The mischaracterization of skepticism and the misapplication of the Skeptic label

Well, the BEST results are in.  And to hear some, this is the death knell to the skepticism of the CAGW hypothesis.  Supposedly, this is proof that the earth has warmed and that skeptics had stated that the earth hadn’t warmed.  Another common statement is that the BEST project was even headed by a ……. skeptic.

To those who state this, I say, in the immortal words of Joe Wilson, “You lie!”

Anyone who has bothered to look would know Richard Muller has been a CAGW advocate for quite some time.  In fact, Muller has a business that profits from the alarmism.  Just because Muller was critical of some of the more inane absurdities posited by other alarmists doesn’t mean he’s a skeptic.  (My thanks to Legatus for his comment on WUWT.)  If that were the case, then Jim Hansen would be considered a skeptic, as documented on this blog.

But, speaking of absurdities, the idea that skeptics have claimed that the earth didn’t generally warm in the last century is one of the most absurd claims I’ve seen.  Yes, we call into question the temp records.  There is much to criticize about it.  Anthony Watts and volunteers have documented some clear examples of temp stations that should not be trusted, and that are included in the various temp records.  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the general warming trend of the last century.  We do.  In fact, I did right here on this blog.  But, so has any other skeptic.  What I’m perplexed about, is once again, I’m left wondering if the alarmist writers on rags like WaPo are really that stupid or are they intentionally misleading their readers?  It could be stupid.  Maybe they don’t understand context.  For instance, when we see this,


we can say the earth isn’t warming.  Or, when we reference the MWP…..


We can arguably say the earth isn’t warming.  And, in fact, when we consider BEST’s temp plot,


or HadCrut’s temp plot,


or even for over 14 years, the RSS temp plot….




We can say the earth hasn’t warmed.  In fact, only one data set shows warming in this decade, UAH; a data set run by two very real skeptics, Drs Christy and Spencer.


And as you can see, the reported warming is negligible.  La Nina should soon bring UAH more in line with the rest of the data sets.

So, when some pinhead/writer blathers something about Dr. Muller this or BEST that, or skeptics said this or skeptics said that, tell them to get a life, get real, come with the proof, or go home.  The earth warmed, slightly, during the last century.  IT WAS SUPPOSE TO!  And, I hope it continues, but I don’t think it will.

Hope this helps dispel some falsehoods,


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22 Responses to The mischaracterization of skepticism and the misapplication of the Skeptic label

  1. Latitude says:

    great post…..!!!

    As long as we’re dispelling myths….has Beck’s work ever been discredited?…nope, it hasn’t

    by Ernst-Georg Beck of more than 90000 direct carbon dioxide measurements
    These show 440 ppm carbon dioxide for the years 1820 and 1940
    and 390ppm in 1855

    Which reminds me of something that will not even make sense to a warmista…..

    They are claiming everything from soot to sea temps right now….
    …we know CO2 levels are driven by those things
    Why does every CO2 graph show that regular, steady incline?
    …that’s not possible

  2. Latitude says:

    BTW isn’t it odd that winters are coming sooner, getting colder, snowing sooner, while temps are supposed to still be going up….
    These nut jobs really think it doesn’t get chaotic when it’s in a transitional phase…..

  3. Latitude says:

    …oh, and I linked this thread on the Snow in NY thread on WUWT

    put your apron on……………..

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Both of you are doing a good job of keeping it stirred up.
    Beck proved that CO2 is not a well mixed gas and his records had to be discredited to support the fallacy that is the so called global CO2 record started by Revelle and company. The minor differences shown in the satellite records that claim to be measuring global CO2 by regions actually discredits those records. Living in a deciduous forest I can see the vast swing in CO2 concentrations just watching the biologic activity around me. Smoothing destroys the signal and they admit throwing out the “Outliers” in the data.
    Because some glaciers are not advancing and there is less ice in some regions now than in the 1700s I would agree there is evidence the temperature is warmer than some periods in the last 800 years, however those same regions show that the temperature has not achieved the same conditions that were experienced 800 years ago. It would probably take 500 years of weather conditions similar to those experienced during the 90s or even the 30s to achieve the biological activity that was found to have existed during the 1200s,

    Yes regions on the globe have experienced variable weather patterns for the entire history of the globe and still are. I an sceptical about any claimed short term trends as they appear to be artifacts of the methods used to measure and record them.

    Regarding Muller, Pathological science at its BEST! I can picture the coconut shells being used as head phones on those people so they can attract the cargo planes. They probably also lit off a parallel row of fires to represent a landing field hoping to attract their money plane.

  5. Mike Davis says:

    The money people are so into funding fairy tales they threw money at this PlayStation construct.

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  7. Dominica says:

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  9. You are my breathing in, I own few blogs and rarely run out from brand :). “Follow your inclinations with due regard to the policeman round the corner.” by W. Somerset Maugham.

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