Huff Po Embracing Alarmist Blog M.O.

This is an update to the my last post about Huff-n-puff.  To bring you up to date……..  The Huffington Post had a piece in it written by Kelly Riggs about the BEST findings.  It contained some inaccuracies, mischaracterizations, and intentionally mislead its readers.  You can read the story and comments here.  In the comment section, you’ll see some of my comments.  But, if you look, you’ll notice there are comments under both my real name and my pseudonym.  Sometimes, I inadvertently do this because I’ve forgotten how I’ve signed in.  However, in this case, it wasn’t me causing this, it is the Huffington Post’s adopting the M.O. of alarmist blogs.  They simply refuse to engage in the arena of ideas.


So, the first time, I write it off as a glitch of some sort.  So, I dust off one of my old e-mail accounts that I don’t use and sign up and comment again.  I look and see some more comments directed at me.  I go to reply.  I get this…..


What is it about the warmista that they are so sure of themselves but refuse to engage a skeptic?  The intellectual cowardice is telling.  Yes, the debate is over.  And the skeptics keep winning by default.

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