was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association from 1996-1999.  Does this sound familiar?  Yes, it is the exact formula the left used against Thomas.  From years in the past, some female is going to suddenly remember how awful this man is.  Of course, specifics are thin, and names aren’t named.  Context isn’t given.  Nothing.

What is it about the left?  I’ll tell you.  The left stereo-types conservatives as rich-old-white-guys looking to screw someone over.  So, when someone other than a rich-old-white-guy(we’ll call them ROWiGs) shows up on the national stage, the bigots come out.  You see, the left doesn’t have a problem with black people, as long as they say and do the things the left wants them to do. We also see this vile form of bigotry and prejudice against prominent women who are also conservative.  So, the left isn’t really sexist, either, as long as the females do and say what the left wants them to say.  As soon as one of them move away from the stereotype, the left calls their enforcers, (the LSM) and they attack.  The left thrives on victimhood.  And with victims you must also have villains….. enter the ROWiGs.  But, what happens when you have successful, independent people that are suppose to be victims?  Obviously, you victimize them in anyway possible.  Thomas and Cain, back to the plantation!  Palin and Bachmann, back to the kitchen!  They are simply not going to allow anyone other than a ROWiG to be representative of conservatives without assassinating their character. 

This is the left.  This is their M.O.  And we’re are still years away from judging people on the content of their character.  The racial divisiveness of the left is outrageous.  Its time to end racially motivated allegations and the witch hunts they engage in.

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15 Responses to Another High-Tech Lynching

  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    I’m sorry, what did you say? I was Tebowing. ;O)

    Oh, that story. What else do they have? They make stuff up all the time over there in that left corner.

    • suyts says:

      Indeed they do. Even if there is something to this, Imagine going back in everyone’s life up to 15 years ago and being asked to explain and account for every word and action one has committed during that time.


  2. HankH says:

    Cain is charismatic, educated, and successful. He is the one candidate more capable of directly undermining Obama’s support base than the rest of the Republican candidates. The left must eliminate him at all cost. They will do what they always do – lie, wrongfully accuse, and attack him and his family through LSM smear campaigns.

  3. Latitude says:

    Cain scares the old school republicans as much as he scares the left. He’s not a game player.

    two things….

    1. the election is a year away, this will be old news next week
    2. Since when did the liberals care about sexual harassment? Clinton is the poster child, Edwards is the flower boy, and Gore is the ring bearer……….

    • suyts says:

      True, but liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. I hope you’re right about old news, but we both remember what they tried to do to prevent another independent, successful man of color. The sad part is, the only reason they went after Thomas like they did was because he was a black man. Notice the 3 amigos you listed. Holy crap! Look what they had to do to get called out! Those guys weren’t just suggesting something inappropriate, they were acting on it! And what happens? Nothing. Cigars, dying wives and unhappy endings.

      Cain is anonymously attacked with some 10-15 y/o allegations of saying something.

      And you’re right, the old guard is none too happy about these new people carrying the conservative banner. Sigh, maybe it is time for a 3rd party. But, the only way a 3rd party will be successful, is if first, the populous overwhelmingly rejects Obama,and once some loser like Romney gets in, the conservatives realize the old guard Repubs aren’t our friends. They’re just less losers than the loony liberals that believe all black men should be comfortable in their victim-hood.

      What gets me, is that all of us should be celebrating the successes people like Cain and Thomas have had.

      • Latitude says:

        The “independents” realized that last time….they were the 50% that did not vote.
        There’s no such thing as a liberal independent….liberals know they are liberals.
        The independents are the conservatives that have been disenfranchised with choices like McCain……..

        H. Cain is all over the news…..he’s had the highest donations of any candidate this week

        Problem is, Cain scares the hell out of the republican old guard. His 999 plan will put them all out of business. Would not surprise me one bit if this leak did not come from Romney’s campaign manager either.

        The TEA Party is those disenfranchised conservatives…they are the independents

      • suyts says:

        Yes, the TEA party is mostly the P.O.d conservatives. With some libertarians mixed in. Cain resonates because of the way he is assertive. It is something this country hasn’t had for quite some time. As to his 999 plan, it has a lot of merit. I don’t think any carnation of it stands a chance in hell to be adopted as our tax policy.

  4. Brian says:

    Cain is playing the race card. I thought Republicans were supposed to be against this? But now there are some hints that this stuff has come from the Rick Perry camp. Which if it turns out to be true, it’s a huge loss for the republicans. Even Condi Rice is telling him to stop playing the race card. Cain had to suspect this stuff would come up, but he has back peddled. First he wasn’t aware of any payoffs and then he was. And the thing is that I’m not convinced that he has done something majorly wrong. Even though I’m not big on marriage, being committed to the same person for 40 something years counts for something in my book.

    Perry is the desperate one though. He is nearly out of the running and this would be his best shot to get back into the running. I don’t think it’s going to work. I really don’t. But I think if it turns out that Perry is behind this I think we would see republicans go back to the fact that Perry was a Democratic supporter back in the 80’s. Then they can still blame Democrats for it.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, its been a rough stretch for Repubs. And, now the concern is whether or not the party can rebound from this. I’m a bit disappointed on how Cain’s team has handled this, but we don’t know all of the facts, yet. It’s gotten to the point of just waiting and seeing.
      I’d have a hard time believing the Perry camp is in cahoots with Politico and MSNBC.

      • Brian says:

        Even if Cain was put to run against Obama he would have to show more poise because that’s the one thing Obama always has. Cain’s buttons can be pushed by almost anyone it seems. People were excited about having someone without a ton of experience in Washington, but not having much experience is starting to show.

      • suyts says:

        I just can’t figure out how or why they seemed surprised by the events. Who are his handlers and who do they really work for? It will be an interesting in the near future.

  5. Brian says:

    Cain is now calling Rick Perry out:

    [quote]The new tack also involved trying to shift attention to who might have leaked the story to the media, with accusations from Cain and his chief of staff that the story was planted by the campaign of Texas governor Rick Perry.

    The candidate told a Tea Party town hall meeting, via phone, that the Perry campaign was behind the original Politico story about the harassment charges. “We now know, and have been able to trace [the story] back to the Perry campaign that stirred this up, in order to discredit me and slow us down,” said Cain. “The fingerprints are all over the Rick Perry campaign, based upon our sources.” [/quote]

    • Brian says:

      Oh, and if you can’t show your face and speak about what happened to you then I can’t consider you to be credible. That’s one “victim” down.

    • suyts says:

      Well, anonymous accusations are just that. The story is evolving right now, so we’ll have to see what happens when the dust settles. As it stands, it seems Cain may have appeared out of line on a couple of occasions, many years ago. To me, this is a huge “so what?” I mean, comparatively, to other candidates and past presidents, is this really an issue? The handlers of Cain are dropping the ball, I mean, are we talking cigars or love children, or unhappy endings, or what? Did Cain ask Ted Kennedy to drive them home?

      And, if I were Cain, that’s exactly how I’d play it. Deflect from the left, and wait and see if a conservative would then come out and attack. Politically, I don’t think it would play well for a conservative to overtly attack Cain for this……… if this is all to the story.

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