Romm shows he gets his information from cartoons

Joe Romm has totally lost it.  He’s now re-printing Doonesbury cartoons to make his case for global warming.

I found this at Climate Depot which linked to Tom Nelson’s blog.  If you’re not familiar, they’re both worth a look-see.  Anyone familiar with Doonesbury knows, that while irreverent, it is also highly partisan.  This particular cartoon is funny, not because of the humor presented, but because of the irony.  A cartoon is talking about a the scientific evidence.  And what does one of the scientists show us in presenting his scientific evidence?  The cartoon. 

The fact is, there is no evidence of warming and there hasn’t been in the last decade or so.  The arctic ice, (oft pointed to a proof by proxy) is still more than the low in 2007, so ice hasn’t diminished in the last 4 years.  The other proxy oft sited, sea level is dropping like ……. well, like a rock in water. 




Humor is a great way to make a point as long truth is the underlying premise in the humor.  Relying on Doonesbury to make a scientific point is laughable when it states incorrect information. 

What part of the scientific case for global warming is growing every day?  If anything, the falsifications of the psuedo-science is growing every day.  In fact the very metric used to determine warming has been showing the lie of CAGW for over a decade now.  The other supporting metrics are falling in line with the temps.  For those believing I’ve cherry picked the data sets, just ask and I’ll show you entirely separate data sets or interpretations showing the same thing.



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2 Responses to Romm shows he gets his information from cartoons

  1. Latitude says:

    I know I’m crazy…….
    …that said

    Wasn’t the ocean heat (OHC) supposed to migrate to the poles, melt the ice, and then escape into space?

    ..and isn’t that exactly what it did?

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