Loony Luddites seek to end cheap reliable and CO2 emission FREE electricity!!

Well, we didn’t say they were smart.  A few years ago at a conference, I met a guy that told they were doing this in the North West.  Apparently, the idea has spread world wide, with exceptional lunacy infecting some of our states.

They’re taking out electricity generating dams.  They’ve got 1100 Megawatts slated for destruction in Washington state alone.  The greens are taking stupid to depths that was once thought impossible.

You can read about it here in the Washington Post.  The mental ineptitude of these people is just mindboggling.

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7 Responses to Loony Luddites seek to end cheap reliable and CO2 emission FREE electricity!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Now all they need to do is find some watermelon lipped humpbacked minnow living in the dams lake….if they destroy the dam, they destroy that minnow….
    Now wouldn’t that be a mess for the greens…………….

    Someone explain the difference between an natural dam formed lake, and a man made one…….

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I quit arguing about this after the ECO whackos stopped the proposed dam between Glen Canyon and Black Canyon where Hoover Dam is.
    There are many locations where reservoirs can be placed to use for flood control and energy generation The energy companies would probably gladly pay for the dams to be built if the red tape was removed that blocks the process.
    They talked about doing a simple reservoir at a mine site that was soon to be abandoned. It would have a lake on top of the plateau and one in the valley below. During off eek hours they would pump water to the upper lake and release it through the turbines during peak periods.
    This was in the desert near a state park. The problem was the pipes would detract from the beauty of the landscape in the area. The plan was abandoned and the mine was sold to a private developer who plans a community on the property that will destroy the region with roads and homes that would have not been there if the lakes were built. The homes will be built on the plateau overlooking the scenic area of Red Rock Canyon West of Las Vegas.

    • Mike Davis says:

      EEK=PEEK! Fingers!!!
      I have been thinking about firing my copy editor and getting a new one but that would put me out of work! 😉

    • suyts says:

      Yes, hydro-power is what most electric generators would prefer. Once built, the fuel, (water flow) is provided for free…… or in the case you described, much of it would be and then reused. Overhead and maintenance is minimal compared to nuke and coal, the output is very predictable and emission regulations aren’t an issue. Placed properly, hydro is cheaper than nuke and coal……. Location prohibits it being able to provide all of the U.S., but if we desired, it could account for much more generation than what is currently being done.

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